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RIP AOC, 21 subs cancelled

Posted by andreibaru Tuesday June 24 2008 at 11:42PM
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I had huge hopes for AOC. Thats all i can say.....Yesterday my entire guild decided that AOC was too much of a fuck-up to play anymore. It actually ruined my whole day at work. So much time invested.. so many dashed hopes.

The truth is.. Funcom is a piece of shit company that never can produce in time to keep subs. AO was a disaster, and it seems they haven't learned anything in the past 4 years or so.

Feel free to flame, but after getting 2 characters to 80.. having nothing to do essentially but PVE raid on a PVP server in a game that was originally supposed to be PVP focused, myself and our 20ish guild members have decided that FUNCOM has miserably failed to provide any sort of worthwhile PVP experience.

On top of this.. the patches every 4 days where they essentially retool entire classes make the game unbearable to play. Everything that had been patched until now was never properly tested.. and should have been in  beta. People will say. blah blah GG you.. goodbye, we dont need you.. or just wait, it will be good in a few months. My response to this is, NO. Just plain NO. PvP systems are being revamped as we speak to make them Karma based and more carebear gear grindish than ever. AOC failed the second it decided that PVE was important enough to start changing classes based on PVE balance. It takes 3 days played to get a char to 80.. in other words.. no one gives a fuck about lvling balance. Killing mass mobs is easy so stop balancing classes b/c of their ability to kill mobs. Balance should have been PvP oreiented which is obviously not the case since almost all balances being made were to chars that they deemed OP in pve. Single target DPS, especially by classes that sucked in PVE were left in tact, bugged as hell. In a PVP game, PVP guilds decide on spec groups in order to roll around together. You cant make spec groups when every four days you have to shit yourself wondering what AOC is going to patch to radically change everything that you do.

GG Funcom. You actually made the game fail with your shitty patches. I can honestly say that if you had left the game as it was when it released... and focused only on adding end game PVP content ( as of now, they've fixed dungeons.. but what have they done with seiges. NOTHING. they added like what 1 NPC. This is after they acknowledged how important PVP is to them in that bullshit letter)

What have i learned?

Never ever ever play a FUNCOM game again. Id rather play crap ass Korean grind games with 0 content that at least focus around PVP.


Back to Shadowbane.. and back to waiting for Warhammer.

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