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Are MMO's Dying?

Posted by amimia Sunday January 18 2009 at 5:38PM
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I sit here and remember the good old days when I would be excited to come home and log into my second life lol. I have played just about everyone MMO that has come out in a box and most of the ones that you can download. Now I find myself looking at the Game List everyday and say WOW what happen?

I remember when I first started playing FFXI and loved it. It had so many different classes and had dual classes. I just got burnt out on trying to lvl with groups all the time.

Then I played SWG. Man that was a game that really pushed the crafting area of a MMO. I loved it. You could solo anything and found myself exploring peoples homes for vendors or just on how they decorated their home. I have to say what really made SWG a great game was the community. The people you played with was awesome. Well we all know what happen to that game :(

I started to play WOW and got about 2 months in after release and didnt really care for it, so I moved onto EQ2 and enjoyed that. It didnt have anything real special but it had a decent community and the crafting wasnt bad. I ended up going back to WOW because my buddies were playing. Well I lvled to 60 on multiple characters and raided with the horde and ally. But got bored again so left and was in search for a new MMO.

I should have seen it coming at that time that they started to die but I dont think I wanted to believe it. This is when I started to bounce all over the place to fill that hole. And yet again found myself going back to WOW because my buddies were playing. BC was released and it was nice for a new look of areas. So I played for awhile and thought I was good to go but got bored after raiding just about everything and seen that all the raiding content was being pugged.

So I past by several new games because I thought WOTLK was going to get me out of the bored em that I was having once again. So Finally Lich King released and I started to play and was excited once again but found that Blizzard started to make things easier then it already was. I just feel taht Blizzard is so afraid to loose people so they just keep making the game easier. Which I can understand when you own 50% of the market. I mean they are the Walmart of the MMO's.

So I ask myself the question, are MMO's dying?

I think they are. I think my fellow gamers are wanting that new revolutionary game b/c people will go out and buy them but they always are released way to early and the companies want to hurry and make that quick buck and try to beat Blizzard. That strategy worked when it was only EQ, UO and a few titles were on the market but I dont feel it can work these days. The gamers is what makes or breaks games and we tell them over and over again that they are rushing these games. I really hope some of the new game companies listen to their communities for once. I mean just look at Sony(lol I know everyone talks about Sony) they never listen to their community and they have lost alot of their clients due to poor strategy towards up coming titles.

For my closing, I hope that someone will think outside the box and when they do, they take their time and atleast release a decent game and not an alpha level product. Also look at bringing back some of the old school stuff like player housing and player cities out on maps like SWG, great crafting and some good gameplay. Even if its like WOW just add to their ideas b/c what I see is that Blizzard is content with what they have and its a great idea but I would like someone to take it to the next level. Please comment b/c I feel there is more people that have the same thoughts on this.

Thank you for listening :)

dknight784 writes:

Yes they are. Blame the Economy crisis because it causes MMOs like Tabula Rasa and Age of Conan to shut down or shut down some servers.

Sun Jan 18 2009 5:45PM Report
dcostello writes:

 Yeah, I know how you feel.  I played SWG as well.  it was my first mmo and probably my favorite.  I loved the idea of being able to build items, houses and so many other things.  I loved the diversity that the skill tree enabled its users.  But, after the death of SWG I went from moderate mmos to terrible mmos.  Each game I played became exponentially worse, to the point where I am no without an mmo to play.  I'm waiting for Darkfall, but with their latest announcement, I might be waiting for another disappointment.  I think that the sandbox is the best platform to use.  From there devs should incorporate creative content, yet that like's asking devs to actually do their jobs...They enjoy copying off each other because it's much easier :)

Sun Jan 18 2009 5:50PM Report
Abrahmm writes:

MMOs aren't dying, the creativity, freedom, and social interaction they were founded by are. I'm pretty sure the population of MMOs as a whole is probably higher than ever, but in my opinion, and that of many that played before MMOs became mainstream, what made an MMO into something spectacular has since died.

Sun Jan 18 2009 6:41PM Report
Kordesh writes:

 I think Abrahmm hit the nail on the head.

Sun Jan 18 2009 6:49PM Report
Quizzical writes:

So you're arguing that MMOs are dying because you've played enough of them that they don't have the same novelty factor to you that they used to?

Sun Jan 18 2009 6:58PM Report
zeta4100 writes:

Quiz points out an interesting point here. ;)

Sun Jan 18 2009 7:34PM Report
tbiaslorin writes:

MMO's are far from dying; it's the feelings of those who have played many of them that has changed.  I used to play lots of Chess and Poker.  I play less of each of them now.  Are either of them dying?  No, its just my feelings for them have changed, and they are both thriving.

The reason WoW is thriving is because it was sooooo many people's first MMO, and it cleaned up many of the things that made it hard to get into an MMO.  They have the same good feelings associated with it that many longer-time players have with Everquest.  WoW players will get the same feeling as they move on from WoW, and wonder where the 'magic' went.

I'd say your best bet is to find another genre of game that you enjoy if you aren't enjoying MMO's.  I for one have gaming-ADHD and find myself switching genres quite often!

Sun Jan 18 2009 7:58PM Report
dcostello writes:

 I don't think that the OP actually means that the numbers of people are dying nor do I think that the OP means that the "original thrill" is dying.  I think the OP is saying that fundamental aspects of what made the genre are dying to the simplified, current versions of the genre.  The OP talks about waiting for a revolutionary idea, and I think that's what the genre used to be, a revolutionary idea with increasingly better innovations, until they hit the plateau we're experiencing today.  I know that I'll never experience the same fun that I had playing my first mmorpg, but I also know that it's still possible to have a newer, different fun.  However, the mmorpg cloning process doesn't allow for innovation...

Sun Jan 18 2009 8:09PM Report
gexz7 writes:

I would agree mmo's are dying just like life everyone wants the quick buck the fast lewt the easy home mmo and life are synonymous. The thing about mmos is every one is doing the same thing tab target and button mash with no real creativity for counters spells or defensive combat such as what Guild Wars & Vanguard and heroic opportunities like EQ2. Additionally the mmo is no longer valid. WOW One was great because it was hard and you would find a core group of players who made the instance and combat seem simple due to their understanding of the game and their roles in combat. How many times do we all remember running UBRS with the guy in tier 2 armor we were happy to have him in the group but then everything turned to wack a mole no strategy no dying no challenge it was simply here is your lewt now what.
Raiding use to encompass the masses 40 man 50 man 10 man raids where you had to work within the guild to get gear show up on time and play your toon well. I can tell you I miss the days of starting a guild rounding up the masses heading to Onyxia and kicking any ones ass who messed with us. I also remember that when there were no summoning stones people would dart to the raid entrance to make sure they got their invite versus today where everyone is waiting fior everyone else to summon them. Lamo!
Children are used to getting everything from mommy and daddy couldn’t stand being told they had to wait for gear, no they had to have it now or else they would cry all day about the master looters the drama and all the reasons that couldn’t succeed opr function with in a group. This prompted everyone who was making mmos to make it so you could solo all the way to max level without any help. So in reality mmo went bye bye and the single player multi player online play took over. Some games like Vanguard have tried to restore this lost phenomenon but as the other posters stated pushed it to fast and due to its technological difficulties was dead on arrival even though its stated goal was on par with what its community wanted. Maybe Darkfall could restore the luster but even they disappointed us with high expectations and failure even before launch.
Eve Online personifies what an mo should be but it fails in several areas that even the hardcore raider has a problem equating to. Short of that if an mmo was released like EVE with some minor adjustment to skills I think a developer would make a killing. However I highly doubt that it will and so I will continue to watch the console gaming market as it currently exemplifies what games should be
MMO’s are dying

Sun Jan 18 2009 9:38PM Report
gexz7 writes:

All I will say is Lawnmower man the movie how many of you though VR would be here by now?  Who would have thought that 10 years after Ultima Online Baulders Gate Ice Wind and Dale EQ 1 games would nose dive into oblivion. 

Here is a mmo

Start with Blizzards Engine tweak its enviroment to that of Vanguard incorporate the combat of   EQ2 & Vanguard Saga of Heros

Crafting of Lotro loose most of it penalties of EVE and finally take PVP out of the game.  It makes no sense PVP in Fanatasy RPG and anyone who says it does has no idea.  I would further state that most fanatsy mmos orignate from Tolken and Dungeons and Dragons more so from Tolken.  Prior to Tolken noone had invesnted orcs lfs anf the fanatsy genre please do your homework before you flame this point.  Find me a book or anything before Tolken and C.S Lewis and for you noobs you need to find something before 1925


Sun Jan 18 2009 9:50PM Report
Spoonpott writes:

Imo, its because of the false approach developpers have on MMOs. I truly think that as much as new MMO devs try to make their game distinct from WoW, they really are most of the time creating the same game, but with different wallpaper.

What the industry needs is something revolutionary. World of warcraft has made the online gaming market much wider, and opened the doors for a lot of developpers to express themselves, but at the same time it shut the door for any MMO that resembles it in any way.

Games can appeal to people(even casuals) without having to follow the tried formulas of the past. Because any copied formula or feature will end up being a class B copy of the same feature in a better game.

Think outside the box people!!

Sun Jan 18 2009 10:12PM Report
alcapwnyou writes:

This is exactly how i feel. Every online game out is either too easy or too boring. I think the reason blizzard made their game so carebearish was to atract more players. EVERYONE IS TO GOD DAMN MONEY HUNGRY! The mmo industry will ruin the mmo industry.

Sun Jan 18 2009 10:46PM Report
Vanpry writes:

I wouldn't say they are dying.  Infact they are probably more profitable then they ever were, well the ones that weren't release half assed. 

The problem is the design philosphy.  Developers are not trying to create online worlds anymore.  The are creating online rpg, which has a beginning, middle and end all laid out before you.  There is no exploring now, no finding your own path.  You go from a to b to c to d ..... to the end game raid.  ZZZZZZZZ


"alcapwnyou - carebearish"

Wow, really?!? 

Sun Jan 18 2009 11:18PM Report
uhysdgyd writes:

I think they are dying cuz some games are just too hard. I played a couple of games and it took me all day just to get like 2 frikin lvls D:

Sun Jan 18 2009 11:26PM Report
Gishgeron writes:

They aren't dying, silly bean.  The market is just actually being realized, and stabilizing.  Consider your gaming history for just a moment.

Think back to the days of the atari.  Believe it or not, there were MANY other game systems being produced at that time, each of which flopped and crumbled before the mighty Atari giant.  Gaming was new, and home gaming was just being realized as a market at all.  People scrambled to discover the magical "Pong" success formula, and failed miserably.  Many of the games being produced, even for the atari, were pong ripoffs...and interest began to decline.

Was gaming dying then?  No, it was just being realized.  Nintendo came along, and pushed the industry forward.  We all can guess what happened from there.

WoW is this genre's Atari.  It is the giant that currently holds the market with bated breath.  Many are trying to copy the formula, others the style.  Soon, we will see an actual advancement as smarter, and overall better, teams come into this with ideas and the money to make them happen.  MMO's are newborns right now, and the market is being flooded with people trying to get a piece of the pie.

It will all stabilize in the next couple of years.

Sun Jan 18 2009 11:58PM Report
amimia writes:

Thank you everyone on the great responses. I never really looked at it that way but I would say its very true that MMO's have become Single player MMO's since most of them have gone to that direction. I know that the Vet's out there are wanting the same things as what I want in a new game. I did read in another blog that they thought that the Vet's are just growing up and that its the new mmo community that is taking over now but I really think there is still enough of us Vets and even new player base that is wanting more out of that 15 bucks a month that we are spending for our Hobby.

I would like to hear where some of the vets have gone and if there is a decent community driven game out there anymore. I have been playing WOW for so long that I dont really know what is still decent or not? And is there any guilds or community wanting to get some old vets back to playing a more in depth game? Or have the Devs altered games so much anymore that they are not alive anymore? Please let me know.

And Thanks again for everyones comments. Its people like the ones that have commented in this blog that drives great games. I miss the days when someone could type in general chat or in a game forum a question that only a new person would ask and a Vet would swoop in and take you under their wing and show you the ropes. Now days you dare to do that and you become the laughing stock of Stormwind and just get called a NOOB over and over. :( its really sad where the communities have gone.

Mon Jan 19 2009 12:52AM Report
Cynthe writes:

Maybe some of your problem is that you're playing a game because that's where your friends are instead of playing a game because it's the one you really enjoy. Just a thought :)

It sounds like you may want to give FFXI another shot as it isn't as painful as before and there has been lots of nice changes. LotrO might be a really good option too, it'll feel familiar, like WoW but it has a much better atmosphere and crafting imo.

Mon Jan 19 2009 1:07AM Report
rapid1 writes:

I don't know I stated playing MMO's month2 of EQ1 been playing since. Right now I have Warhammer but the account is shut down, I also got AOC it's ok but the content is kind of light really and the pvp style is crap. Basically the only thing I've really gotten from it or seen gameplay wise is Ganked. It was not really excessive but still annoying. I think I'm going to turn Vanguard back on. I started it in beta 2 and it is a great game awesome graphics detailed landscape crafting quests galore ships etc. etc.. I was just looking for something new, I played WOW for about a month it was just to simple really no feeling of accomplishment to it at all. If your looking for something EQ'ish it is basically EQ3 with a lot of enhancement. LOL i remember after it was released and I'd been playing a few months EQ sent me a email about veterans free for a week I logged in and was like wow I really played this for that long. The graphics compared were just sad really.

Mon Jan 19 2009 1:20AM Report
Shalymar writes:

I guess I would consider myself a MMO Vet. I started playing MMO’s back when Ultima Online was released on Sep 30, 1997, if you don’t count the text based RPG like Legends of the Red Dragon, etc that I played on my local Billboard site. Then I moved to EQ1 beta 3 a year or so later.

IMHO EQ was the best MMO to date and for me setting the bar so high, that I have yet to find a game that was better and that I spent more time in. I feel like I am in the same boat as the OP. The MMO community seems to be changing more so than the MMO dying. That is how I see it.

Many of my friends no longer play or don’t play as much as they use too. Since I left EQ I have played almost everyone MMO out today minus a few I just have no interested in and it seems like you are either stuck playing WoW, because that is what most people are playing or you go solo one of the other games until you get bored and quit.

Mon Jan 19 2009 7:33AM Report
Phantomsaint writes:

MMO's aren't dying, they are evolving.  When MMO's were first released they were Niche, there was only a handful so even though the player base was smaller then todays, they were grouped more tightly together in a few games.   Communities were tighter nit, and players all had similar interests in the game they wanted.

Move ahead nearly a dozen years, the gaming industry of MMO's has evolved at a extremly high pace.  Tons of designers are getting in on the cash flow, games are coming out for different genre's and in going after different audiences.  With WoW the player base became exponentially bigger, vastly so. 

Designers saw the potential and started throwing out games to compete, listening to player bases and trying to design games that appealed either to certain niches or to a vast base of players.  This has all lead to a sort of "Watering Down" of playerbase-per-game, as it were.  There are so many games out there with different appeals be it genre, graphics, or player style, that the player base has spread out.  Everyones tastes are different, what appeals to one group will not appeal to the next.  And this is going to keep continuing as the MMO industry continues to evolve and improve.

For the most part the days of high pop tight nit communities are gone, the player base has changed to much to have what we veteran players remember coming back.  Also sadly we are seeing way to many promising titles in the industry pushed out way to early as companies compete for cash and give into player demands, instead of finishing and polishing their product.  Maybe we'll get lucky and see a change, but i'm doubting it.

Sun Jan 25 2009 4:22AM Report
Ryonox writes:

I personally have a different opinion on why mmos to some people are "Dying"... ever since becoming main stream and with the massive influx of people who now populate them, every single mmo out there seems to have a massive percentage of the population being complete dickheads.  Look at eve for example, if you join the game you are immidiately unwelcome, not by the game, but the "vets" who completely deny anyone who hasn't played the game for x+ years. This is especially relevent for PVPers, as many of us have an extremely hard time moving up through the ranks.. but have nowhere to go due to massive amount of assholes who would rather have fully geared members be given to them rather then helping some new guys out and make them into the future MMO superheros..

Tue Mar 03 2009 8:16PM Report
Ryonox writes:

and to add, how many games now do you notice with basically a "Barrens chat". I cant name one that doesn't have a collection of concentrated retardation stagnating in some form of global chat to interrupt the gameplay of others.

Tue Mar 03 2009 8:19PM Report
xtago writes:

I reckon MMo's are dying.

It mainly because they really want the people who are working but those people can't play for ages and those people get bored of the MMO.

Yet MMO's are desgined and made for people who don't work and can spend many hours sitting around play the MMO.


It's all made backwards it probably the main reason why some MMO have had to go free to play as those who have the time can play then but don't want to drop the cash or can only do so at times when they can.

Mon Feb 07 2011 6:55AM Report writes:
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