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Alganon Developer Blog

Alganon is an upcoming fantasy-based MMORPG that features a rich history dominated by commanding deities, powerful weapons and armor, deadly magic, epic quests, and features such as the Library (an in-game DB), Studies (play in your sleep!) and much more.

Author: alganon

Alganon December 2009 Update by David Allen

Posted by alganon Wednesday December 30 2009 at 5:46PM
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It’s been nearly a month since we Soft Launched Alganon, and what a month indeed! As we approach the new year many may ask what is in store for Alganon in 2010? Quite a bit. First and foremost, bug fixes and refinement. Second is on “The Dawning” which is our first real expansion due Q1 2010. This expansion will include a bunch of new instances, new history and introduction materials to teach the player more about the lore of Alganon, the Asharr & Kujix, and their chosen race, as well as numerous bug fixes and gameplay enhancements for classes. The Dawning will also feature the Consignment house, a system where players can place buy orders for items, creating a whole new dynamic for those who engage in tradeskills and item hunting.

We're also working to refine the introduction of Alganon. Right now, the things that make Alganon great aren’t apparent at the start, and things don’t begin to shine until past level 10. This isn’t good for new players. We are going to change this by enhancing the tutorial system and as mentioned above, providing lore and background to the player on key aspects of the game history, and by adding a few new systems to better establish the differences of Alganon earlier on.

Also, we just finished the core LUA add-on system that will allow players to create their own interfaces and visual adjustments. This system should be going live in January.

Beyond that? Voluntary and Area-specific PvP with a unique balanced system, domain control, kudos, new races, domains, achievements, Library Scrying, and more.

The Library Scrying system is going to be fantastic, allowing players to actively participate in the gathering of information, receiving credit for their efforts and building the world knowledge base. On top of that, the Library will turn into a news repository as well, giving credit to players, characters, and guilds for their accomplishments, and then sharing those accomplishments with everyone.

Many players have forgotten what new MMOGs are like and how it takes time to refine core aspects of the game; especially with a MMOG developed by an independent studio. Right now, we are being directly compared to MMOGs that have been out for (and refined for) over five years. This makes it much tougher to hold up against the barrage of expectations by gamers. We need a bit of patience from the community as we work to refine Alganon into the great game it will become. Remember what DAoC, WoW, EQ2 and other MMOGs were like when they released, and look at what they evolved into. We are very excited about the future of Alganon, and our biggest goals are related to technical enhancements (cutting down on bugs and refining our technology), visibility (making players aware of the game), and immersion (showing players how Alganon is different and something they should be playing).

We are also planning to launch a yet unannounced feature in January related to the social aspect of MyAlganon.

A big thanks to everyone for your support; we’re working around the clock to address your requests and refine Alganon into a great game!

demonic87 writes:

As much as I didn't like your game, good luck. Always a pleasure to see another mmo shape up to be great.

Wed Dec 30 2009 11:30PM Report
Nibs writes:

"Right now, we are being directly compared to MMOGs that have been out for (and refined for) over five years".

Stop whining!

You are releasing right now, not 5 years ago.

If I start a company making TVs and I turn out TVs like they were 15 years ago, no one will buy them. Customers expect a product that is released today to be comparable to its competitors as they are today, not as they were 5 years ago.

Is that unreasonable? No comment.

Is it going to change? No.

As a developer are you going to just have to suck it up? Yes.

Thu Dec 31 2009 8:39AM Report
Nesrie writes:

There is no way any measure of refinement would fix the core problems with this game, which is that it looks and plays like it's a decade old. Forget the bugs, the very interface, and the graphics are subpar.

Thu Dec 31 2009 2:53PM Report
WSIMike writes:

Hey, David? Cut the crap and stop spinning already. Not all of us readers are that gullible.

In a previous interview, you were gloating about how Alganon was being compared to the most successful MMO out there and spinning it as a good thing. That tactic was obviously BS, was called out as such by many (myself included), and didn't work. So, now you're crying about how the comparison is unfair, and pleading for "more patience" while you fix your game... all the while continuing to hype it up.

I think you definitely deserve a place among other "Masters of Spin", like Goddager, Tasos and McQuaid... No, that's not a compliment, so please don't spin it as one.

Here's a suggestion.. Quit the PR. Stop trying to spin, hype and make excuses... and just fix your damn game.


Fri Jan 01 2010 8:02AM Report
eric2020 writes:

i like the idea of alganon, it has great potencial. most of its detractors overlook a lot . .

to start off with its an independant comany making the game and at the moment is its only and first game. starting a buisnes of this type is hard and i think its doing a good job so far :).

any indi mmo of this type should be strongly supported by gamers, just about all the real mmo's are funded by corp trash that has a strangle hold the gamming indistery as a whole. by supporting games like this it will make not only mmo's but all games, code and media better in the long run.

also substance is king over form, styal, and pr. we all start as something.

when wow came out everyone was slamming it for lame graphics and the like. it won out even though its still being slammed for being behind the times graphicly. the problem many people have with wow doesnt realy flow from graphic quolity but from poor design and substance. even if it had great graphics overnight it wouldnt mean anything because the same idot sob's would be running it.

alganon isn't as bad as or anything like world of warcraft.

even if it was a clone of it the fact that its an indi company running it as its only game would make it far superior. 



Fri Jan 01 2010 9:50AM Report
Nesrie writes:

No player should ever support subpar games just because an indie developer/publisher is offering it. There are plenty of quality games that offered by indie developers that are better. This game might be okay if it was F2P, but they actually want you to pay full retail price plus a monthly fee while they are iron out the bugs and try to explain away why this game was old before it was released. No only that, it is simplistic, boring and not at all innovative in anyway. There is nothing about this game that stands out in a positive way to other F2P or P2P titles, but where it belongs is F2P. At the very least, the client should be free, they are welcome to charge a monthly fee if they want, but it's so dated I felt like I was warped into the 90s playing, and it is extremely buggy... still.

Fri Jan 01 2010 4:05PM Report
Wizardry writes:

I can't say the vision of the game is a failure as i really don't know the vision,but what i saw of the game is not very good at all.

I will admit it is by no means an easy task to make a game,something like Alganon i would say you could be proud of making as an independent game but in hopes of it being a marketable product,no way.

If someone actually hired me to run the whole operation of a game,i would guarantee it would cost at least 100 million.This is a base number that i truly believe is what it takes to make a decent game now a days.

Aion is probably the cheapest successful game on the market right now,i think it was only like 40 million,but it is still a low tech game with low res textures and not much shading.the game also have very little content and only 2 playable races,so it lacks about another 2 years worth of development just to get it near my standards.

I remember last year one of Bethesda's parent companies was throwing around numbers like 150 million for their MMO,that i have still not heard anything from,i bet the game will still be mediocre at best.

Sun Jan 03 2010 12:31AM Report
Darzin writes:


Are you seriously making the argument that Alganon isn't anything like WoW? First off, it plays exactly like WoW, in fact if you take the Soldier Class alone, Blizzard could have a pretty strong case for copyright infringement. It has the same 3 stances, uses the same Rage mechanic for skills, has nearly the same talent tree layout and most of skills are outright clones of Warrior skills with some actually having the same exact name.

On top of that, simply because it is an independent company doesn't mean you should support them. You support people who make good games, period. You wouldn't go to an Italian Restaurant that served terrible food instead of Olive Garden simply because you want to support an independent company.

You have to make a great game to have people buy it. This game is not great. In fact it is very much unremarkable. Does it work, sure. Does it have quests, ya. Can you level, you bet! Does it leave a lasting impression? Not really. Does it have a multitude of activities you can do? Nope. No PvP, 4 classes, no dungeons, and one world event.

But if you enjoy the game, have fun.

Sun Jan 03 2010 1:24PM Report
eric2020 writes:

most games that say there indepent are not, there in some way controled by the machean which eats up and spits out mmo's and there players.

anglanon might not have all the bells and wistles but if they truely listen and respond quickly to there players then they have something the big name mmo's dont.

but its not about one titel, when it comes down to the line all the machean understands is hard cash gained as quickly as posible. if people want Any mmo in the future they have to support truely indeppendant ones now. this will open up the market to better games and more diversity. it will also improve the vision of big name mmo's and how they listen to there players, this in turn will effect every aspect of virtual invirements in mmo's and the internet in genural.

its hard to keep on with the good fight when others lack vison, stagnate and sell out.


Mon Jan 04 2010 12:38PM Report
Radmuz writes:

Always interesting to read comments on this site. No matter what game it is you either have the blind fans, or the blind haters primarily posting.


Supporting an small company like QoL just because they are a small independent company is not a solid reason for me to do it. The other posts spewing on the game are the same ones I saw when WOW was released, and love it or hate it the number of people who pay to play it says more then any haters of it can come up with since the proof is in numbers. That is what people want.

Alganon has very small numbers right now. Extremely small. I think they seriously misjudged how people would respond to an attempt to release it as it currently stands, and are paying the price for it. The small trickle of revenue they are getting cannot be worth the negative reviews they are getting.

Somewhere they are going to have to stop and rethink what they are doing. At the core the game could attract enough subscribers to support it. I seriously hope it does since it does have some concepts in it that the older games do not, unfortunately because of where the game stands now most people cannot see it.

As a lover of MMO's I really want almost every one of them that comes out to find a good customer base. I hope the same for this one. If they do not get it together once the poorly planned world event they have running is over though I suspect it will be vaporware.

Fri Jan 08 2010 10:43AM Report
grahunt writes:

We have been promised big changes and enhancements to stability, bug fixes. SAo let's wait and watch

Sat Mar 13 2010 12:48AM Report
Kyisha writes:

From guild Alganon Mercs.

We have a few ideas for bringing money into the game  because we enjoy playing and dont mind paying a few dollars to add that extra bit of enjoyment.

1. Make the abilitiy points start at lvl 1 and not 11 then everyone can get the feel of it from the start .

2. Superpack is fine from the start but "NO" ability points with it.

3. At lvl 30 you can buy talismans for $1.00 each for gear but it lasts only 1 month.

4. For $1.00 you can buy a 5pack bundle of talisman removers for gear so you can use it in other gear but the old gear is destroyed.

5. Before lvl 30 talismans are free but they last only 1 day and bound on pickup.

More to come as we as a Guild think we can help.

Tue Aug 31 2010 4:36PM Report
Kyisha writes:

Could you please give us an update as to what is being worked on for fixes at start up ?

I enjoy the game and ive played a few (WOW for example).  So i really would like to see this one continue.

Tue Aug 31 2010 4:44PM Report writes:
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