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Alganon Developer Blog

Alganon is an upcoming fantasy-based MMORPG that features a rich history dominated by commanding deities, powerful weapons and armor, deadly magic, epic quests, and features such as the Library (an in-game DB), Studies (play in your sleep!) and much more.

Author: alganon

Alganon December 2009 Update by David Allen

Posted by alganon Wednesday December 30 2009 at 6:46PM
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It’s been nearly a month since we Soft Launched Alganon, and what a month indeed! As we approach the new year many may ask what is in store for Alganon in 2010? Quite a bit. First and foremost, bug fixes and refinement. Second is on “The Dawning” which is our first real expansion due Q1 2010. This expansion will include a bunch of new instances, new history and introduction materials to teach the player more about the lore of Alganon, the Asharr & Kujix, and their chosen race, as well as numerous bug fixes and gameplay enhancements for classes. The Dawning will also feature the Consignment house, a system where players can place buy orders for items, creating a whole new dynamic for those who engage in tradeskills and item hunting.

We're also working to refine the introduction of Alganon. Right now, the things that make Alganon great aren’t apparent at the start, and things don’t begin to shine until past level 10. This isn’t good for new players. We are going to change this by enhancing the tutorial system and as mentioned above, providing lore and background to the player on key aspects of the game history, and by adding a few new systems to better establish the differences of Alganon earlier on.

Also, we just finished the core LUA add-on system that will allow players to create their own interfaces and visual adjustments. This system should be going live in January.

Beyond that? Voluntary and Area-specific PvP with a unique balanced system, domain control, kudos, new races, domains, achievements, Library Scrying, and more.

The Library Scrying system is going to be fantastic, allowing players to actively participate in the gathering of information, receiving credit for their efforts and building the world knowledge base. On top of that, the Library will turn into a news repository as well, giving credit to players, characters, and guilds for their accomplishments, and then sharing those accomplishments with everyone.

Many players have forgotten what new MMOGs are like and how it takes time to refine core aspects of the game; especially with a MMOG developed by an independent studio. Right now, we are being directly compared to MMOGs that have been out for (and refined for) over five years. This makes it much tougher to hold up against the barrage of expectations by gamers. We need a bit of patience from the community as we work to refine Alganon into the great game it will become. Remember what DAoC, WoW, EQ2 and other MMOGs were like when they released, and look at what they evolved into. We are very excited about the future of Alganon, and our biggest goals are related to technical enhancements (cutting down on bugs and refining our technology), visibility (making players aware of the game), and immersion (showing players how Alganon is different and something they should be playing).

We are also planning to launch a yet unannounced feature in January related to the social aspect of MyAlganon.

A big thanks to everyone for your support; we’re working around the clock to address your requests and refine Alganon into a great game!