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Alganon Developer Blog

Alganon is an upcoming fantasy-based MMORPG that features a rich history dominated by commanding deities, powerful weapons and armor, deadly magic, epic quests, and features such as the Library (an in-game DB), Studies (play in your sleep!) and much more.

Author: alganon

Message From Lead Designer

Posted by alganon Friday October 23 2009 at 5:31PM
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"A strange wind has begun to blow through Alganon. The air is full of electricity and wrath. A storm... or more accurately, four Storms are brewing. Things are about to change. It is up to the heroes of Alganon to make sure that they change for the better. It is up to the heroes of Alganon to bring about the Dawning!"

I'm sure that anyone who has thought about working on an MMO has looked at the advantages to having a large subscriber base. Lots of players means lots of money, but a small launch, with a dedicated player base that loves MMOGs, has some pretty amazing benefits as well. The fact that Alganon is an independent company, willing to start small and build over time, means that we can do things with our content that larger games could never do. A great example of this is a feature we are about to unveil - The Dawning!

When Alganon opens its doors, our players will find themselves in the middle of a game-wide event. Storm elementals, generally seen as a rare occurrence, have begun to appear around the world - not only larger in number, but greater in strength, than ever before. A series of quests, which run across all levels, from level one to endgame, will reveal the cause of these Storms. Players will learn how to part the clouds, silence the storm, and bring about the Dawning of a new era.

This Dawning will bring with it new features, new content, and most importantly, a chance to be remembered forever in the official Lore of Alganon.

Players who participate in the Dawning can obtain items during this period that will never be available again. They will unlock content that later players will view as a "normal" part of the game. Months from now, when a new player is LFG for the Howling Foothills instance, you will remember the time when you opened that instance for all players. If the newcomer needs proof, you can show them your Storm Arvak mount, or the Tabard of the Dawning, or any of the other rewards only available to players who were a part of this one-time event. If that's not enough, you can direct them to the library, as new items, instances, and world objects will be added to immortalize those who took part in the Dawning.

In fantasy novels, weapons and armor of great power, important and magical places, and even fighting styles and actions are often named for great Heroes of the past. For Alganon, we believe that the characters our players create and put into the world are just as important as the characters our developers create, and we plan to name things accordingly. Players who participate in the Dawning, especially those who are the first to complete the largest, most difficult tasks, will have a chance to become a permanent part of Alganon's history and lore.

The chance to get our players this involved in how the game progresses is very exciting, and it is something we simply couldn't do if we had millions of players. That's probably my favorite part about working on Alganon - we've made a game that has all the fun of the million-player giants, but we also get to host events that can only be done in a small community. It's the best of both worlds.


-Hue Henry
Lead Designer, Alganon

nate1980 writes:

Mr. Henry,

I love the vision your company has for your game, but the game has a major flaw that has me passing up this game, even though I love how you plan to develop future content.

This flaw is being way too similar to WoW. The graphics, classes, and the big flashing signs above a NPC's head signifying a quest is shamefully copied from WoW. It looks like a complete ripoff in those departments.

Had you of came up with unique class designs, a different method of delivering the bulk of your content, and used another artistic style for your graphics, then I'd of jumped at the chance to play this game.

Where's the originality that Horizons had?

Sat Oct 24 2009 4:09PM Report
detimilnd writes:

"A strange wind has begun to blow through Alganon"

That's David Allen farting out another MMO failure idea.

Sun Oct 25 2009 9:33AM Report
jayarte writes:

This sounds like a very exciting gaming experience and I really look forward to taking part in what will hopefully feel like helping to shape a game world.


Sun Oct 25 2009 10:57AM Report
Wraithone writes:

The Dawning looks like a blast. I'm quite looking forward to it. Ignore the WoW fan boys, they just wish Blizzard would have thought of some of this. ^^

Sun Oct 25 2009 11:09AM Report
joker007mo writes:

actually the fact that you got to pre order the game to play when it was originally touted as a f2p is pretty weak they want you to prepay for a game that isnt even beta tested yet

Sun Oct 25 2009 11:15AM Report
Scot writes:

Well the fact that it will not be F2P is a bonus in my eyes, but I won't be making any decisions closer until closer to launch.

Sun Oct 25 2009 12:23PM Report
Skuz writes:

I was really looking forward to trying out Alganon, but it's blatant copying of so much of WoW's looks put me right off, it's tooltips, base graphics, hell even the world map, look sickeningly similar & when I try a "new" game I want a new look to go with it, this idea of needing "familiarity" to other games is anathema to me, and when done to the degree Alganon has is "visual plagarism", sure WoW ripped a lot of ideas off other people, & that's exactly why ripping off WoW's look is bad, a facsimilie of a facsimilie is always going to end up being a poor copy.


Mon Oct 26 2009 4:53AM Report
ScottieDog writes:

Can wait to see those legendary items created in honour of l33tboy or 1pwnU

Mon Oct 26 2009 4:56AM Report
Wizardry writes:

I can't get over the facts silly me of the facts silly me ROFLMAO.

Mon Oct 26 2009 9:57PM Report
mmomeister writes:

I agree that a lot of it is reminiscent of WoW, just from the screenshots. But I am not one to pass judgment prematurely. Unfortunately, my current computer situation has made it difficult for me to install the beta, but once I do I'll be sure to try to provide some feedback on what's good and what isn't.

Tue Oct 27 2009 3:44PM Report
Tonev writes:

 This game out of beta, and wasn't there 4 races per faction?

Sun Jan 24 2010 5:46AM Report writes:
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