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Alganon Developer Blog

Alganon is an upcoming fantasy-based MMORPG that features a rich history dominated by commanding deities, powerful weapons and armor, deadly magic, epic quests, and features such as the Library (an in-game DB), Studies (play in your sleep!) and much more.

Author: alganon

Alganon August 2009 Development Update

Posted by alganon Saturday August 29 2009 at 1:15PM
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We just released what I consider to be our first really solid BETA. We've more than doubled our frame rate, halved our texture usage, fixed the core network problems, and corrected a number of bugs that prevented people from completing quests and progressing without grinding. We also killed most of the crashes. The amount of changes that have been implemented over the past month are quite numerous. A complete rewrite of our server architecture and network communication system along with major gameplay changes and scripting enhancements was done as well. There have also been numerous enhancements to all data related to items, tradeskills, actions, and studies. The MyAlganon Library has also been updated with the latest information as well.

Mysterious Portal

Alganon is really shaping up; the core feel of the game is smooth, and the world both fun and inviting. We've got the new portal system in, which is very cool (allowing for instant transportation). We also have mounts and pets in now as well (although I don't know if the gameplay vendors have them just yet). Guilds, Companions, the Auction House, and other core systems will be implemented over the next few weeks as we "bring everything together". We've finalized our billing system, what features we'll offer for pre-orders and multi-month subscribers, and have also begun the first phase of our Marketing Campaign to increase awareness of Alganon. Beta is also about to ramp up even more as the key giveaways increase and our servers expand.

So much to cover! So little time! Public Beta is coming very soon, so keep your eyes open for the announcement. A big thanks to everyone for their support as Alganon finally comes to life!

- David Allen, CEO of Quest Online

MorningStarGG writes:

Great to hear! Looking forward to helping make this MMO even better!

Sat Aug 29 2009 9:01PM Report
larrypsy writes:

Game sounds great - will my 4 year old machine prove capable?

Sat Aug 29 2009 10:00PM Report
lordtull writes:

billing?....did not realize this will be p2p...scratch this off the wanting to play list,when there are many solid f2p games why would anyone wanna pay anymore,and even some of the p2p games are going to a f2p model with an in-game store,people will spend money in the in-game stores and spend a lot more than the 15 dollars some games charge per month; its something game developers should seriously look at,oh and wow is not an exception(yes it is a successful p2p game)but it is filled with kids using parents credit cards(they could not play otherwise),now...imagine these same kids in a cash shop with said credit card....

Sun Aug 30 2009 5:04PM Report
Arekaine writes:

P2P = rule F2P = fail

Mon Aug 31 2009 3:16PM Report
Kyleran writes:

You got my hopes up with the beta invite which was quickly taken away, but I'll forgive you.  :)  Sounds like things are coming along well and I'm looking forward to one day helping out in this game.

Mon Aug 31 2009 4:10PM Report
xersent writes:

P2P = Win F2P = 2nd from last.....

Mon Aug 31 2009 4:24PM Report
jethar writes:

wats with the = stuff, have no idea what u guys are tryin' to say, lol. btw where's these f2p great games, ive tried most of em and they're ok, but look like uo, which is years and years old. while i dont think alganon is anything groundbreaking the p2p system would work alot better if companies delivered at launch instead of six months later

Mon Aug 31 2009 6:07PM Report
gatheris writes:

craptastical beta invite system

get your act together

i'm out - bye!


Mon Aug 31 2009 9:31PM Report
kobietruman writes:

yeah, didn't they have like 7 or 8 different addresses to sign up for beta but only 1 was the real one

kinda weird and uncoordinated - says alot about the developement company

Mon Aug 31 2009 9:51PM Report
Lonewolf writes:

Got invited YAY

Got removed BOO!

And thats from winning a competition for a beta invite as well :/

Tue Sep 01 2009 9:25AM Report
birken writes:

They gave out keys then took them away thats a really bad start.

Tue Sep 01 2009 4:01PM Report
birken writes:

They gave out keys then took them away thats a really bad start.

Tue Sep 01 2009 4:01PM Report
Josexph writes:

Won a contest, got a key...key was taken away. I emailed about this, and got no response.

Tue Sep 01 2009 7:03PM Report
choujiofkono writes:

booo!  for bad management.

Tue Sep 01 2009 7:16PM Report
ronnab writes:

I'm looking forward to the public beta. 

Tue Sep 01 2009 11:01PM Report
Tork001 writes:

Sorry for putting this in the commets here. I am the Community Manager for Alganon. I apologise to anyone who might have mistakenly had thier beta access mistakenly removed who was a past contest winner. If you would please send an email with which site's contest it was and your Alias to I will try to correct the errors. Again we apologise and want you in the beta.

Wed Sep 02 2009 1:35PM Report
Gajari writes:

Sounds great. I've been following this game off and on since it was first announced, and while I am not 100% sure if I'll actually play it, I do plan on at least giving it a try. It looks and sounds great.

Also, lordtull, to a large amount of people on this site, there are not 'many solid f2p games' - they're all complete rip-offs of each other with nothing but grinding and some PvP thrown in with terrible item shops that rip you off so you end up paying more in the end than you would with a P2P monthly payment.

P2P is the only way to go in mine, and many others eyes, and it always will be.

Thu Sep 03 2009 9:48PM Report
Omol writes:

To all those saying they are not going to play because of P2P... BYE all I have to say. Better off without you.

Fri Sep 04 2009 1:16PM Report
BellaH writes:

I am not sure about anyone else, but the game reminds me ALOT of a mix between Runes of Magic and Perfect world. The studying part of the game is the only real thing that seems to be different than your everyday F2P. I do agree that in the last year the F2P game area has gotten alot better, I would have no issue paying for another P2P game if they would just make a current version of UO and be done with it!.

Fri Sep 04 2009 2:40PM Report
Markusan writes:

pay to play is the best way to go. games should not be about who has the biggest wallet and P2P offers the customers equal opportunities to advance. That is unless 3rd party gold providers are essential to progress in the game :p

Mon Sep 07 2009 8:29AM Report writes:
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