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TerraX the MMO Dev Blog - Build... It... Better

TerraX is a new MMO in the initial stages of creation. Come with us and even get involved as we make a foot and half stack of spec's into an actual functioning game...

Author: alemap000

TerraX - Dev Blog - Linkedin... Wha? Woot!

Posted by alemap000 Tuesday January 31 2012 at 7:37PM
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So it's time to get going and get some more solid business support for TerraX..  We've done our business plan and understand the subtle nuances of a forecasted budget but we need the rarified air of the Investor and the Consultant around us to really make this fly.

So I did it.  I went to ... the big kid's version of Facebook.  Ever been there?  It's very white, dry, and a bit scary, like a frozen sandscape in a game where you never know what is going to lurch out of the ground and swallow you whole. The site screams "Here There Be Networking" and it's all about making sure that you know everyone and everyone knows you. 

You know, this blog is not all about us whining about how difficult our lives are and how so and so stole the last snack sized packet of gummy bears.  Part of this blog is about edumacation.. making sure that folks who are considering making mmo's know the path we're taking so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel.  So I'm going to talk about Linkedin and you! You're gonna listen!  

*watches as 7 million possible fans of TerraX click off this blog*

OK - so there's 3 of you left.  Excellent! More than I thought.

Linkedin requires that you actually have something to offer other than just your fav color and current status.  You'll need a resume of some kind, a past that involves either game design, project management, accounting, visual design work or anything that puts you into the "ahhhhh - now here is a credible game creator" category.   Once you've listed your credentials, work history, education etc. then the fun part begins.  You get to join groups.

Yep, groups.  There are thousands of them and a search of the term "game development" brought up hundreds.  C++ programmer search - pages and pages of groups.  Each group is chock full of people skilled in their job and experienced in game creation and or programming and I was like a kid in a candy shop.  I joined group after group, posted on endless group forums and generally made like a noob being run through content over their level and looting everything.

And investors.  There are thousands of investors.  I know it's sparse and bare looking, I know there's no way to properly enjoy someone's pic if they're in a suit and tie.... but still.  This Linkedin thing has my full attention.