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Author: albumsf

Dungeons and Dragons Online Strategy : Tempest Spine Loot

Posted by albumsf Wednesday September 23 2009 at 1:22AM
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Here are the "dragon loot" items from the chest in Tempest Spine:

Adamantine Greatsword
+5 Enhancement

Cloak of the Silver Concord
Charisma +2, Haggle +10, Diplomacy +10, All Charisma skills +3

Docent of Grace
+2 Enhancement, Dexterity +5, Tumble +5, Balance +5

Dragon's Eye (Trinket)
+100 Spell Points, Superior Efficacy V on use (3/Day)

Hammer of Life
+4 Enhancement, Natural Armor Bonus +2, Heal +10, Repair +10, Req Level 7

Ironweave Robe
Armor Bonus +5, Wizardry II, Greater Magnetism V, Req Level 10

Kundarak Delver Boots
Move Silently +5, Freedom of Movement

Kundarak Delving Goggles
Spot +10, Disable Device +10, immune to blindness

Kundarak Delving Suit
+5 Enhancement, Search +5, Silent, Mithral, Req Level 5

Kundarak Warding Bracers
Constitution +3, Resistance Armor Bonus +3, Protection Armor Bonus +3

Kundarak Warding Shield
+5 Enhancement, Resistance Armor Bonus +2

Ring of the Silver Concord
Charisma +4, Protection Armor Bonus +2, Command on use

Ruby Encrusted Gauntlets
Flamestrike on use (1/Day, CL 15)

Silver Necklace of Prophecy
Superior Glaciation IV, Cold Resistance, Req Level 9

Plus Stat Tomes +2

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