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Playing from my Room

I like mmos, I like talking about what I play, what i do, what i think and anything related about mmos, now I'll write here and you will read it. :D

Author: alakram


Posted by alakram Monday March 23 2009 at 7:07AM
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Im a happy Lotro player. Im playing it from some weeks now and I have fun. I had a Captain level 38 from my last months of play but when I came back after my EQ2 experience I decided to start a new character and asked to my self what do I want to be in middle earth? and a flash came to my mind: Elf Archer (hunter, by the way), so I started one, pewpewing arrows is fun and the class is fun to play if you like to dps so I'm having a good fun in reward of my hard earned bucks.

Yes, Im going to speak about TCoS. The game started open beta this weekend. I'm a mmorpg jumper and what I play and have fun right now doesnt stay forever, so I'm playing lotro but I waned to try it. I'm on of the europeans who got F**** when TCoS released in euro with 2 diferent publisher and a big Ipban shouting out: "We dont want you" so I stayed with my other games and my girl and forgot about it. But now I could play it. I was at my job place with nothing to, when I saw a psot here about TCoS open beta, woooot I screamed and checked all the info about it. Was nice and free so, Why not?. As always, having a girlfriend is good to wait till games releases or in this case, till a game downloads. After all the weekend doing some lotro and some going out with my girl I finally arrived at my house the sunday evevning, TCoS was downloaded and the Install shield was started "Nice"" I thought "Just in time". I clicked next next next and the game started to install, I went to the kitchen and hurried my mother with the dinner: " Go go! I'm hungry I'm hungry!" Lier, I wanted to dinner before TCoS was installed and have some hours to play.

But when I came back to my computer thinking on playing damn... TCoS encountered a problem in one of the installation archives and couldn't continue, file was corrupt. So I fired up Lotro and starting pewpewing arrows hahaha no problem at all ;).

I'm downloading it right now from work, I have a better conection here so maybe ready soon... or not.

Im going to uninstall Everquest 2

Posted by alakram Thursday March 19 2009 at 7:54AM
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Quite sometime without blogging here. Well I had nothing to talk about here, but now I have.

A month ago I resubed to EQ2, I only played 2 weeks and resubed to Lotro. Yesterday was the last day of my sub and it was already in pending state, that means its unsobed but waiting for time to expire out. So today my sub finished. I installed EQ2 at least 3 years ago, I'm bad with dates but I had already it installed when AoC launched, I already had it installed when VG launched. (I did try both games). I have been playing this game for a long time, on and off. It's a good game, I leveled a templar up to 60, in fact, I reached 60 in my last sub, I created a paladin, up to level 20 or so in my last sub too. This game teachs you how to play in groups, its an awesome game if we speak about grouping mechanics, at least for me. The graphics are good and it runs smooth in my computer. The problem is, it feels old now, for me, thats it, but I play it and its like "been there, done that". What a pity, I really liked this game.

My though behind this post is: The last time I leaved a game knowing I will never go back was Lineage 2, it was because it was full of bots and cheaters, I really liked the game. So I left the game when I still liked it. After this one I tryed and bought EQ2, it has been "My game" for a long time I played a lot of games in between, mostly online ones. I bought, DDO, Lotro, AoC, Vg, SWG, and maybe some more, but I always had EQ2 in mind. I knew I was always going to come back sooner or later but not today. I already know I will never come back and I feel little sad, I dont like it anymore, I remember when I loved it but this is not now, Im not going to bash the game out there, I'm not going to "hate" it from now on, just I really dont think I will pay again to play it, and its a sad feeling.

Today Im going to uninstall it, it has been there installed for ages, in the same HD, it never became corrupted, it has been patched time and again and it always worked fine. So bye bye EQ2, it was nice to meet you, I wish you good luck!

So Funcom

Posted by alakram Monday January 21 2008 at 3:39PM
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So Funcom is using their brains. It shouldn't be any type of news but it is. Someone managing a big game company takes a look at the market and find a good moment to reach a really good position in the mmorpg business. I'm talking about Age of Conan and Anarchy Online. Don't you see it?. Age of Conan appears to be a good game. It's not a native sandbox game but it have some features, good character customization and player cities. The game will launch this year, or at least we hope so. There is no Modern "Adult" Fantasy game on the market in this times. I mean, fantasy game suited for adult players. Sure you can play EQ2, it's a good game, but it doesn't have an Adult Art direction. Sure you can play Lotro but it doesn't too, and its a good game too. The same goes for some more AAA titles, good games but not aimed natively for adult players. I'm sure a good amount of people will leave their actual games to try AoC only because this one have a Mature art design. Like Oblivion, or Gothic 3.

And, someone on Funcom took a look at the sci-fi mmorpg's market and thought, hell, there is no modern sci-fi games out there:

Eve online: I know it's a good game, but it's too hardcore for most of us.

SWG: I played it in November and December of 2007... Most of us know what a Joke of game it is.

Anarchy Online: It's an old game with outdated graphics... Doh!, well... Funcom will give AO a brand new graphics engine.

IMO, Funcom is trying to earn a good share of the mmorpg market by launching a good fantasy game and relaunching a good sci-fi game. Good for Funcom!

I'm playing DDO

Posted by alakram Thursday January 17 2008 at 3:29PM
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Oh well, as a first post I'll talk about what I'm playing right now. I'm playing DDO. I know, I know...  Some of you will say that this game is a niche game , or it is death... Some others will say is one of the best game sin the world of mmos. I usually don't care too much about people opinion's. I think you should experience things for your self, so some time ago, last summer I took the trial and it was awesome. I liked how the rogue and the ranger worked. You can hide in shadows, and you need to find shadows to be hidden, of course it still depends of your numbers on your hide and move silent abilities(well i cant remember if they are skills, abilities or enhancements, but they are there), but the light surrounding you have something to do with you and the enemy trying to find you so i had a blast. No need to say more, I bought the game and start playing it. I made cleric, I usually like being a healer, and In my opinion is a good way to learn about a game because everybody groups with you and you see how people play and you can ask a lot: "You are the healer they can't get angry with you, lol". 2 months later I was missing the EQ2  group mechanics, (for me, EQ2 is one of the best games when we talk about grouping) so I closed the account and went back to EQ2.
But you know what?, you can't go to a game trying to feel like in other game, it's obvious but, I needed to learn that lesson. A week ago I was without any game to play and thought: Doh! I spent 50 bucks on this game and there it is, account closed. So with a bored and open mind I started to play. I'm  having a blast. I have no more to say, my cleric is waiting me.