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Japans MMOs and some quick simple revies of MMOs from all over XD

My Mission is to find those great MMO games from japan that are soon to be available or never will be and talk about them and do some reviews on MMOs from all over the world bad or good I will not discriminate ;D

Author: akira_sato25

10 things UWO has that other pirate MMORPGS don't

Posted by akira_sato25 Saturday August 28 2010 at 3:44PM
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1 Grinding is not an option: you don't have to focus on a combat class in fact you can have other players do it for you, hence creating a player mercenary system

2 Port Conquering: tho not yet implemented I am looking forward to it conquering other nations ports to improve your countries trade and economy.

3 Nations Alignment system: Wars will break out and traveling to a hostile nation players and NPC ships will be aggressive towards you

4 Exploration system: Gain exp simply by traveling and seeking out wildlife or discovering ruins of an ancient civilization

5 Realistic world map: Uses the map of the real world and visit real world destinations

6 Lots of real ships to choose from: Even more when the expansions come out a total of more than a hundred are available

7 Music composed by Yoko Kanno: One of the greatest music composers for Japanese RPG games

8 Thousands of quests: It is rumored to take atleast 3 years to finish them all and that's without the expansions

9 Historical reference: It makes use of real people from the time line of the voyage century

10 Real prizes: Netmarble gives away some really cool stuff no just in game items


Snowlink writes:

Truly an awesome game,just tried it and I have to say it doesn't feel like a F2P MMO at all.It has the feeling that most of the P2P games lack nowadays and the music is just beautiful(Yoko Kanno's work duh xD) and also the graphics are great for a game this old.As far as I played,the game seems pretty in-depth,for example if you want to make profit you have to keep a close eye to the market rates to know when products change their prices.Your sailors can become homesick if you sail too much without docking,scurvy,rats,and all of the sea related problems and deseases which add a realistic feel to the game.It feels very relaxing to sail your ship all over the world in a game with such a fitting atmosphere.I recommend UWO to everyone that wants  something different.Also thanks Sato-san for telling us about this great game.See you in-game(can't wait for OBT).

Sun Aug 29 2010 4:48PM Report
whilan writes:

Okay to start off, i love this game, it's got some of the best graphics i've seen in a long time, and this post is in no way to downgrade the type of game it is.  It does everything extremely well. But just a few quick notes:

2. VCO has an entire system set around attacking other ships to get a port.

3. VCO also has it if you make a nation mad at you that their ships will attack yours.

4. Again this was one of the major features VCO stated, that you could get experience simply by traveling.

5. VCO has this as well. though they've strayed a bit recently with the fantasy stuff.

6. This is somewhat figurative but VCO did have several ships.

9. VCo did have some real people as well.

Ones i didn't list are things i feel VCO didn't have or didn't have enough of compared to this.  The things i feel that are unique?

The requirement to know the language of the people before you sail.

Difficult ship battles.

Lots of unique and interesting classes

Last notation: VCO stands for Voyage Century Online or otherwise known as Bounty Bay Online.

While this game does resemble that game alot, it does (in my opinion) everything better and more.  I'm still actively playing this game so that should tell you something about it's quality.  I just want you to be informed about that before others jump down your throat about it.

Mon Aug 30 2010 12:47AM Report
tooned writes:

VCO was fun, till I got bogged down trying to craft. Then I got bored and moved on. Haven't tried this game yet. But I think I will eventually.

Mon Aug 30 2010 4:15PM Report writes:
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