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Japans MMOs and some quick simple revies of MMOs from all over XD

My Mission is to find those great MMO games from japan that are soon to be available or never will be and talk about them and do some reviews on MMOs from all over the world bad or good I will not discriminate ;D

Author: akira_sato25

Captains Sea Log Entry No.1

Posted by akira_sato25 Thursday August 26 2010 at 10:31AM
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"5 year wait and the game still looks better than most MMORPGS"

First day in UWO CBT I had a BLAST! ^_^probably one of the most unique MMORPG I have played and probably one of the most realistically hard one but that ain't a bad thing either!

Character creation was pretty fun lots of character models to choose from, from a fat man to a small child but facial customization is limited to only 3 faces not much to complain about. since appearances can later be altered with the use of items.



"A 5yr old captain?!!? a real Captain Kidd"

My first character was a battle type "Akira" well in terms of game-play the game is realistically brutal, I felt like a country bumpkin out on the first day of the big city when I finished the 2Hrs schooling process and learned the basics I decided to adventure a bit further out into sea. Well that was a big mistake I was attacked by a pirate and well like real life they took everything I had even my equipment :(

"The waters may be calm but the Pirates Sure ain't"

Well they left me with 1K Gold and my ship but that was like having a dime and being completely naked running out of money in this game is as good as game over!. So you better play it out right money is easy to gain as it is easy to lose too so use the banks since you gain interest if you keep money on the banks

"I chose Spain the greatest empire during those times for my second character too"

Well that dint put me down I decided well If you fail once the second time ill make it so I decided to make a new character named her "Aika" yup! just after me this time Ill get it right! a new class this time "Adventurer"

Well things seem to go smoother now and so i am going to stick with "Aika" adventuring is fun searching the seas for treasures. New towns and searching for diff kinds of wildlife and reporting to your town official of your discoveries. That's how adventurers make money you can olso make money by taking on guild quests. since there are 3 types of guilds same as classes merchant, adventure and battle each missions also differ.So want to try something new just change classes of make a new charter

Zero grinding you don't have to stare at the monitor slashing a monster the game puts you on the move always there are no stats your Job level is the only thing that you need to level up and also your skills but combat is not the only way to increase them. traveling, and trading even fishing levels your character up. If you try the game and think the tutorial is too long and boring well after that the game becomes one big steady to fast pace adventure I haven't felt bored or anything as much I just want to go dive in back and play more!

Keep in touch I will post more log entries on "Captain Aika's Adventures!" but now I need to PLAY MORE!!!