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Japans MMOs and some quick simple revies of MMOs from all over XD

My Mission is to find those great MMO games from japan that are soon to be available or never will be and talk about them and do some reviews on MMOs from all over the world bad or good I will not discriminate ;D

Author: akira_sato25

What To Expect?

Posted by akira_sato25 Tuesday August 24 2010 at 4:51AM
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Uncharted Waters Online will start CBT in less than 1 day I already downloaded that HUGE! client and installed it in my P.C though not much is know about the game only those few brave enough and have the knowledge and capabilities to enter the Japan/Korea Servers are probably the only experienced players outside the region. I have been looking all over the place for guides and wikis and the only information I can get is from the main website and even youtube videos are unclear and uninformative. So if any of you out there know about any wikis and guides please send me a link.

Well here are a list of stuff im expecting on CBT

CBT: the Net Marble team sure has a funny way of describing CBT because as soon as the servers are up anybody can just jump in the game and play so its more like OBT but no complaints from me I love it ^_^

3 Classes of Ship Adventure, Battle, And Trade: and 63 ships per class 189 total ships you can customize your ships appearance and feel and that's just the first release don't believe me check it out here:

You can also check them out here:
Adventure Type:

Trade Type:

Battle Type:

Adventuring: One of the Biggest reasons I want to play! you start out with a totally undiscovered map similar to fog of war. you sail in search of new land braving random weathers from topical storms to calm seas, but not only that your crew may suffer scurvy, black plague, even home sickness take care of your crew or you will have an actual mutiny on your ship as if pirates weren't a problem enough.

While discovering uncharted lands you may dig and discover treasures buying maps may help out. but its not only treasures your looking for undiscovered ruin's also even herbs and plants be a geologist a hunter, a ruins explorer, a spice trader

Class types: There are three basic class types Adventure, Trade and Battle with 24 job classes each never seen before in other games like Excavators, Helms persons Salvager, Surgeon, Filibuster, Bounty hunter, Patisserie, Tailor each with unique skills and benefits and roles to play in the game

You can also check them out here:
Adventure Type:

Trade Type:

Battle Type:

The cities do try to look as much as possible similar to the cities back then not just random similar looking buildings bunched together London really looks cloudy and gloomy, Venice canals are present even the sandy city of Istanbul looks magnificent its not just about looks but what you can do in the cities and what facilities are available like the guild office, the company, craft shops and may more check them all out here:

you can check the video guide and take a short tour of the cities in the game here:

"The WHOLE WORLD! is there fore you to explore or conquer"

Players of every nation may choose to conquer ports of other nations in massive battles there are almost 100 ports to conquer to improve your nations trade and economy

"My only disappointment is Japan during this era is a closed country"

With only a few days to till CBT im looking for as much information about the game so if you have any share it with me. Hope to see you guys soon in game

"See you Tomorrow in UWO!"