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Japans MMOs and some quick simple revies of MMOs from all over XD

My Mission is to find those great MMO games from japan that are soon to be available or never will be and talk about them and do some reviews on MMOs from all over the world bad or good I will not discriminate ;D

Author: akira_sato25

The Ultimate Monster MMORPG From Japan

Posted by akira_sato25 Saturday July 17 2010 at 7:51PM
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  Hello im back! And just like the servers of Japans "Monster Rancher Online" which shut down last October 2008 they returned to bring back an even better game just this January 2010. Introducing"Monster Farm Lagoon Online" with new avatar features and better graphics and of course new monsters. Sadly I wasn't able to get ahead of the IP block that they recently implemented :(
  I was such a fan of this game when It was first released on the Playstation I probably stuck a gazillion discs inside just to find out what kind of monsters are hiding in my discs. The online game seems to have this feature also which is great and from the looks of it the monster trainer is going to be part of fights. One element of monster rancher that I really hated was the short lifespan of the pets it seem that this will be eliminated in the online version too *sigh* such a great game by the looks of it but sadly only in Japan. The monster rancher servers have been up since quite some time why don’t we get any of them heck we get the Playstation versions :( *sigh*

Sadly I can no longer do daily updates but ill still be doing them I want to focus more time on gameing since I recently started Pandora Saga on the Malaysian servers my characters name is “Aliciah” if your interested check out the old entries see you there it’s a grindfest but people are nice and the population is low and peaceful



"Aki of the Kingdom Faction"

Hit By A Storm :(

Posted by akira_sato25 Thursday July 15 2010 at 12:55AM
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 Well we had a storm 2 days ago it was the strong windy kind we got electricity back yesterday but still no internet im just using this slow dial-up net :( so i wont be able to do anything much till I get my net back :(


Anything more Japanese than a Gundam MMO?

Posted by akira_sato25 Monday July 12 2010 at 6:55PM
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 "SD-Gundam capsul fighter online" how cool would it be to be able to use your favorite Gundam from all centuries to battle out online. Well if you love Gundam well then it would be SUPER COOL!!!. Browsing around on my free time (which obviously have a lot of) and looking for those great exclusive games we all want to play I found this game.
The game is very simple really. You are given a Mobile Suite at the start  and you battle it out with your basic MS  to earn gold to "Gacha" for more suits (Similar to Gachapon or Yujin where you put money in and turn the knob to get a random toy in a round capsule I collect these XD) for more MS, and eventually you can also build your own MS using special plans
The games interface is similar to a MMOFPS with 3 battle modes
Individual training mode: For the Nubs
Group Mission Mode: Yup the game isn’t restricted to battles there’s like armored core missions 2-4 players may be in a group.
PVP mode: This is obviously where you fight other players 7 players may battle it out on free for all or as a team there are also three other modes in PVP the standard mode where you just respawn and kill till the time limit the death match mode where you have a set number of life and the most fun mode the battle ship mode where you can store 2-4 of your MS in your battle ship and use them sort of like a tag battle you can switch Gundams like King of Fighters or Marvel vs. Capcom each Gundam is worth 10 point if there are still MS battling on the time limit the one with the highest points win. this is the mode that requires more strategy and is most fun
The game controls are simple  and easy to learn it’s just like a MMOFPS but there is an auto aim function which you can switch on and off since some weapons are better to use with the manual aim
The only thing I really don’t like in the game is the SD "Meaning super deformed" or if you prefer the chibi-Gundam models this game would be perfect if they used the regular sized ones but this game is worth a try ill post a link teaching you how to register if your interested and it also includes a few guides.
and here they are:
Or here
Have fun!!!
"Aki the Mecha Girl"

My Pandora Saga Weekend

Posted by akira_sato25 Sunday July 11 2010 at 6:51PM
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 Well today, I’m going off topic and not showing a game but I want to talk about a game I’ve shown previously "Pandora Saga" it’s sort of like a review since I got a lot of views on that topic
 I downloaded the client which was about 900+Mb so almost a Gig there was a manual patch for only 5Mb while the game still had to patch it wasn’t so bad just a few min about 10min well that depends on your net mine sucks so it should be ok
 I then proceeded to login and created my first character "Aliciah" so if you want to pm me in game sure! Character creation was very simple you just get to choose the hair, hair color, and face I made a fighter since it’s the basic class on most MMORPGs
 The graphics of the game weren’t so bad really and I kind of liked it though most of the character models look the same it seem that the most dominant race in the game player wise is the Ekidnu those hell boy looking giants and nobody seems to like using the dwarves
 The start was very simple it’s like the early quests are tutorials. yes I knew that there will be little quests in the game and honestly they are very unrewarding they give so little XP and gold  your just better of grinding it’s like talk to the NPC when you’re in town and grind you’ll eventually accomplish the quest unintendedly
 The in game community isn’t so bad people will approach you to chat i really hate it when your just starting and the noobs are asking for money from you well I didn’t encounter it in the game
 Though there was, a low population to where I was seems like it’s the noob town. Yes the low level population is very low and I occasionally see the high level guys just zoom past you. so I guess you’ll see the other people only when you get to a higher level which I kinda like so the map isn’t congested
 Well I started to leave town and just swatted some monsters I was doing this while watching  season 5 of the office :) so yup i was on anti-social mode and what can I say its a grinding game the Japs do love the traditional RPG theme where you grind go back to town sell your loots grind again well I don’t have a problem with this theme I actually enjoyed it and I will play this game till the game I’m waiting for comes out I haven’t joined a faction yet and haven’t really done much so i guess there’s more stuff to do in the game I just haven’t made it yet but I’m enjoying myself and I haven’t watched season 6 of the office I’ll watch it while playing this :)
I'll do a game tomorrow
"Aki-the dwight schrute fan"

Lucent heart a zodiac based game in Japan (Best Rookie MMORPG)

Posted by akira_sato25 Thursday July 8 2010 at 7:38PM
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"Lucent Heart" another amazing MMORPG from Japan this game has been very successful there it even won the best rookie MMORPG and they have recently started there servers full time (meaning it’s not in the beta stage anymore) and launched this game in Taiwan also
 The game focuses on the Zodiac system think "Saint Seiya" or "Final Fantasy Tactics" and makes very well use of this unique feature which I will explain later on first i want to do the basics of the game and the job classes here are a list of available classes in the game each basic class can choose from two branches once they reach a certain level
Physical Attack:
Fightercan advance to either:
  • Gunner (ranged attacker)
  • Knight (melee attacker)
Knightcan advance to either:
  • Paladin (defensive melee attacker)
  • Templar Knight (offensive melee attacker)
Gunnercan advance to either:
  • Ranger (party supportive range attacker)
  • Sniper (offensive orientated range attacker)
Magical Attack:
Mage can advance to either:
  • Priest (supportive)
  • Magician (offensive)
Priestcan advance to either:
  • Prophet (enhanced buffing skills)
  • Bishop (enhanced healing skills)
Magiciancan advance to either:
  • Wizard (offensive orientated caster)
  • Sorcerer (party supportive caster)
 Other Basic features of the game are the "Pet System" which is common in almost every MMOPRG but this is more complex since the pets are all unique from each other in the sense that they level up and have different skills and evolve almost like a "Pokémon" another one is the "Mount System" which you can share with your partner another feature I will explain later on since this game is very complex.
 Okay now here is the unique feature of the game the "Zodiac System" or the Horoscope if you prefer you get to choose preferably your own "Constellation"  this affects you characters in many ways and also affects the game play , such as daily luck, the constellation story, individuality and emotion. The daily luck is more or less your astrology forecast for players. These, in turn, will affect the combat ability, relationship, crafting luck, element and item drop rate for the player.
Not only that, different constellation elements have different set of talent skills too.
Every horoscope has different types of ability boost and special skills, which match certain classes. An example is that Leo is able gain 60% more critical damage in return for 5% less critical chances. Some of the other skills include a skill that adds 20000 defense for 30 sec at the cost of 1% HP and MP per second. Of course, judging by the name, Leo should resemble a tanker kind of role, which means that these skills will match nicely with the player’s desired constellation.
Casting a spell on the enemy or hitting him with an element is also quite complicated if you cast a water spell on the enemy it will cause an element change casting fire on him will cause reduced damage while electricity will increase damage
 Another advance feature in the game is the "Cupid System" which you can see other players Zodiac and see if your compatible are not the (Japanese really are into this thing even blood type matching)
So meaning there is also a marriage system in the game and by looking at the screens it looks really well done with a ceremony and kissing XD
Having a partner also gives out unique skills and privileges such as being able to enter date dungeons and bonuses during party battles. The skills though still have to be unlocked by obtaining cupid points so expect to share a lot of time with your partner you can share a mount and hunt together all day roaming the lands XD
The graphics of the game look really good. Characters have expressions which are also affected by the day and zodiac there is also dancing and emotions you can do the game has almost everything even an auto loot system the even small map is done very well. This is definitely one game I want to play on an English server hope we get one soon
"Or if you can read and speak Japanese heres the link to register its free to play also for those who just don't care and wanna try it XD (no guide this tome :( )"

"See you after the weekends"








Tower Of Druaga From International classic to Japan only MMORPG...... Darn it!!!!

Posted by akira_sato25 Wednesday July 7 2010 at 7:26PM
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  Tower of Druaga or "Druaga no Tou" in Japanese  the game first appeared in the arcades in 1984 a game created by NAMCO it use to run on the old Super Pac Man engine and was a grat classic for its time I had this game for the Super Famicom since in asia we mostly got this console instead of the NES games of this series were also realeased for the  Super NES, Game boy Colored, Playstation, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS, and the XBOX 360 the concepts of the games were all the same navigate the maze tower and reach  the top of the 60 floor tower  beat the evil lord druaga and rescue the preistess Ki
   An anime series was also released on 2008 Tower of Druaga: Aegis Of Uruk and Tower Of Druaga: Sword Of Uruk (Season 2) which upon watching them became one of my favorite anime series of all time
  And one game stands out in the series released on 2009 in Japan The "Tower Of Druaga: Recovery Of Babylim" was released it’s an MMORPG based on the series much of the concept is still the same  but since the recent popularity of the Anime series and the news spreading of no IP blocks it’s got everybody jumping in the game
The objective is still to reach the 60 Floor and beat Druaga there are four job classes the Soldier, Scout, Druid, and Mage each job class has a second class and the third class has not yet been implemented
 And for the players who are fans of the Anime and want to play the game I will be giving a link below for the guide on how to play In Japan servers but be warned it's going to be a big download and a long patching process but don’t worry since there seems to be quite a number of English speaking players from all over the world playing the guide also contains help/translations with the menus and skill interface
And here it is
"Maybe we can get this game noticed so much they’ll decide to port it to an international server XD"

New and Amazingly fresh In Japan

Posted by akira_sato25 Tuesday July 6 2010 at 8:31PM
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 This one is fresh from Japan and still in close beta but it’s very interesting and has lots of innovative stuff I’m looking forward to playing this even in the Japan servers I hope they don’t put an IP block
 "Arcadia Saga" by Gonzo Rosso the guys who also made and released "Pandora Saga" which I did a few days back though I can't say much about the job classes from what i've seen (since Im only half Japanese and grew up elsewhere) i can tell that there’s a Warrior/ Fighter class, Archer and Mage but what really sets the game apart and got people talking are the things in game that you can do and believe me there are a lot of extras of the same old and the really innovative.
Here are some of them
- Mobs in the map are all tamable: Just like imagine online any bad guy can become your pet
- You can build a house anywhere you want: Yup that’s something new you build a house or something like a small farm there is an actual production system since towns are far apart. you design both the interior and exterior of your humble abode by buying stuff or producing them. Asides from the normal character stat and skill level up it seems you have also building skills you can level up. Its gonna be a land rush since you can own a region XD
Yeah so I have a house so what? Monsters will try to raid your house and destroy it. The game reminds me of one of my favorite classic games for the P.C and 3DO the horde where you have to protect your farm from the monsters that want to destroy your farm. I loved that game XD
- Crafting and lots of it: ranging from cooking, furniture, armor, weapon(all in game armor weapon potion can be craft) jewelry, tailoring, beverage, and other stuff. Weapon/armor forging and customizing( you can add an apple to your weapon which will give xx attribute)
- Ride able horses: Well the only mount in the game so far at least its realistic
- The music is composed by "Sakimoto Hitoshi" don’t know him? he did "Final Fantasy XII"
- and supervised by "Ryo Mizuno" don’t know him also? He created "Record of Lodoss War     
 I was so excited to tell you about the unique stuff I forgot to tell you the story. Well its simple really the human world was destroyed and people are trying to survive in the harsh new world thus the title "Arcadia Saga Rebuild the Utopia" yup its like build your own town with other players MMORPG
 Well this is one game that’s 100% on my wish list I really am hoping to be able to play this on the International servers with everybody but for now I’ll settle with the Japan servers and try to play as much as possible when the open beta comes out hope to
 See you there Its lonely around the none English speaking crowd
"Aki-The Settler"

Front Mission Online Part of the series lost forever

Posted by akira_sato25 Monday July 5 2010 at 7:20PM
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 I just love the Front mission series ever since the PS1 release Front Mission 2  I just got so much into the game that I even back tracked and played the original Super Nes version a few years later they released one for the PS2 though there were two released in Japan Front Mission: 4 and Front Mission 5: Scars Of War sadly we only got 4 and much later on I also got the extended version of original Front Mission for the DS
 The Front Mission games are tactical turn based strategy games developed by Square Enix also know for the Final Fantasy series. Revolving around Intertwining story lines and mechs called "Wazners" the stories can get quite complicated but very immersive I just love the story lines though I won’t go to much in depth and focus on theme. They revolve around a the theme of war, love and betrayal and there’s just a mix of cyber punk element which I just enjoy so much
 But One game stands out in the entire series "Front Mission: Online" the game play was totally different and when I found out about it I totally wanted to play that game.
 Front Mission: Online The game starts out you customize your basic mech also choose a nation there are only 2 factions in the game the O.C.U (Oceania Cooperative Union) and the U.C.S (Unified Continental States) then players  proceed to a lobby where you can control your character and chat with other fellow pilots. The first battles in the game consist of A.I opponents (training grounds) where you can practice the controls Front Mission: Online combat system is almost similar to "Armored Core" so all battles will be in real-time. When the player feels ready the FUN! begins players will get to battle other players from the opposing nation but unlike armored core the game allows up to 10 battle units per nation so that’s 20 Wazners on the arena fighting in real-time since combat can get very hectic the game has a voice chat system (VoIP) which I really great of giving commands during the fight
As players progress the Faction gives out missions that can be done solo or with a group
 Sadly this game was short lived it started beta testing in November 2004, and on May 12, 2005, Square Enix officially released the PlayStation 2 version of the game. The PC version of the game was developed and released some seven months later, on December 8, 2005. Support for Front Mission Online was discontinued on May 31, 2008......  :(
This is one of the games in the series I will never get to play but I can still get a copy for the PS2 as a memorabilia to complete the series and news of Front Mission: Evolved announced last E3 has gotten me all hyped-up to play the game since it looks similar to Front Mission: Online maybe they pulled out to make an even superior version for us to play and I’m looking forward to it XD
Check back tomorow for another amazing game!!!
"Aki-The Mecha Girl"

Grandia Online a game in Japan for the fans made by fans

Posted by akira_sato25 Sunday July 4 2010 at 7:50PM
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  The "Grandia Online Game" also known now as "Grandia: Zero" is a prequel to the "Grandia" series set before the "Age of Genesis" or before the first Grandia game. The games story begins as an escapee from a village overcome by a dark force, petrifying the villagers and making the village completely uninhabitable. After escaping players will meet a powerful sorceress named Liete,( From the first Grandia Game) the player learns that similar events are happening across the world, and thus the adventure begins searching for the source
  Players will visit familiar locals of the Grandia games and meet NPC which some of them are familiar with there is a lot of lore and fans will find that to be a great treat. Such as the Angel civilization, Spirit stones, and Grandians, Also the two races the Riete race and the Moge race important races in the Grandia series will be making appearances in the game
  Something unique about the game is the partner system obtained at the start of the game the player is accompanied by a partner that is completely A.I controlled unlike a pet the A.I levels up and has equipment. Alternatively, the player may choose human controlled partners and form a party of eight players
 The combat system in Grandia is all in real-time and mostly similar to the previous Grandia games in the series including the familiar Initiative Point (IP) Gauge, which is used for the game's Ultimate Action Battle System. The gauge, represented as a circle, contains icons representing each character in a player's party, as well as each enemy monster currently engaged. The icons move across the gauge to its end, which allows the player to accumulate combo points that can be saved to unleash powerful combination attacks along with other party members. Special combat abilities called Just Commands can be learned by continually using an equipped weapon, and occupy their own specific hot bar that can be quickly used during battle.As players defeat enemies, they gain experience points that go towards gaining levels, allowing a character to become stronger and face progressively more difficult opponents. The number of individuals in a player's party, as well as the use of computer partners and high-level differences between characters can all adversely affect experience gain
  Players can choose from the three major races in the Grandia world: The Humans, Coltas the bushy tailed race, and the Ralgas
  The background music for Grandia Online was written by the series veteran Noriyuki Iwadare he composed all the game music for the Grandia series and voices of the characters from various and famous voice dubbers and previous dubbers of the Grandia series like Kikuko Inoue who voiced Liete from the first Grandia an OST has already been released and sold with a special code which you can use to redeem in game items
What a lot of people don’t know is that the Grandia games are actuallymade by fans of the series who were so dedicated and decided to work for the company. It’s amazing the video game industry in Japan I wish I were part of that industry to actually do something you really like and enjoy so much
Though the game has been announced since 2006 and disappeared till recently 2009 the game has been under closed beta testing since then I’m really hoping that this would not be something for Japan only since all the Grandia games have been released on foreign shores and most consoles even the P.C I hope to play this one too someday and add it to my collection since you’ve never played all the Grandia games if you haven’t been able to play this one which is very frustrating XD
"The game should be available in Japan on open beta this spring 2010"
"Aki-The Adventurer"

One MMORPG from JAPAN you can play!!!!

Posted by akira_sato25 Thursday July 1 2010 at 7:10PM
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  I found a Japanese MMORPG you can play on the Malaysian servers it 100% English this game was suppose to arrive on my country 2 years ago but never did and arrived in Malaysia last year I’m planning to give it a try tomorrow so the whole weekend ill be playing this game
 "Pandora Saga" Published by GONZO ROSSO Its a fantasy MMORPG set in Medieval Europe, The game boasts about is action driven battle system and battle strategies supposedly ones used in ancient European wars.
The game plays factionaly similar to Fantasy Earth Zero you get to choose a faction from 3 nations when you reach level 20 so the game will focuses more on PVP and castle sieges
In total there are 6 races to choose from some of them are pretty uniqe the giants look intresting to bad theres no female hehehe.
Humans: The most common race, humans is the largest race in the world. Due to their high adaptability, humans can easily adapt to various jobs. Humans take great interest in nature and are the most loyal beings to their own nation.         
(Gender: Male and Female)
Elf: Elves, the guardian of the forest is well known for their gentle and kind hearted nature who lives in the forest. They have conflicts in idea with the Elves possess powerful magic and therefore characterized as a high intelligent race.
(Gender: Male and Female)
Dwarf: Dwarves are cave-dwellers who are famous for their mastery in forging weapons and They excel in building construction, metal processing, science and technology too. Dwarves pursue a career as the most famous blacksmith and therefore most of them live in the city where they can reveal their great talent on craftsmanship.
(Gender: Male only)
Myrine: Myrine known as a woman warrior clan who live in the plains as nomadic hunter gatherers. They move from one place to another rather than settling down. Myrine are an emotional race and they believe in the Moon and Hunting Goddess.
(Gender: Female only)
Enkidu: Enkido worships the Sun God as a sign of faith. They depend on farming for a living. Due to their hot tempered nature, they have made enemies towards other races except the Lapin. The Enkido provide their protection in exchange for the Lapin to farm for them.
(Gender: Male only)
Lapin: Lapin lives in caves at the hilly areas. They are naturally very timid but with strong curiosity and mischievous personality, they often go out to explore for new adventures. The Lapin tribe has significant similarity between male and female which makes other races unable to differentiate them.
"Each race has special advantages and skills that can be combined with the job class. There are only 4 job classes so its very traditional RPGish"
Warrior: Warriors are the strongest at close quarter combat. They are specialize in the sword and in melee fighting. They also have defenses that can take quite a lot of damage from attackers. They are the core in the battle.
Scout: Scouts are excellent archers and assassins. They focuses more on agility than strength and defense making them quick attackers and good range fighters.
Acolyte: Acolyte is an essential part of any party as it can keep a group alive for quite a long time with its healing and support spells. Acolytes are always in demand when it comes to forming a party.
Mage: Mages are spell casters which uses elemental magic to bring down its enemies. They can deal massive damage on multiple enemies in one single spell. They are not best for close range fighting but their spells keep them alive.
Sadly there isn’t much quests (about 20 listed)  but the few quests offer big rewards so its okay and since I’m going to be playing with friends grinding won`t be so boring
With so few MMORPGs coming from Japan and this actually being in English I’m giving this one a try so see you there :)
Here`s the link in case you get lost
"Aki online"
See you after 2 days