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Japans MMOs and some quick simple revies of MMOs from all over XD

My Mission is to find those great MMO games from japan that are soon to be available or never will be and talk about them and do some reviews on MMOs from all over the world bad or good I will not discriminate ;D

Author: akira_sato25

Lucent heart a zodiac based game in Japan (Best Rookie MMORPG)

Posted by akira_sato25 Thursday July 8 2010 at 8:38PM
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"Lucent Heart" another amazing MMORPG from Japan this game has been very successful there it even won the best rookie MMORPG and they have recently started there servers full time (meaning it’s not in the beta stage anymore) and launched this game in Taiwan also
 The game focuses on the Zodiac system think "Saint Seiya" or "Final Fantasy Tactics" and makes very well use of this unique feature which I will explain later on first i want to do the basics of the game and the job classes here are a list of available classes in the game each basic class can choose from two branches once they reach a certain level
Physical Attack:
Fightercan advance to either:
  • Gunner (ranged attacker)
  • Knight (melee attacker)
Knightcan advance to either:
  • Paladin (defensive melee attacker)
  • Templar Knight (offensive melee attacker)
Gunnercan advance to either:
  • Ranger (party supportive range attacker)
  • Sniper (offensive orientated range attacker)
Magical Attack:
Mage can advance to either:
  • Priest (supportive)
  • Magician (offensive)
Priestcan advance to either:
  • Prophet (enhanced buffing skills)
  • Bishop (enhanced healing skills)
Magiciancan advance to either:
  • Wizard (offensive orientated caster)
  • Sorcerer (party supportive caster)
 Other Basic features of the game are the "Pet System" which is common in almost every MMOPRG but this is more complex since the pets are all unique from each other in the sense that they level up and have different skills and evolve almost like a "Pokémon" another one is the "Mount System" which you can share with your partner another feature I will explain later on since this game is very complex.
 Okay now here is the unique feature of the game the "Zodiac System" or the Horoscope if you prefer you get to choose preferably your own "Constellation"  this affects you characters in many ways and also affects the game play , such as daily luck, the constellation story, individuality and emotion. The daily luck is more or less your astrology forecast for players. These, in turn, will affect the combat ability, relationship, crafting luck, element and item drop rate for the player.
Not only that, different constellation elements have different set of talent skills too.
Every horoscope has different types of ability boost and special skills, which match certain classes. An example is that Leo is able gain 60% more critical damage in return for 5% less critical chances. Some of the other skills include a skill that adds 20000 defense for 30 sec at the cost of 1% HP and MP per second. Of course, judging by the name, Leo should resemble a tanker kind of role, which means that these skills will match nicely with the player’s desired constellation.
Casting a spell on the enemy or hitting him with an element is also quite complicated if you cast a water spell on the enemy it will cause an element change casting fire on him will cause reduced damage while electricity will increase damage
 Another advance feature in the game is the "Cupid System" which you can see other players Zodiac and see if your compatible are not the (Japanese really are into this thing even blood type matching)
So meaning there is also a marriage system in the game and by looking at the screens it looks really well done with a ceremony and kissing XD
Having a partner also gives out unique skills and privileges such as being able to enter date dungeons and bonuses during party battles. The skills though still have to be unlocked by obtaining cupid points so expect to share a lot of time with your partner you can share a mount and hunt together all day roaming the lands XD
The graphics of the game look really good. Characters have expressions which are also affected by the day and zodiac there is also dancing and emotions you can do the game has almost everything even an auto loot system the even small map is done very well. This is definitely one game I want to play on an English server hope we get one soon
"Or if you can read and speak Japanese heres the link to register its free to play also for those who just don't care and wanna try it XD (no guide this tome :( )"

"See you after the weekends"




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