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Japans MMOs and some quick simple revies of MMOs from all over XD

My Mission is to find those great MMO games from japan that are soon to be available or never will be and talk about them and do some reviews on MMOs from all over the world bad or good I will not discriminate ;D

Author: akira_sato25

One MMORPG from JAPAN you can play!!!!

Posted by akira_sato25 Thursday July 1 2010 at 8:10PM
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  I found a Japanese MMORPG you can play on the Malaysian servers it 100% English this game was suppose to arrive on my country 2 years ago but never did and arrived in Malaysia last year I’m planning to give it a try tomorrow so the whole weekend ill be playing this game
 "Pandora Saga" Published by GONZO ROSSO Its a fantasy MMORPG set in Medieval Europe, The game boasts about is action driven battle system and battle strategies supposedly ones used in ancient European wars.
The game plays factionaly similar to Fantasy Earth Zero you get to choose a faction from 3 nations when you reach level 20 so the game will focuses more on PVP and castle sieges
In total there are 6 races to choose from some of them are pretty uniqe the giants look intresting to bad theres no female hehehe.
Humans: The most common race, humans is the largest race in the world. Due to their high adaptability, humans can easily adapt to various jobs. Humans take great interest in nature and are the most loyal beings to their own nation.         
(Gender: Male and Female)
Elf: Elves, the guardian of the forest is well known for their gentle and kind hearted nature who lives in the forest. They have conflicts in idea with the Elves possess powerful magic and therefore characterized as a high intelligent race.
(Gender: Male and Female)
Dwarf: Dwarves are cave-dwellers who are famous for their mastery in forging weapons and They excel in building construction, metal processing, science and technology too. Dwarves pursue a career as the most famous blacksmith and therefore most of them live in the city where they can reveal their great talent on craftsmanship.
(Gender: Male only)
Myrine: Myrine known as a woman warrior clan who live in the plains as nomadic hunter gatherers. They move from one place to another rather than settling down. Myrine are an emotional race and they believe in the Moon and Hunting Goddess.
(Gender: Female only)
Enkidu: Enkido worships the Sun God as a sign of faith. They depend on farming for a living. Due to their hot tempered nature, they have made enemies towards other races except the Lapin. The Enkido provide their protection in exchange for the Lapin to farm for them.
(Gender: Male only)
Lapin: Lapin lives in caves at the hilly areas. They are naturally very timid but with strong curiosity and mischievous personality, they often go out to explore for new adventures. The Lapin tribe has significant similarity between male and female which makes other races unable to differentiate them.
"Each race has special advantages and skills that can be combined with the job class. There are only 4 job classes so its very traditional RPGish"
Warrior: Warriors are the strongest at close quarter combat. They are specialize in the sword and in melee fighting. They also have defenses that can take quite a lot of damage from attackers. They are the core in the battle.
Scout: Scouts are excellent archers and assassins. They focuses more on agility than strength and defense making them quick attackers and good range fighters.
Acolyte: Acolyte is an essential part of any party as it can keep a group alive for quite a long time with its healing and support spells. Acolytes are always in demand when it comes to forming a party.
Mage: Mages are spell casters which uses elemental magic to bring down its enemies. They can deal massive damage on multiple enemies in one single spell. They are not best for close range fighting but their spells keep them alive.
Sadly there isn’t much quests (about 20 listed)  but the few quests offer big rewards so its okay and since I’m going to be playing with friends grinding won`t be so boring
With so few MMORPGs coming from Japan and this actually being in English I’m giving this one a try so see you there :)
Here`s the link in case you get lost
"Aki online"
See you after 2 days
Latella writes:

A mmo set in medieval europe? Hm, while i am kind of allergic to grind games, i may as well try this out, i am kind of curious about how such game plays out.

Most asian games´s story and world seems to always be placed in chinese/korean legends or novels, so they always have a distinct asian feeling to them.  It is not like  i have anything against the asian culture and feel, mind me, but after you tried enough mmo´s which kind of have the very same feeling and looks into them, you grow bored.

So, thanks for the info.

Thu Jul 01 2010 9:48PM Report
Latella writes:

I think my main problem with asian grind  mmorpg´s is that i am used to play offline rpg´s, where i can focus on a given game a couple weeks and get all the juice out of the main storyline and pretty much explore and see all that i wanted to.

Also, Phantasy Star Online, my first MMO ever,  spoiled me dead  with it´s interesting-yet-short-and-soloable storyline that allowed you to meet most of the quest npc´s and hidden storylines between 1 and 3 weeks from your character creation.

Afterwards  i played WoW ( still do ) and while it may have as many flaws as people claims it to have, it´s still a fact that is VERY lore rich and that offers you tons of short , easy to complete storylines from day 1, so that kind of spoiled me again.

But on asian mmo´s, if you want to make any progress on the real storyline past the tutorial, you usually have to grind your bum for months, before you can really access to the higher "elite" quests which are usually the ones related to the main story and your character.

That, and the fact i am not the kind of person that makes friends everywhere he goes ( I have kind of a semi high standard when it comes to the people i befriend, given a few past bad experiences ) makes it so that i end up playing kind of alone or just with a couple persons i met along the way, which bores me soon after.

Thu Jul 01 2010 10:32PM Report
Latella writes:

"Imagine if the A.I can trick you like a real person"

wow, i can´t imagine myself having to post in a game´s forum that a NPC ninjalooted my items and called me a noob.

It would make for a funny experience i guess.



Thu Jul 01 2010 10:56PM Report
MMOExposed writes: deleted Sun Jul 04 2010 12:17AM Report
cryhavocm writes:

The registration process is a little questionable.  Asks for nationality and passport info.  That's not the kind of information you pass out easily.  Be careful with this site.

Sun Jul 04 2010 8:59PM Report
Netbrat writes:

I was going to try this game however there is a very big problem with the registration. It wants your Country and then an ID number. US only has Social Security numbers and you should NEVER

Tue Jul 06 2010 8:17AM Report
Netbrat writes:

type them online. So guess I will not be playing this one.

Tue Jul 06 2010 8:17AM Report
Latella writes:

I tried the game and was not extremely happy with it. Then again i do not discourage anyone from trying it out since what does not work for me may work for you.

I just think the biggest issue is one you talked about, the lack of  real quests in the game, there´s a few but they aint either that funny or special, they work like some sort of tutorial for the game.

Also the main issue i had with this title is that there seems to be a really small "low level" community since it looks like the faithful community to this game is  already way higher level than what you can hope to be in a reasonable amount of time unless you work ur bum out with a party of friends.

I loved the music, however, and the medieval feel was quite well achieved.

The skill and learning system remembers me of the old rpg days so it may be very fun for some.

Tue Jul 06 2010 11:34PM Report writes:
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