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Japans MMOs and some quick simple revies of MMOs from all over XD

My Mission is to find those great MMO games from japan that are soon to be available or never will be and talk about them and do some reviews on MMOs from all over the world bad or good I will not discriminate ;D

Author: akira_sato25

Uncharted Waters Online Review

Posted by akira_sato25 Thursday September 2 2010 at 3:59PM
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"10years was definitely a good wait for this MMORPG I have been bouncing around several MMORPGs these past few years and being never satisfied most of the time I am glad this game lived up to what I expected it to be"
The game may sound simple sail the world, trade in goods, or travel and adventure fighting pirates or seek hidden treasures, well actually not really, since most of the MMORPGs story lines are all quite the same meaning defeat the great evil and become a hero of the kingdom. Well Uncharted Waters Online takes a different approach yes there is a main story but the story depends on the nation you chose so not every player gets the same storyline. Other things that impress me are the way the game executes itself and the details it puts with the features.
No more hack & slash tedious gameplay.
Be the first one to find uncovered ancient historic places and artifacts.
You can become a Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, or Pirate Drake
Yup! one of the main features I was looking for no more hack and slashing tedious gameplay AKA grinding while the game offers land based it isn't necessary the trade job class doesn't even have to fight the entire game if he choses to. I love the feature of exploration the entire world is your playground you get to find lost temples, not only locations but paintings, plants, animals even treasures new discoveries will increase your fame and is one way to make money in the game reporting your discovery's really gives you a sense of achievement.

More than 75 professions and more than 100 skills to master. It is not just becoming a strongest player in the server.
You can also change one profession to another anytime.
Get back to original gameplay of exploring new place, cooperating or fighting with other players.
Work hard to become a Maestro of certain skill.

Think the game only has 3 job classes at the start your wrong it isn't that basic there are 75 professions each with a unique task so simply put this game probably has the most jobs I have ever seen in an MMORPG and lots of PVP being a pirate and looting fellow players both on land and sea is really fun. and if your not into that kind of stuff you can become a painter, carpenter, chef, chemist, doctor phew!... there are so many choices and sell your services or wares


Buy or build your ships such as Hansa cog, Baltic galleon, Spanish carrack, Turkish galley, and English frigate.
Upgrade, enhance, modify, and decorate your ships with thousands of items.
Over a hundred actual ships to choose from you can purchase them all from around the world
There are hundreds of neutral cities to conquer to take advantage in economy and politics.
Investing lot of gold into the city is one way to increase you nations influence.
Or just fight with current possessing nation to conquer back a city.

If exploring is not enough you can help your nation RULE THE WORLD! conquering enemy nations ports and capture their cities

Buy an apartment in you city and decorate with furnitures and artworks that you like.
Invite your friends and guild members to chat and play together.
Find an unoccupied island and build your own farm to grow fruits and raise pigs.

One of the best concepts in the game having your own piece of property to call your own and raise farm animals. A great way to rest from all that adventuring


Economy system in Uncharted Waters Online is very similar to real life.
Trading goods, investment, relationship with politics are involved.
There is no fix profit. Economy will fluctuate time to time with supply and demand of of good.
Tax and customs are applied to the game. Reduce tax by conquering cities.
Hundreds of ways to earn money and thousands of silkroads and spice routes.
OTHER KEY FEATURESA lot more features are ready in the game such as academic contest, poker game and more.
Well UWO is one game from Japan that I am pleased was finally released and I'm definitely playing this for a long time to come they say the game has 3 years worth of gameplay well I'm sure ill be playing it longer than that for now my quest of searching for a game to satisfy my needs has arrived.
I hope to see you guys in the game and hope that on OBT I can get to reuse my character name "Aika"



Alliance Of Valiant Arms My Favorite Online FPS! and in Japan too!

Posted by akira_sato25 Wednesday September 1 2010 at 4:54PM
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Also known as AVA this game was exclusive to Korea, Taiwan, and Japan from 2008-2009 till it was released to NA servers though 1 year apart the game looks amazing with its visual upgrades it even supports Nvidias 3D Vision on max setting you need a high end PC to get it running, the NA servers have no IP restriction but be sure you have a decent internet connection because its heavy on the bandwidth


AVA is another game that I love to play especially when I'm tired of playing my regular games or looking for a break and a dose of fast pace action, the game is completely free to play there is an item mall but the need for it is minimal asides from unique guns that you can only purchase there the guns aren't over powering so its balanced, and besides an MMOFPS requires skill its not always in the gun

What I love from this game is the Modes it has lots of them from the traditional free-for-all, to the team deathmatch, there are a few modes that I have not seen in any other game like the tank escort there are also three character classes that level-up and gain skills each class is unique from each other.

here are the modes available in the game:

Annihilation - Or simply put team death-match


Transport - One team has to prevent the retrieval of a suitcase similar to capture the flag


Escort - this one is my favorite mode you have to push your tank to the opposing teams base before the time limit you get a total of 10+ min If you are able to push the tank to your enemies base minus the remaining time and that will be the amount left for the opposing team to get their tank to our base after the first round teams will switch from defender to attacker players may stop the tank using RPG while the other team may repair their tank



Demolition - Another common mode where the terrorist faction try to bomb an area and you have to stop them and defuse the bomb or vice-versa



there are three classes to choose from you can switch anytime during the game but will only take effect



The Snipers - Who prefer long range distant combat and can take out enemies from a fra with once or two shots, their skills primary involve increase accuracy with sniper rifles since a 100% centered cross hair do-sent hit all the time



The Rifle men - Who are suppose to play the heavy duty role their skills improve their primary armor, the rifle mans primary weapons include AK-47 and M-16s



Point man - Who plays as the light task their skills improve their speed, their primary weapons focus on light SMGS (Sub Machine Guns) like the P90 and Uzi




Another amazing feature in this game is the sound if you have a great sound system and speakers it can get pretty loud, and the language depends on your team, your player may be shouting in Russian, or sound like a British or American soldier. The player will also automatically respond depending on situations like when you take down an enemy or there is an incoming grenade


All in all AVA is one of those amazing free to play games that seems to have the value of a pay to play one, if your interested visit simply download the client register and play it's a great game even better when you play with your buddies. There is a prison break channel where you battle NPC with 3 of your buddies or random players online with set tasks like survive or escape a burning building with hordes of escaped prisoners wanting to kill you its a fun break if you find yourself yet again stressed by the game


Visit the main BLOG at with videos"


"Interested visit"


Captains Sea Log Entry No.2

Posted by akira_sato25 Monday August 30 2010 at 3:05PM
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The seas are calm but the tension of impending end to CBT lingers in the air
Ah! we will all be deleted but fear not I shall be made whole again EVEN BETTER!!!
   By the first week of September UWO will have its OBT so all players will be deleted tis kinda sad since I’ve quite gotten attached to my character and spent quite a lot of time with her. But from the old arises the new, I’ve been having lots of fun but recently slowing down due to the fact of impending doom.
 I think I’ve learned as much as I can about the game so latter on when OBT starts ill be full sails again and travel the whole world. A lot of things have not been implemented in the game one thing I look forward too is the PVP mode and port conquering where the nations will finally divided
I’m really excited and for you guys who think the game has lacking features don’t worry I’m sure we will have regular updates

10 things UWO has that other pirate MMORPGS don't

Posted by akira_sato25 Saturday August 28 2010 at 3:44PM
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1 Grinding is not an option: you don't have to focus on a combat class in fact you can have other players do it for you, hence creating a player mercenary system

2 Port Conquering: tho not yet implemented I am looking forward to it conquering other nations ports to improve your countries trade and economy.

3 Nations Alignment system: Wars will break out and traveling to a hostile nation players and NPC ships will be aggressive towards you

4 Exploration system: Gain exp simply by traveling and seeking out wildlife or discovering ruins of an ancient civilization

5 Realistic world map: Uses the map of the real world and visit real world destinations

6 Lots of real ships to choose from: Even more when the expansions come out a total of more than a hundred are available

7 Music composed by Yoko Kanno: One of the greatest music composers for Japanese RPG games

8 Thousands of quests: It is rumored to take atleast 3 years to finish them all and that's without the expansions

9 Historical reference: It makes use of real people from the time line of the voyage century

10 Real prizes: Netmarble gives away some really cool stuff no just in game items


Captains Sea Log Entry No.1

Posted by akira_sato25 Thursday August 26 2010 at 11:31AM
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"5 year wait and the game still looks better than most MMORPGS"

First day in UWO CBT I had a BLAST! ^_^probably one of the most unique MMORPG I have played and probably one of the most realistically hard one but that ain't a bad thing either!

Character creation was pretty fun lots of character models to choose from, from a fat man to a small child but facial customization is limited to only 3 faces not much to complain about. since appearances can later be altered with the use of items.



"A 5yr old captain?!!? a real Captain Kidd"

My first character was a battle type "Akira" well in terms of game-play the game is realistically brutal, I felt like a country bumpkin out on the first day of the big city when I finished the 2Hrs schooling process and learned the basics I decided to adventure a bit further out into sea. Well that was a big mistake I was attacked by a pirate and well like real life they took everything I had even my equipment :(

"The waters may be calm but the Pirates Sure ain't"

Well they left me with 1K Gold and my ship but that was like having a dime and being completely naked running out of money in this game is as good as game over!. So you better play it out right money is easy to gain as it is easy to lose too so use the banks since you gain interest if you keep money on the banks

"I chose Spain the greatest empire during those times for my second character too"

Well that dint put me down I decided well If you fail once the second time ill make it so I decided to make a new character named her "Aika" yup! just after me this time Ill get it right! a new class this time "Adventurer"

Well things seem to go smoother now and so i am going to stick with "Aika" adventuring is fun searching the seas for treasures. New towns and searching for diff kinds of wildlife and reporting to your town official of your discoveries. That's how adventurers make money you can olso make money by taking on guild quests. since there are 3 types of guilds same as classes merchant, adventure and battle each missions also differ.So want to try something new just change classes of make a new charter

Zero grinding you don't have to stare at the monitor slashing a monster the game puts you on the move always there are no stats your Job level is the only thing that you need to level up and also your skills but combat is not the only way to increase them. traveling, and trading even fishing levels your character up. If you try the game and think the tutorial is too long and boring well after that the game becomes one big steady to fast pace adventure I haven't felt bored or anything as much I just want to go dive in back and play more!

Keep in touch I will post more log entries on "Captain Aika's Adventures!" but now I need to PLAY MORE!!!

What To Expect?

Posted by akira_sato25 Tuesday August 24 2010 at 5:51AM
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Uncharted Waters Online will start CBT in less than 1 day I already downloaded that HUGE! client and installed it in my P.C though not much is know about the game only those few brave enough and have the knowledge and capabilities to enter the Japan/Korea Servers are probably the only experienced players outside the region. I have been looking all over the place for guides and wikis and the only information I can get is from the main website and even youtube videos are unclear and uninformative. So if any of you out there know about any wikis and guides please send me a link.

Well here are a list of stuff im expecting on CBT

CBT: the Net Marble team sure has a funny way of describing CBT because as soon as the servers are up anybody can just jump in the game and play so its more like OBT but no complaints from me I love it ^_^

3 Classes of Ship Adventure, Battle, And Trade: and 63 ships per class 189 total ships you can customize your ships appearance and feel and that's just the first release don't believe me check it out here:

You can also check them out here:
Adventure Type:

Trade Type:

Battle Type:

Adventuring: One of the Biggest reasons I want to play! you start out with a totally undiscovered map similar to fog of war. you sail in search of new land braving random weathers from topical storms to calm seas, but not only that your crew may suffer scurvy, black plague, even home sickness take care of your crew or you will have an actual mutiny on your ship as if pirates weren't a problem enough.

While discovering uncharted lands you may dig and discover treasures buying maps may help out. but its not only treasures your looking for undiscovered ruin's also even herbs and plants be a geologist a hunter, a ruins explorer, a spice trader

Class types: There are three basic class types Adventure, Trade and Battle with 24 job classes each never seen before in other games like Excavators, Helms persons Salvager, Surgeon, Filibuster, Bounty hunter, Patisserie, Tailor each with unique skills and benefits and roles to play in the game

You can also check them out here:
Adventure Type:

Trade Type:

Battle Type:

The cities do try to look as much as possible similar to the cities back then not just random similar looking buildings bunched together London really looks cloudy and gloomy, Venice canals are present even the sandy city of Istanbul looks magnificent its not just about looks but what you can do in the cities and what facilities are available like the guild office, the company, craft shops and may more check them all out here:

you can check the video guide and take a short tour of the cities in the game here:

"The WHOLE WORLD! is there fore you to explore or conquer"

Players of every nation may choose to conquer ports of other nations in massive battles there are almost 100 ports to conquer to improve your nations trade and economy

"My only disappointment is Japan during this era is a closed country"

With only a few days to till CBT im looking for as much information about the game so if you have any share it with me. Hope to see you guys soon in game

"See you Tomorrow in UWO!"


Initial-D and Tokyo Drifting FUN!!!

Posted by akira_sato25 Monday August 23 2010 at 2:18AM
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Well one place I love going to is the arcades every mall here has one sometimes even two or three. The Games I love to play are King Of Fighters I love to make peoples jaw drop when I kick their butt with my all girls team of Athena, Mary, and King since my all time favorite in the series is KOF 2003 and KOF 98. I also love spending time on Initial-D 4th and 5th stage. I probably spent countless amounts of money racing and getting licenses its all fun but be prepared to spend since that's what arcades are suppose to do you spend money after each racing match. Well that kinda turned me off, well you may call it a penny muncher place but believe me the amount I spent could probably buy me a new car literally.


Last year a game called CTRacer was released when im tired of the usual MMORPG grinding and guild politics I relax and race along the streets or go race downhill battles similar to Initial-D. This game relaxes me and even better its not a penny muncher the game is totally free to download and play. Now mid last year I stopped playing the game due to lack of any major updates and hacks also news of the pending Need For Speed Online caught my attention. So I decided to wait but just recently they decided to update the game and it seems the the update will be one big massive update from new licensed vehicles to engine parts, maps, even security updated to finally kick those evil hackers out and give us players a fair chance to enjoy the game

"A few of the cars in the game from different classes almost 50 are available"

There are many race types like, downhill (similar to Initial-D) Regular street racing, and circuit racing there's even a quest mode and license mode to unlock higher level cars from class C to S similar to Gran Tourismo also parts like engines, shocks, neons, and a lot more and if your tired of racing you can play the cop chase mode or "road runner" as known in-game and ram the speeding law breakers out of the streets.

"Race down famous downhill tracks found only in Japan"

The maps do give you the Initial-D feel I have a copy of the one and only Initial-D released game on the P.C and from what I can say this game feels more Initial-D then the actual Initial-D game (LOL! it was a bad game)

"race down japans mountain side Irohasaka"

One of the major strong points of the game was there were several events the GameMasters love to interact with the players giving contests and major prizes as much as 10,000 USD worth of items, merchandise even cash prizes were given away in the global CTracer tournament and even tho lack of any major updated the game was still enjoyable due to the online community and active GameMasters

"Lots of parts to change to increase performance"
" Customize your plain ride with paint decals and other stuff like neons"

So if you feel that your tired of the usual grinding and politics take a break enjoy yourself on one of my favorite online racing game. Ill be making a new account some time soon. So think you can beat me? I DON'T THINK SO!
"Link To CTRacers Official Global Website"

"Aki the speedy"

Open Waters: Getting ready for the great sea voyage!

Posted by akira_sato25 Wednesday August 18 2010 at 9:40PM
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  Hi! Guys great news coming this Aug. 25 its seem that Uncharted Waters global will be having their first CBT which is funny since its more of an open beta test since all players may download the game and play this was posted on their official website yesterday.
Greetings! Uncharted Waters Online Fans!

The world of Uncharted Waters Online is here for you to discover.
Official Website became live to Global Players.
Thrilling news, events and updates about Uncharted Waters will be posted soon!

For more information, please visit our Uncharted Waters Online Website at this link:

This coming August 25, 2010 at 3:00 PM [GMT +9], Uncharted Waters Online will have its CBT.
CBT is open to everyone, meaning no CBT Keys Needed! Get ready to feel the excitement of first time adventure of Uncharted Waters!

What are you waiting for?
Explore the journey of adventure, Battle against pirates and Conquer continents to make History!

Explore, Battle and Conquer To Make History!
UWO Team
  Since Uncharted Waters is one of my most anticipated and earliest MMORPG release this year ill be playing it on the 25th. It has been one of the most exclusive games in Korea and Japan for the past 5yrs. and lots of players have given up waiting for a global release and jumped into the Korea and Japan servers. Well the wait is finally over and the chance to play with everybody across the whole world except for the countries with the already released game Japan, China and Taiwan, Korea
For more information about the game like system requirement and features you may visit the official website
They are also holding web contests now for prizes and cash points to be spent in game I suggest registering now like I did and try to win some points since this game is going to be huge you’ll need the advantage ;)
I will be playing either Portugal or Spain :) so hope to see you guys soon in the game
OH! and the game client will be available for download in advance on Aug 20 so get it while its still HOT!
Have Fun ALWAYS!
Aki - The Privateer

Lost in Uncharted Waters ' c '

Posted by akira_sato25 Friday August 13 2010 at 12:12AM
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  Next week finally a release date will be announced for one of my most anticipated MMORPGs this year Uncharted Waters Online I hope to be able to get a beta-key if there is any available to give away >.<" since they have been giving bonus cash points in their FaceBook page with their trivia games and quizzes. Sadly the questions were to hard for me and I dint try em out scared to give a wrong answer


 But this game is a definite try lots of information about the game can be seen in their FaceBook page since this game will be released now on the English servers i never tried the Japan and Korean servers since it would be pointless for me, I don't speak and read those languages. The community will be international and all players will be coming from all over the world except for the regions already mentioned.

I hope to see you guys there and explore the vast new world with me .



Below I included their FaceBook Page Link:!/OfficialUnchartedWaters?ref=ts

I hope to see you there and have FUN :D


The Ultimate Monster MMORPG From Japan

Posted by akira_sato25 Saturday July 17 2010 at 8:51PM
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  Hello im back! And just like the servers of Japans "Monster Rancher Online" which shut down last October 2008 they returned to bring back an even better game just this January 2010. Introducing"Monster Farm Lagoon Online" with new avatar features and better graphics and of course new monsters. Sadly I wasn't able to get ahead of the IP block that they recently implemented :(
  I was such a fan of this game when It was first released on the Playstation I probably stuck a gazillion discs inside just to find out what kind of monsters are hiding in my discs. The online game seems to have this feature also which is great and from the looks of it the monster trainer is going to be part of fights. One element of monster rancher that I really hated was the short lifespan of the pets it seem that this will be eliminated in the online version too *sigh* such a great game by the looks of it but sadly only in Japan. The monster rancher servers have been up since quite some time why don’t we get any of them heck we get the Playstation versions :( *sigh*

Sadly I can no longer do daily updates but ill still be doing them I want to focus more time on gameing since I recently started Pandora Saga on the Malaysian servers my characters name is “Aliciah” if your interested check out the old entries see you there it’s a grindfest but people are nice and the population is low and peaceful



"Aki of the Kingdom Faction"