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GA's Guide to UWO

Hello! I'm Aika a GA for Uncharted Waters Online, A GA is an ordinary player who was chosen my the GMs to help out players. I the very fun but somewhat complicated game "Uncharted Waters Online"

Author: aika_sato

Guide to a Spanish Trader

Posted by aika_sato Thursday March 24 2011 at 11:19PM
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So you want to play UWO here is a guide to help you begin your adventures as a trader. its very important to have money early in this game so you can spend it later if your doing adventuring you wont be spending much but doing battle can be very costly. a typical Spanish trader can make his own cannons and armor so its very ideal to start as a trader.


A path to Money Trader

as explained in the current Spanish situation in the world, we have advantages for cannon casting, firearm and gold trading.

Political merchant favors all those skills (precious metal trading, casting firearm trading) but doesn't favor account and the lvl requirement is high. So, at this step we will aim for money trader class that favors metal trading and casting which is enough for us to start making gold bars in Habana.

This is just one way of playing UWO but let's say you are out of newbies Spanish once you are a money trader and can cast gold dusts into bars with reasonable firearm trading to bring firearms to carib.

Milestone goals 

- Casting R12+1
- handcrafting R5
- metal trading rank 4+5
- firearm trading R6+3
- wares trading R5
- mineral trading R6+3
- luxury trading R5
- account R6+4
- sociability R5+3
- frugality R6
- caution R6

optional (helps increase profits while training core skills)
- weapon trading R3
- craft trading R3
- Spice trading
- alcohol trading R4
Now lets break them down to 10 steps.

1. Aim for 10/7/7

10/7/7 is the requirement for dhow. fastest ship until you get yourself a Sambuk (16/22/16) You will be doing a lot of schooling. Schooling is mostly about sailing, so save your time with ship.

2. Graduate adv school

with dhow, you can easily graduate adv school so finish with it. you probably should get yourself adv lv16 galley for better trading after this. I personally think geography/recognition path is easiest. (tho it gives less long term benefits.)

3. Aim for merchant lvl of 16 (graduate merchant school)

dhow and galley should help you with most of merchant schooling.

this lvl is for a transport galley. Very nice ship for short distance trading until you move onto Arabian galley. (need to learn rowing)

keywords: dhow (10/7/7)

===4. aim for lv 22 merchant as you rank up casting/mineral/wares on mineral trader class in Oslo, Plymouth, Amsterdam, Hamburg.===

Here we start moving toward the goal. this stage is kind of hard until you get to casting R5. Your casting should be around R10 by the time you get to lv22.

Get yourself an aide too.

keywords: casting+1 hammer, mineral+2 earrings

5. Graduate maritime school and continue MT until lv19

Continue with maritime until lv19. You should be able to get permits to India if you do storyline.

keywords: transport carrack(5/17/5) nice PC made cannons, mining laying

learn about maritime

6. Chandler on Arabian galley around Barcelona until casting R12

Now, you should meet the requirements for the Arabian galley. awesome awesome ship for any purpose. You will love it so much. (its kind of hard to buy from the PC market. you might have to camp in Hormuz)

Become chandler and work on trading skills (especially firearm) and brash up ur casting to R12 here. (probably be lv28 merchant lvl too)

if you get to rank12 before you get to lvl.

you can optionally go India to learn spice trading before you start this step if spice is something you want for good.

The key item: firearm+2 earring (4m Hormuz), Arabian galley

7. Merchant lv28 then become money trader.

first become accountant to learn metal trading and luxury trading(if you haven't learned) Buy metal trading+2 boosts.

you get the quest with metal trading R5 requirement in Santo Domingo to get the card money trader. (maybe keep it)

keywords: gold armor, gold earring (from Zanzibar)

8. Handcraft rank5

this step should be really easy if you have come so far.

9. Optional step: get gem trading.

if you have some to help u get the quest in India. Having gem trading help you loading agates to protects markets for selling golds better. done! just become a money trader and keep casting gold from dusts in Carib to sell in EU. Oh, don't forget to invest 1m to unlock the recipe at craftsman in Habana.

keywords: big transport carrack

in my opinion, you don't need Xebec for Caribbean trading (combination of trading galleon and Arabian galley will do it better.)

Join our Spanish gold casting union to share information about ports to sell gold bars!

Bon voyage!