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Final Fantasy VIII

I just wanted to get some opinions on the idea i had for an mmorpg based around the final fantasy VIII game. Basically you would start off as you would in ff8 trying to qualify for SEED if you fail you become one of seifers crew or the Galbadian Army.

Author: adeptinwar

Final Fantasy VIII mmo

Posted by adeptinwar Tuesday April 22 2008 at 6:45PM
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    So i was thinking about Final Fantasy 8 recently i know what your all thinking..... Final Fantasy 8 that was the worst one..... But i think it was one of those you either love it or hate it type games i personally loved it. I also think it could be a very cool mmorpg, I figured i would just put some ideas about how i envisioned this game.

    For starters i think it could start of exactly how it started in the game obviously not visually but the whole SEED test qualifications ect... Basically when you are creating your character you just pick the class you want to be. The side your fighting for is determined by the initial seed test, you pass you're one of the good guys you fail you join the Galbadian Army or (Seifer's side). Depending on how good/bad you do on the test will give you a rank and salary. I haven't really thought about how the whole salary/rank system works but i think it has potential to do more than having rank just determine salary. There might be a way to even have a third option by just totally abandoning the test and becoming basically a shady black market type character where you can work for bad or good and your not dedicated to either side an opportunist type.

    I think this game would have a lot of features that it could be built upon and defined by. Plus i would love for it to be made on the new graphic engines i only gave a few ideas but any feedback would be good.


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