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Abydos Online

Abydos Online is an open ended, single world fantasy MMO with dynamic environments. It is built upon the open source NextGen MMO architecture which aims to create scalable single world MMO's.

Author: abydosonline

Abydos Web Comic

Posted by abydosonline Wednesday May 16 2012 at 4:49AM
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Hello everyone, the Abydos Team is happy to announce the launch of the Abydos web comic. It will explain the creation of several races on Abydos as well as the story of the ancient gods.

The web comic will be released once per week and can be found here:

We will have other exciting new updates so make sure to check out our site!


Posted by abydosonline Tuesday March 13 2012 at 7:55PM
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Christian Flodihn from the Abydos Online team was interviewed by the Erlang blogger Paulo D'Incau, you can read the interview here:

Games Ireland Gathering and Startup Summit Event

Posted by abydosonline Thursday February 23 2012 at 5:58PM
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Christian and John from Abydos Online team attended to

Games Ireland Gathering and start up summit events together

with Chris from

We listened to some interesting talks, handed out some

T-shirts and leaflets about Abydos Online explaining our

main strategy for 2012.


Abydos Game Engine progress:

The programming team is nearly done with the requirement

phase of the engine, meaning we gathered use cases and

requirements enough for our first version of the engine.

Next, we are moving into the design phase, where we will

work out how the engine will work.



Abysos Web Comic progress:

The script for two issues are done and the writing team are

progressing on the following issues. Our artists have begun

producing the panels according to the scripts.


Business Plan:

The business plan are still in early development, the products

are well described and work has begun to draft out the

marketing section.

2012 - New Strategy

Posted by abydosonline Tuesday February 14 2012 at 3:52PM
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2012 - New Strategy

In the end of last year, we had a meeting with some people in Ireland's game industry, the reality is that our time to market is way to long for us to attract any interest in our project. The road to develop our MMO, Abydos Online is very long and on its way we do invent some amazing technology. Our new strategy is to package this technology into separate products and sell them while maintaining our end goal of releasing Abydos Online in the year of 2014.

Abydos Game Engine

Our Abydos Game Engine will steer developers using best practices common in software engineering, resulting in games that are fast to develop, robust, easy to debug, modify, port and extend. We plan to release the first version of our engine under the code name "revelation" in May.

Abydos Web Comic

Our writing team are busy shaping the world of Abydos Online. To introduce this world to the public before the game is released, we decided to make a web comic with initially3 issues. Each issue will be released on a month basis during March, April and May.

Our artists has not been idle, we finished our last illustrations for out intro and are moving forward with concept art for our first area in the world of Abydos.

Epic Online Entertainment - Website Update

Posted by abydosonline Monday October 3 2011 at 9:37AM
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Added the Abydos Online leaflet under the Investor Information tab, also update the contact information.
Please visit:

September - Development Update

Posted by abydosonline Sunday September 25 2011 at 6:03PM
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We have been working for two weeks since our last updates. The terrain is under development by Christian and Greg, here are some screen shots of a small program developed to test the algorithms being used:

Scott and Abi has been working on the client, we have a new input and animation system in place. Our new GUI is one step into the right direction, we still got a bit work left on that but here is a screen shot:

Cody has been working on some basic concept art, here is some of the work:

Alpha Release 0.1.2

Posted by abydosonline Saturday September 10 2011 at 5:07AM
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Alpha Release 1.2 in Development

Release date: Unknown (But hopefully within a few weeks).


The goal of this release, is primary to get out terrain system in place, since it will be one of the main features of the game, many other systems will depend on the terrain system, for example growing trees and plants, claiming territory, building houses and cities. In the beginning, alpha testers will be able to change the terrain in a pretty uncontrolled manner, this will be more restricted in the future (for example require you to have a shovel to dig, or pickaxe to hack at rock etc).

One very boring thing about our current stage, is that you can not see other players running around in the world, so we decided that we have to add this feature to get the multiplayer feeling into the game.

We were also pretty tired of the user interface, so we decided to make our own.


Bug fixes:

Control C ends the game -

Limit FPS -



Player model -

Terrain system -


Join our game mechanics discussion

Posted by abydosonline Saturday July 9 2011 at 12:29AM
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We had our alpha version out for some time, while doing a range of small bug fixes and minor features, we are now starting to discuss major game play mechanics to implement, join our conversion at Get Satisfaction or our forums, we need your ideas and your feedback:

Abydos Online - Alpha release

Posted by abydosonline Wednesday June 15 2011 at 8:56PM
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Abydos Online is happy to announce that we begun the first year of alpha testing.

Currently we 29 alpha testers that will hopefully provide us with lots of feedback, during the weeks to follow, our goal is to recruit up to 100 testers.

Anyone is however welcome to provide feedback and ideas of features to implement, to do this, visit our Get Satisfaction page:


A short summary of what game Abydos Online is:

I do not really like to compare different games to each other, but Abydos Online a mix of ArchAge and EVE Online, which means a fantasy sandbox game with theme park elements, letting people play in one single world.

Unlike many games on the market, Abydos Online is creating a unique fantasy world with creatures never seen before, in a universe very different from our own.

You can read more at our website:


Here are some screen shots:

First steps towards our alpha release (May 2011)

Posted by abydosonline Monday February 21 2011 at 6:10PM
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It is busy times for all of us, we are taking small steps towards our alpha release planned in late May this year.

The servers have been up and running for a couple of years now with basic functionality. Due to a recent change in how game objects work most of the server logic is being reimplemented.

The client development is progressing but it is clear that we need more brains on the task, we are currently working on implementing a proper movement system so you can actually walk around once you have logged in.

Our art and writer teams are very active at the momment, pumping out concept art, 3D models, setting the background story and refining our lore.


You can visit our website at