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Aventurine relates to Hardcore Gamers (like no other devs)

Darkfall is godsent for Hardcore Gamers. I am tired of people misunderstanding Darkfall and Aventurine. I have written a good post and I think it will be a good blog post. I want everyone to read. My blog is still general since it relates to the genre.

Author: ZtyX

Aventurine/Darkfall Relates to Hardcore Gamers (like no other) !

Posted by ZtyX Sunday September 14 2008 at 4:32AM
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Aventurine's / Darkfall's love for hardcore gamers.

Aventurine relates to hardcore gamers like no other MMORPG development company in the world.

"We're partners with the ESWC and we've been promoting e-sports and hosting events in Greece for a few years." - September 13 news.

[SIZE="1"]"The Darkfall AI resembles Quake bots in the Darkfall context of course. They are not the stupid predictable AI you meet in most MMOs, waiting around to meet their fate" - Journal #21

"You can’t see your character’s face in Quake unless there’s a mirror surface or your character gets killed. In Darkfall you can see it when on a mount, or on a ship, or when you’re on your back incapacitated." - Darkfall Journal #23

"Kjetil likes to describe the largest ship we have as being "as large as a Quake level."" - Journal #2

"No they can crouch though. Before someone feels this might be some pvp limitation, I’ll remind them that you can’t go prone in Counterstrike or Quake. " - Community Q & A

Our conquest and city building has been fully implemented, and we were talking earlier with Kjetil and Claus about some of the RTS-like elements of Darkfall, the types of buildings you can build and what they mean in terms of different types of bonuses for the clan. - Journal #4


That Darkfall resembles Quake is something we have heard often. Darkfall has modified Quake AI/bots and Darkfall ships play like a Quake level. Darkfall is highly inspired by competitive games like Quake and Counter-Strike. It's even been compared with RTS games due to its complexity in city building.

The first quotation; "We're partners with the ESWC and we've been promoting e-sports and hosting events in Greece for a few years." is perhaps the most interesting. It brings things into perspective, doesn't it? I think it tells us something about Aventurine and what kind of developers they are.
I have never heard of MMORPG developers who were this interested in competitive gaming that they would actually volunteer to work on projects like this while developing their important mmo-life-project.

- May I remind you all how important Darkfall is to them? We've often heard about how hard they work over there in Athens. Yes, all mmo developers hard. But, these guys are almost fanatics. They almost don't take holidays and they work what we consider overtime in their regular schedule. I find this very inspiring and I appreciate it.
Darkfall does it right and they have the right philosophy about launching feature-complete, thus the long development time. They were ready to launch in 2002, but they knew they could do a lot better. And this is the line Aventurine follows. No compromise.

I hope you are all seeing who these developers really are. I don't know if you relate to it the same way I do, but I am so happy.

Mmos have lacked the gritty, rough and ruthless world that was introduced by Ultima Online - then stomped on by Everquest and spit on by World of Warcraft. A world which doesn't exist in any new 3D-mmorpg.

Anarchy and the pioneer dream of a huge freedom mmorpg has to exist somewhere among new mmorpgs too! Hardcore gamers want no more cookie-cutting grinding and b.s carebearing.

- We deserve it. Don't we? Who is the most loyal fanbase? Is it the carebear newbie and his 9 carebear friends that play for 1 month (preferably 14-day trial) or it is the loyal veteran hardcore gamer that plays for 4 years and then quits because management wants bigger subscriber base and attracts carebears that quit and then loses the game and all that potential on the floor? Who then becomes the furious fanbase, why has SOE lost marketshare? Because SOE and LucasArts saw potential dollars and pissed on the players that took the game seriously. Bad marketing decision.

Mmos have also lacked the captivating moment to moment gameplay presented in games like Quake and Counter-Strike. Developers have dwelled on the boring Everquest model in their quest to prolong the lifetime of their game. It's like doing it with a game for 2 years, but never cummin'. There is no climax. Or the climax comes every 2 days or in worst cases (Runescape, Lineage, WoW and a thousand more) every week when you gain a level or complete the raid you been waiting to do for 1 week, and tried to complete for 2 months.

Aventurine has from the start had a vision. They wanted to make this world where hardcore gamers can kill each other and loot each other any time they want to. You can, essentially, loot and kill someone anytime anywhere in a game like Battlefield, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike and Quake.
But, the whole FPS experience is "bang-slam-kill-killed-round over-new server" gone and away in 2 minutes. That's the beauty and success of Battlefield or the popularity of "camping". You sneak around and you try to kill your enemies slowly. You try everything you can to stay alive and to make the game last longer because it is so much fun.
This is all in our instincts as male beings. We want to hunt and kill. We laugh or we die. This is who we are. And it ROCKS!

That is the beauty of Darkfall. Darkfall maintains core MMORPG elements and cuts away big chunks of the Everquest model. It incorporates what has made Competitive E-Gaming popular. Darkfall respects the Veteran and Hardcore gamers and will provide a game to those whom it was stolen from by carebears and stupid marketing people!

Darkfall respects Ultima Online and it respects that we want to sneak up on each other and kill each other. We want others to die and we want it to last more than 3 minutes. We don't want the round to end. We are builders as much as we are hunters. Aventurine understand what the human species is about. We want to build, we want to bond and socialize, we want to kill. And we don't want stupid, lucrative Everquest model freaks to make money on us, while making us all addicted to games we basically don't even like.

I admire Aventurine going their way and against the stream. Significant things are rarely achieved by conservatives. We would still be in Stone-Age if we all listened to our parents (Everquest) or looked at our neighbour (WoW).

After establishing all this, I doubt it's neccesary to provide an explanation for why Darkfall will have a future. Darkfall will be passionately loved by some and passionately hated or misunderstood by others. That is the nature of the beast and I wouldn't want it any other way.

ZtyX Roman
- Enthusiast MMORPG - Gamer


Darkfall is an MMORPG, and those types of games have never been associated very much with the same degree of playerskill that the RTS- or FPS genres have.
RTS games require faboulously quick "micro" skills - to be able to press buttons and click faster, moving your troops correctly, faster than your enemy.
FPS games require good communication skills and faboulous twitch/aim.
Something the highly popular games Counter-Strike, Quake and Call of Duty have done very well.

This however has never really happened in the mmorpg world. The closest we've ever come to competitive gaming was when World of Warcraft started to make tournaments. Or when champions of good and bad faction fought each other with their newly attained equipment and rare buffs on the PVP battlefield - to prove to each other that the other was more noob.

RPG elements have long been incorporated into FPS games and with great success. Call of Duty 4 and the Battlefield series are agood examples of this. The same progress has happened in the MMORPG camp. We're seeing several MMO-FPS games coming out. Tabula Rasa, Huxley, SWG-NGE changes.