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Pay Or Play: A Discussion of Tyria

This blog is, in a sense, my views and two cents on developments concerning the upcoming NCSoft / ArenaNet MMO "Guild Wars 2". In the coming weeks, I will be re-launching my blog in order to have better focus.

Author: Zillen

'Pay Or Play' - Discussing the revolutionary MMOs of today

Posted by Zillen Thursday September 29 2011 at 12:11AM
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'Pay Or Play' Chapter 1:


The Alpha chapter for this discussion of all things MMO, and the latest advancements in the Massively Multiplayer world...

My name's Zillen. How do you do?

Above: This is Zillen, the Friendly Death Knight

EDIT: This blog is a part of my previous attempt to launch a blog. I will be re-attemtpting soon, with a focus on my particular favourite out of the upcoming MMOs of 2011/2012. So please stay tuned.

Hello, fellow gamers of the Internet kind. My name is Zillen, and this is a new experiment of mine: a blog. And before I begin, thank you in advance for just pausing to read this.

As you can see from the obesely huge title up the top (that got your attention, didn't it?) this is "Pay Or Play", where during the course of week, every week, I will type up my comments, opinions and the latest news on the MMOs of today. Now, you're probably thinking:

"But Zillen? Why do we give a f$#% about you? We already have to put up with all the other writing on just to get our gaming fix. What makes you different?"

Well, the answer/s, in that order is, you don't and a couple of things. This blog could crash and burn straight off the bat. After all, the world isn't fair, and comments can be harsh. The world of online blogging is a tough place.

But all I'm going to do on this particular blog is state my views the way they are. I'm not going to try and copy other, much more popular people than me word for word. I'm not going to copy and paste my whole weekly tirade from a news site and try and hook readers with plagiarism. This is just about me, an MMO fan, talking about MMO's. You'll either like it, or not. I don't mind. It won't keep me up at night.

But away from my incredibly boring disclaimer. This introductory post is designed to inform anybody who reads this as to what I will actually be discussing here over the course of my blog.

Above: Three well-known, big-budget MMO's will be my first focus here

Over the first couple of weeks of this blog, my spotlight will be on three well-known, blockbuster MMO's currently in the Western World. One has been out for over six years, and is widely recognised throughout the entire gaming culture. The other two have yet to be released, yet the hype and (for one) pre-order sales they are generating have put them prominently on the industry map.

Having played World of Warcraft for several years (and unsubscribed nearly a month ago), it will be the first game that I will muse over in the coming weeks. My first "real" post will consist of my take on WoW's success over the years - why it did so well, how Blizzard has managed the game over time, and my personal feelings towards the game today. It will adress such issues as WoW Cloning, the changes brought by Cataclysm, and the reasons that I lost my way over the years.

Subsequent additions to the blog will therefore take on a relevant topic; are the latest and greatest MMO's going to break out of the "WoW Mould"? What new features do they bring? What am I looking forward to, and vice versa?

So many questions and topics to be discussed. Once again, and I stress that, thank you for taking the time to read this blog, and I hope to have you back for the next chapter of "Pay Or Play", coming soon to

Written by Zillen

4:37 GMT / UTC, 29 September 2011




News of the Online World

(Note: this section of the blog will contain a brief overview and links to the most prominent news concerning the game's that I am covering at this time. Some of this news may be a few days old; I just note down the top stories of the week.)


World of Warcraft (Blizzard)


1. Public Test Realms For Patch 4.3 Now Live

Blizzard Dev Zarhym announces the live status of Public Test Realms for the upcoming Patch 4.3...

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2. 'Ghostcrawler' Explains 4.3 Balance Changes

WoW's Lead System Designer Ghostcrawler takes the stage and informs players of upcoming balance changes.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic (Bioware)


1. SWTOR Launch Date Announced!

Bioware gives fans their dream with the announcement of a December release date.

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2. Bioware Developers On Companion Characters: Concept and Design

The SWTOR Devs go over the process of bringing their signature companions to life.

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Guild Wars 2 (ArenaNet)


1. Guild Wars 2 spotlighted by digital art magazine

Digital art website ImagineFX takes a look at the "innovative work" of ArenaNet

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