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Striving to make people wonder about the games they're playing

Author: Zhyox

SWTOR: Release Date

Posted by Zhyox Monday June 22 2009 at 6:24PM
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  Star Wars: The Old Republic, The new Star Wars MMORPG, currently stared at by PC Gamers and Star Wars fans with anxiety on their faces, wondering, WHEN THE HELL IS IT COMING OUT?

With hardly any news of the game out right now, anxious gamers hunt though the website and forums and only find little to no information and countless rumors of everything from the unknown classes to the release date.

Least we know somethings,like it's a game and it's about Star Wars(xD). But on a serious note, there's been alot of speculation about the release date.Some say Winter 09, others say sometime in 2010 and some say 2011 or later. Now i don't know about you guys but 2011 seems like too long of a wait for me, and Winter 09 would be wonderful.I just think that the poeple going around the forums saying it's impossible for a 09 release should atleast try to cooperate with the ones that do .There's no way for them to know if it's coming out tomorrow or in 3000 its up to the companies in charge (LA/EA/BW).


Just my two cents ^^.

Next Gen MMOs

Posted by Zhyox Sunday June 21 2009 at 9:14PM
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With the Release of Aion drawing ever closer I wonder if it'll be successful.With other next Gen titles such as Star Wars: The Old Republic , DC Universe and The new FF mmo.

So will any of these become the "WoW Killer"? maybe, maybe not. But "WoW killer" or not I hope they're good.Warhammer online "WAR" is going strong with half a million subscribers, soon to be 500,001 (I'm getting my new laptop to play it.)

All we can hope though is that one of these titles fills the void left by some of last years failures( Age of Conan etc) most if not all (if I'm not mistaken) have shut down due to lack of subscribers only two ( Again if I'm not mistaken) have survived, One (WAR) is doing ok and the other (Age of Conan) not so good....