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The house of the Twinkle'Toes. StillLiving!

Zanthox Twinkle'Toes deals with gaming issues! Critiques and problems dished out! Includes further proof that Jesus(and his followers) play games!

Author: Zanthox

ToW (Time of WoWkillers)

Posted by Zanthox Tuesday April 14 2009 at 4:25PM
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Finally, a new entry... sorta.

Every MMO needs a goal. Whether all the drones at the screens realize it or not there is a status MMOs want and need to achieve. WoW redefined this as EQ did before. People do not exclaim “it’s better than EverQuest!” or “why are you still even on that EQ? This biznatch is l337!” WoW has so dominated the market that the only purpose today is for a MMO to be the anti-WoW… by being just like it.

Every time a new MMO is announced speculation begins, hearts beat rapidly as players wonder- could the day have come? Is it the chosen one? Shall we truly be raised to a greater plane of existence? Can we even truly give up all we have for this perfect glory? Will there be free cheese? Is it… THE WOW KILLER! From HG:L to Tabula Rasa, LotRO to CoH, and even most recently AoC to WAR all these are not proclaimed so much as their own game but an anti-WoW. And nearly half of them are either clones or at least built from the same template as the dreaded favorite! Sure each has their own brand and flavor, but is that really what they are focusing on?

It is every game for itself against the big guy nowadays. Sometimes this means looking just like him. Many of them will get their own posse or gang supporting them, but all they are is more of the same and how could they, even if they merged together, really beat WoW’s armies by offering them more of the same?

I think what they fail to realize is that instead of trying to market their games as similar to WoW because, well, obviously if they like WoW they will like your game if it is like it. This could very well be true, they very well may like it. They may even try it. But the real breaker is… if it is just the same gameplay style what NEW feature, content, or look will make them give up their hours, no days or months of time dedicated to WoW. Maybe some people like Tolkien’s lore better than that of Warcraft. Maybe they like sci-fi better or are just desperate for anything besides the same old orcs and elves. Very little really seems to be different between the number of MMOs pumped out today than their specific landscapes and world settings.

The most dynamically new feature I can think of in a MMO since WoW is outright gory-goodness of AoC. What has everyone else done with their lives? (Feel free to mention some of your favs.) I would like to see developers think past quick money making clones that can maintain a decent following but innovate nothing. Of course often they do not because it is an even greater risk to ask the masses to give up their time dedicated to WoW not even for something they know they like on a different world, but something totally new and foreign to them.

This is what has pushed me from MMOs in general and back to some single player games. Well, that and the other flaws I see with MMOs. There is also the issue of college, work, family, a girlfriend, friends, and more college to keep me from playing more of the same game endlessly instead of keeping up to snuff with the latest games… Somewhere along the line I feel like I’ve kinda lost my freedom in the matter…

It looks like the only MMO that will pull me from the single-player and Valve online shooters (KZ2/LittleBigPlanet are quiet nice too) world could be Darkfall Online (check it out,, if it ever releases here in America properly... Anyway. Innovation is rare and hard to find in a world where the evil WoW still needs slaying, how long till something new replaces it? At least Blizzard is a kind master…

O when the revolution comes… And by that I mean Diablo 3. Ha.

PS: Check out this guy, NegGamer mentioned him in a post and I'd like to do the same, he is rather quiet brilliant! He has some posts of animations which are good but I'm talking about his game design ones, obviously. Hopefully I'll stop complaining about MMOs after this and will move onto more interesting things like this guy has.

Mequellios writes:

The "WoW Killer" phrase is a joke. Finding the game that is right for you is a matter of personal taste. The game that you will love, will not be the game that everyone else loves. And you obviously lack an immense amount of knowledge for the MMO industry, as do most avid MMO players. From the players standpoint, it seems like it's in a rut. It might even be one they'll never get out of.

The reason a lot of MMOs feel like WoW and are sometimes almost complete copies of WoW (*cough Warhammer Online cough*), is because they pour millions of dollars into development. To try something new with uncertainty, could cost them a LOT of money. Yes, money is an important factor. Most people can't throw away a hundred dollar bill without sweating. Can you imagine millions? They go with what works. They need to have the most financial security they can in such an unpredictable market. Having that security means most of their developers gets to keep their job. Running a large coproration is a business. It always will be. There will be games that take the high road. But they will be, sadly, few and far in between.

Personally, I'm waiting for a commercial zombie MMO. I'm dead on elves. I'm dead on orcs. I'm dead on aliens. I'm dead on laser beams. I'm dead on mutants. I'm even almost dead on super heroes.The only thing I'm not dead on, is the undead. And I don't mean the ones that can shoot fireball's from their hands. No one is giving it to me yet, of course. Would everyone on here love this kind of zombie MMO? Probably not.

Tue Apr 14 2009 10:54PM Report
Dynamo112 writes:

I see what you did thar.

Tue Apr 14 2009 11:02PM Report
Wingclip writes:

Wow did something to MMORPG's no other company did and thats make stuff easy. Think about it ppl like cheats like in XBOX or PS. WOW new this and designed a game based on easymode at the begining. They saw this selled and then added easy gear to the game and saw this sold even more. So next xpac they made stuff even easier and gear easier to get, and guess what this sold even more copies. So what to do next make another xpac with even easier gear to get and have bosses drops the whole bank by spitting on them. This rocks the world and so it goes on.


Now if your a gamer that actually wants more its hard for game companys to see where making a game harder, makes them more  , when wow can dumb it down to preschool level and get more subs. Eventually the same gamers that love the easymode wow delivers will want somthing a bit more chanllenging and demand a more complex game. That time is prolly closer than most think .


Until them we can only wait and try to get by with what is out there IMO

Tue Apr 14 2009 11:40PM Report
Zanthox writes:

Zombie MMO... Genious.

Wed Apr 15 2009 8:03AM Report writes:
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