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The house of the Twinkle'Toes. StillLiving!

Zanthox Twinkle'Toes deals with gaming issues! Critiques and problems dished out! Includes further proof that Jesus(and his followers) play games!

Author: Zanthox

ToW (Time of WoWkillers)

Posted by Zanthox Tuesday April 14 2009 at 4:25PM
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Finally, a new entry... sorta.

Every MMO needs a goal. Whether all the drones at the screens realize it or not there is a status MMOs want and need to achieve. WoW redefined this as EQ did before. People do not exclaim “it’s better than EverQuest!” or “why are you still even on that EQ? This biznatch is l337!” WoW has so dominated the market that the only purpose today is for a MMO to be the anti-WoW… by being just like it.

Every time a new MMO is announced speculation begins, hearts beat rapidly as players wonder- could the day have come? Is it the chosen one? Shall we truly be raised to a greater plane of existence? Can we even truly give up all we have for this perfect glory? Will there be free cheese? Is it… THE WOW KILLER! From HG:L to Tabula Rasa, LotRO to CoH, and even most recently AoC to WAR all these are not proclaimed so much as their own game but an anti-WoW. And nearly half of them are either clones or at least built from the same template as the dreaded favorite! Sure each has their own brand and flavor, but is that really what they are focusing on?

It is every game for itself against the big guy nowadays. Sometimes this means looking just like him. Many of them will get their own posse or gang supporting them, but all they are is more of the same and how could they, even if they merged together, really beat WoW’s armies by offering them more of the same?

I think what they fail to realize is that instead of trying to market their games as similar to WoW because, well, obviously if they like WoW they will like your game if it is like it. This could very well be true, they very well may like it. They may even try it. But the real breaker is… if it is just the same gameplay style what NEW feature, content, or look will make them give up their hours, no days or months of time dedicated to WoW. Maybe some people like Tolkien’s lore better than that of Warcraft. Maybe they like sci-fi better or are just desperate for anything besides the same old orcs and elves. Very little really seems to be different between the number of MMOs pumped out today than their specific landscapes and world settings.

The most dynamically new feature I can think of in a MMO since WoW is outright gory-goodness of AoC. What has everyone else done with their lives? (Feel free to mention some of your favs.) I would like to see developers think past quick money making clones that can maintain a decent following but innovate nothing. Of course often they do not because it is an even greater risk to ask the masses to give up their time dedicated to WoW not even for something they know they like on a different world, but something totally new and foreign to them.

This is what has pushed me from MMOs in general and back to some single player games. Well, that and the other flaws I see with MMOs. There is also the issue of college, work, family, a girlfriend, friends, and more college to keep me from playing more of the same game endlessly instead of keeping up to snuff with the latest games… Somewhere along the line I feel like I’ve kinda lost my freedom in the matter…

It looks like the only MMO that will pull me from the single-player and Valve online shooters (KZ2/LittleBigPlanet are quiet nice too) world could be Darkfall Online (check it out,, if it ever releases here in America properly... Anyway. Innovation is rare and hard to find in a world where the evil WoW still needs slaying, how long till something new replaces it? At least Blizzard is a kind master…

O when the revolution comes… And by that I mean Diablo 3. Ha.

PS: Check out this guy, NegGamer mentioned him in a post and I'd like to do the same, he is rather quiet brilliant! He has some posts of animations which are good but I'm talking about his game design ones, obviously. Hopefully I'll stop complaining about MMOs after this and will move onto more interesting things like this guy has.


Posted by Zanthox Sunday April 5 2009 at 2:32AM
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Well, its been a while....

And I've been posted as a "guest writer" on a small reviews site so I am using this as motivation to jumpstart a blogging mantality.

Soooo I am currently stilliving here: StillLiving

Anyway, I am part of multiple gaming communities that have blogs built in so I am going to update them all via copypasta so that I have it linked to all mah leet profiles.

My first couple entries will actually probably be copy(edit)pasta from here to there, so ha. Anyway, read if I am stil interesting.

Here is the site I wrote the review for:

and here is my review (for Left 4 Dead):

MMO Killed the RPG Star.

Posted by Zanthox Monday January 14 2008 at 2:49AM
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Sorry to be lame, but it is true. Action/adventure games kinda do with their lame lack of choices, FPS surely don’t give you much room to grow (except Mass Effect, which needs to come to PC so I can play it), and RTS have made efforts to add RPG elements, but please. MMORPGs should be MMOAAG, for Massive Multiplayer Online Action Adventure Games. Because that is all they are. Sure you get some character design as far as looks are, sure you can get different kinds of armor and weapons, choose what spells or skills to use… but how often is there any role playing involved?

“Why yes n00bkilzer304, let us unite against these evil monsters in this quest!”

“Ok, which dialogue option should I choose?”

“It doesn’t matter! Both result in the same thing.”

“Great! I was afraid there might be consequences for my choices, and I might not be able to get everything possible in the game for a single character!”


These quotes can be used as good points.

1.                          Leet names. They kill any real interaction. While some may be comical, they really serve no purpose and are just plain annoying. Personal feelings aside, a name is a link between people, it gives us something to tag people with for remembrance and future reference. Numbers and statements are not names, and have nothing to do with roleplaying. I may appreciate your skillz at pwning n00bs, but since I'm asking you to help me so something, I hope you don’t turn them on me.

2.                          Imaginary options. Trick choices. No real difference exists. Maybe some MMOs do have some that are real (I am sure I’ll get some listed in comments) but hopefully it will be different beyond “either mob A or B spawns, or you get a slightly different text response from the quest/reward giver with the same reward.” I know that making players think they have more options , choices, and control than they do is a trick of the trade, but the lack of ANY beyond rolling either Alliance or Horde, Luxon/Kurz(only guild/AvA differences) seems rather weak to me.

3.                          Same ends. Mostly covered in last point, there are no pluses or minuses for doing something one way, or another. There might be an option to, but the only difference is the 5 minutes you take to do it. No alignment or reputation changes, no different skills, no lost/gained quest (strings), no new enemies/allies gained, no difference.

4.                          Games like rl? LOL! Touchy subject to some, the existence of consequences. While some “winning doesn’t matter” blah blah blahs try to keep us from “getting hurt” by what is actually the (dreaded) real world, it is a must. What is the point of having monsters if they can’t kill you? Sure, they might keep you under your covers, but it is either all or nothing. Sorry, dying hurts, and sucking does too. Serious (hardxcore?) gamers should not have to cater to people who want to be able to suck at a game and still pass. Getting good takes time, practice and learning. And help for others goes a long way (this  is the part when all the lee7ists agreeing with me bow their heads in shame). When I don’t do well, guess what, I should not be rewarded, why else would it matter when I do good (you bloody communist!), and why should I even try? If nothing else, I want my friggin’ banana sticker!!!


I know a lot of people don’t like roleplaying and will mock me, but that is where we get our roots for this genre and they are still called MMORPGs. I am not really calling for “acting out character dialogue” though, but rather the ability to create a character that I can develop over time in ways beyond combat (and perhaps crafting) alone. The only roles I see acted out are those of class, and even that is often rather poorly done (jk?). I’m not even necessarily calling for a “Sir Xodius, please grand Lord Jethor thine ears, for he wishes to parley!” type of gameplay, it would just be nice to be able to interact with people on an in-game created world with a game-made character to work together as a team in this world as if we were in said world, not my living room and your parent’s basement. Or grandparents. Or your own (jk?).

--Thanks for comments on the past post. Since I don't really care myself and blogs aren't exactly about appealing to everyone's cares, I'm cool with that. Thanks for the Shadowbane idea,  I will give it a shot soon.

Currently Playing: Metriod 3 and  Icewind Dale 2. Until I can get my desktop fixed, it is back the the Wii and old school games my piece of crap Acer laptop can handle.

Thesis statement? I guess. Bio? Sorta. Entertaining? Not really. Here goes anyway.

Posted by Zanthox Friday January 11 2008 at 1:59AM
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I am a 19 year old male Ranger/er, I mean, I am a 19 year old college student and Liberty University (yes, Jerry Falwell, yes). I am attending for a BS in Computer Science, I should be a 2nd semester sophomore, but because of uber class taking, I am a first semester junior. I intend to get out in 3 instead of 4 years, and go to SMU’s Guildhall for the level design degree and go into game design.

I am a devout Christian, the actual Bible believing type. I keep to it, don’t force it, and live out Jesus’ teachings to the best of my ability. That is a lame way of saying doing my best despite constantly failing.

 I am dating a beautiful young girl that has stayed with me for over three years and we look forward marriage followed by the loss of our virginity.  She is an English major and has yet to become a gamer (I am working on it…). 

I currently work at both a local Dairy Queen and Gamestop. Ice cream and gaming benefits, win/win!


Gaming began for me with the Atari and Joust, followed by the NES with the original Super Mario Bros., the Legend of Zelda, and Dragon Warrior and then… my first gaming computer… THE AMEGA!!! Classic, epic, it was an amazing computer for its day. The SNES and many other systems followed, I have owned every Nintendo system (except the virtual boy, but my best friend did), but the serious gaming started with Warcraft. Windows, despite the utter suck of Microsoft, ran games. Despite the incredibly shaky stability of the OS, it managed to run pixilated fantasy I had read about for years!

                Shortly after Warcaft: Orcs and Humans came Command and Conquer. RTS was my first real PC gaming experience. The Infinity Engine is what really captured me. Black Isle truly mastered the art of games. Baldur’s Gate (2) and Icewind Dale (2) are still games I play. Neverwinter Nights was great, but not the same. Anyway, I ran through many RPGs(Arcanum, Fallout, NWN, and more) and RTS(AoE, C&C, W3, and more) games, the Sims and Rollercoaster Tycoon even sucked away endless hours of my life.

                Eventually I fell to the belief that PCs were for RPGs and RTS games, Shooters and action/adventure were for consoles. Then I played UT04… yeah… that changed many things. Goldeneye stole my young heart, but Halo made it turn to stone with wrath. I love the Wii, but there is still a lot that must be done before they can compare.

                Unfortunately I came to the MMO scene very late… Dial up. Yes, the bane of all fun.  I missed the beginnings, I missed UO. I didn’t even start till Guild Wars came out. I played that the  beta weekend and have played ever since. I have a max lvl char of every class (except paragon, lvl6) but anyway…

                I have tried WoW. I LOVE the lore, and I loved the RTS games. I quit after a month. I went back to GW. Since I have been trying to test out others, but my lame desktop has held me back and my lack of funds for a new one have as well. Lineage 2 is the only other I have tried, and that didn’t hold me at all. When I can I’ll detail what I think about new ones I try them. I won Tabula Rasa from this website, actually.

                Till then, I’m waiting till GW2 and Darkfall online come out. In future I won’t be so lame and general in my posts. I will actually talk about things specifically, instead of saying so simply why they are good or not. See ya on the other side of my mind.