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World Online Development

Blogging the progress of the multi-user online game, "World Online."

Author: ZDearborn

And so it begins..

Posted by ZDearborn Tuesday September 23 2008 at 7:07PM
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A Common Question: What does this have to do with

World Online is an MMORPG presently in development. While I do not have a sufficient team to produce the game yet, I will be working on it by myself until I get such developers. And what better place to post an indie-MMO then on this site, where I can promote and listen to the comments, proposals, and criticism of the MMORPG community.

On this day the development for World Online has begun. I will continue work by myself until I find some other qualified and dedicated developers.

World Online is set to be a 3D multi-user online role playing game, otherwise known as MMORPG (I have grown not to like this acronym as it is completely overused by development teams that end up failing within a week or two.. so why not use something different?). For development and the base itself, Torque Game Engine will be used with multiple plugins.

As for the conceptual aspect.. it will fall into the realm of simulation, survival, and sandbox. I will leave it up for you to read on through my progress to find the full game concept. Yes, I may be a bit insecure with the ingenious storyline! >:)

Any estimated date for release would be completely preposterous and naive at this state of development (the first day!), but I warn you that the task of completing the concept and core to the state of where I want the game to be at the very earliest testing phases will at least be in the early quarters of 2010.

pileopoop writes:

man it took 1 person 5 years and 15000 hours to make a 2d rpg for the DS,

Tue Sep 23 2008 9:13PM Report
Loke666 writes:

Well good luck with it... But the release date seems a bit optimistic to me, Blizzard had a whole team spending 8 years making Wow and I don't think I have heard of any that took less than 3 years ever.

But it is off course impossible to prove that something can't be done but don't expect to have any life in the next 2 years ;)

Tue Sep 23 2008 9:29PM Report
ZDearborn writes:

One thing to keep in mind is that the development for the games mentioned above probably involved the development of the game engine as well. The development for World Online is using a pre-existing game engine with a MMORPG plugin, which essentially means I could release a very low content and boring game within a day.

Working off the Torque Game Engine will be faster and easier to manage with its own scripting language and game features, which means it will take less time than those titles mentioned above.

Tue Sep 23 2008 9:37PM Report
Kynmore writes:

Throw away the release date; do not give yourself a  deadline. Give yourself goals. Deadlines bring only pain and misery; it is why they're called deadlines.

Look at Blizzard... they don't set release date's, ever, until they know it's ready. It's worked well for them, even when they were small and new.

Tue Sep 23 2008 9:58PM Report
Eluwien writes:

Please post again when you've got GDD. And also, where's the URL?

Wed Sep 24 2008 1:20AM Report
ZDearborn writes:

Deadline? I set no deadline, only a general part of a year where at least will be the earliest testing phases. This may be in-house or closed.

GDD? Who says I haven't one? I said I wouldn't post it yet because I was insecure about making it public. As for the website, there is none yet.


Wed Sep 24 2008 6:59AM Report writes:
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