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Why can't PvP and PvE guilds coexist within AvA and Realm vs Realm worlds?

Observing the elements PvE and PvP entail, trying to figure out why both guilds conceptually and practically don't want to exist within a AvA or Realm vs Realm environment. I believe they can, this blog observes and entails how from my perspective.

Author: Yuriohs

PvE in AvA and WvW.

Posted by Yuriohs Monday May 4 2015 at 2:52PM
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PvE elements entail of anything that has to do with the player fighting NPC's or the environment in general. One of the things, that has always confused me about PvE elements in AvA (Alliance vs Alliance) or WvW (World vs World or Realm vs Realm) is why do PvE oriented guilds or even players stay clear of content within these areas?

Lets take Guild Wars 2 for an example to make things a bit clearer. Your taking keeps, towers, farms and lumber mills and other places (like the neutral keep camps that assault different objectives) That content specifically, is Player vs Environment. The biggest reasons why this isn't exclusively PvE content, is that there is always a chance that an enemy faction / player(s) will come and challenge you for the objective or take the objective out right. That's another post though.

Staying on the subject of PvE, is it ENJOYABLE PvE? Compare taking a tower and a few objectives around the tower in eternal battlegrounds to something like the complete dynamic event quest chain in the Ruins Of Orr. Doing that for the first time for me was enjoyable not just because of what I was facing content wise, but the story and delivery of the content. 

Now if I took a tower and the surrounding area's in WvW the scare is that a zerg (large group of players) will come and take what we took and pretty much destroy us. This is where the PvP comes and the PvE leaves. So as far as "enjoyable" to the average PvE oriented player that wouldn't be enjoyable which is completely acceptable. In this same situation going from the GW2 kick, sure the Guild or Guilds who helped take the objectives can help upgrade and repair damages and SURE the guild can set up siege equipment to help repel attackers but at that point its PvP.

This at the core is the reasons why PvE Guilds wouldn't view PvE content in WvW as acceptable, is that constant threat of getting destroyed while attacking a world boss, or doing a jumping puzzle, or gathering materials not just that though, the cinematic feel of PvE content isn't there, neither is the fact that your getting a story delivered to you.

I feel the fix for atleast as far as defending objectives is communication with guilds oriented around WvW and AvA. Using Zone chat to communicate that an objective is taken or we need reinforcements here. However, that doesn't fix whether or not the content included within the WvW and AvA worlds are actually "enjoyable" from the PvE perspective.

This is from a GW2 perspective look into WvWvW mostly but this goes for ESO's AvA as well. Communication between PvP and PvE guilds is key in my opinion inorder for both parties to enjoy the content equally. That, and more PvE content that still helps the overall WvWvW design, but delivers an experienced aimed for more PvE oriented players.

Thats my possible solution for fitting PvE into the WvW and AvA environment.