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Game Story-Phoenix Dynasty Online

Posted by Yurimmify Friday April 25 2008 at 3:08AM
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When the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history came to a close, the following 200 years were filled with non-stop strife. Four kingdoms -- the Chi, Chu, Zhao and Qin -- fought each other for the Mandate of Heaven, for absolute supremacy over China. The battles fought during this time would go down in history as some of the fiercest ever seen. This time in Chinese history is known as the Warring States Period (475 BC - 221 BC). It ended when the Qin finally united the country.

The game takes place in the twilight years of this time. Battles between the four dynasties have grown to truly epic proportions. To those alive in this tumultuous time -- those without the benefit of historical hindsight -- it truly feels like the end of the world.

Armies of incomprehensible size march on one another. At any given battle, 100,000 heavily armored soldiers take to the field. By the end of the day, the crows and ravens and other scavengers will have tens of thousands of fresh corpses on which to feed. Generals move military divisions like games pieces on a chessboard, insulated from the dust, sweat, blood, and tears, emotionally detached from the plight of the common warrior. They fight on behalf of the Kings of Heaven. Their decisions affect the course of history for centuries to come. They are gods amongst men.



With the introduction of light infantries and highly mobile calvary units, military engagements now erupt with lightning fast speed. But instead of ending any given conflict sooner, it has the opposite effect and prolongs wars between feuding kingdoms. Commanders learn to dig-in and fortify their positions as a response to rapid-fire calvary incursions; siege weapons are built to devastate platoons of pikemen and spearmen long before they get within melee range; castle-towns become impenetrable bastions deep within contested territories, requiring the introduction of sappers to burrow beneath reinforced walls. It is the next step in the evolution of Total War.

The most famous of the massive fortifications is the Great Wall of China, built to slow down the incursion of barbarians from the north. Villages and towns that can't afford to defend themselves become quite mercenary with their oaths of fealty. Shifting allegiances help to ensure that feudal lords stay ever alert for treachery. The Art of Betrayal becomes nearly as important as the Art of War.

Yet, troubled times breed heroes, it is said. Not everyone is content to pick sides. Originating in a small, hidden village whose elders are infamous for their unparalleled wisdom and knowledge of the martial arts, a new kind of philosophy arises and with it a new kind of warrior. The "Zhu Zi Bai Jia", as their revolutionary ideas are collectively called, becomes a more important weapon than either the sword or spear. Lasting change isn't implemented at sword point; it is implemented by teaching a kingdom's leadership a new way to see the world. And that is just what the warrior-philosophers of Phoenix village set out to do.



As a new recruit in this neutrality movement, you'll be required to learn Life Skills and Battle Skills, and to move between the different Warring States like a gypsy nomad. In time you'll find yourself in the legendary city of Sun City, the commercial center of the Zhou Empire. Of all the cities in China, this is the one true sanctuary. Every where else, you must tread carefully, hand on hilt, and ever vigilant lest death find you unprepared and take you before you've fulfilled your destiny.

The Zhou Emperor resides in Sun City. He is a puppet ruler, however. His warlords refuse to acknowledge his orders, all the while plotting to overthrow his dynasty. They commission the construction of a secret passage so that their spies and troops can come and go as they please by-passing the king's sorry excuse for security. While the Emperor is distracted with hedonistic pleasures, subversives work fervently to turn the common folk to their cause.

The burden of strife weighs heavily on Sun City. Soon, it must fall. The common people plot more openly with one another, forming alliances, swearing allegiance to one warlord or another, and preparing for the worst. To make matters worse, anarchists plot to destabilize the efforts of all the warlords together. They fight for a master who yet remains unknown...

Rumors run rampant. Factions are fighting one another openly in the streets. The chaos is barely contained, and threatens to explode into full-fledged warfare. It seems that this new force is quite effective.



With so much chaos ruining the world, more and more people turn toward the Zhu Zi Bai Jia. The martial arts teach people how to defend themselves. The most famous martial artists are widely renowned. Among them is Master Luke, Royal Trainer,Priest White, and Mage Laurel, who goes by the title of Supreme Warlock. Despite being close friends and sometimes even allies, they each choose to support a different warlord for their own personal reasons.

As the game opens, one final action lights the fuse that threatens to blow society apart: the Zhou Emperor disappears.

Who would want to kidnap the Emperor, and why? This is the mystery that has the city talking. Whereas before, the common folk were preparing to flee in advance of all-out war between the different factions, now they're staying behind, waiting to see who fills the void left in the Emperor's absence.