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30 Something Gamers....Hello? Am I alone here?

I have been a gamer for a long time. Probably longer than some of you have lived. But just because I am concidered "Old" by a large group doesn't mean I am alone or few in numbers. This blog is a call to those "Old" gamers out there!

Author: NobleNerd

Cross-realm queueing, Freind or Foe?

Posted by NobleNerd Monday August 29 2011 at 12:39PM
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Cross-realm queueing in MMOs, friend or foe?

  I have played MMO's for a long time now and I have seen many patches, updates and expansions come and go. I have seen great ideas implemented into a game and I have seen some really bad ideas put into a game. In this post I would like to hear feedback on a topic and idea that I am not to sure is the best for the life of individual servers. Many MMOs have implemented the cross-realms queueing system to help those impatient people that did not like to wait so long to get a group together on their server due to low population during times playing or just plain low population of the server in general. It sounded like a great idea when it came out in the MMOs I play. I have used it religiously to find groups for dungeons and battlegrounds. Some MMOs even have a system for finding raid groups, BUT here is my thoughts on the system now that I have used it for much time....

   1. It is a wonderful tool and does make for faster more reliable (as far as getting members) way to   gather a group.

   2. Some MMOs have even used gear level scanning so that players that are not geared for a        dungeon do not even get the chance to queue for a dungeon they would fail in.

   3. It has become a standard by which the bigger MMOs use now.


   These points stated and they are good points, I would like to offer the thought that this system has hurt one of the main reasons a lot of people have joined into a MMO in the first place... The social player base of individual server you chose to join. There use to be a time after finding people to run dungeons with or help to complete a hard quest series you would create a bond, maybe even join a guild or linkshell together ( yes I did just go back to my FFXI roots). Many have found life long friendship in game and out from the adventures they had together (on the same server). Now that experience is slowly dwindling because 85% of the people you play with are from a different server.

   Yes, some games have added a cross-realm chat system so you can keep in touch with buddys you met in that random dungeon or battleground, BUT it does not compare to the bonds of friendship and comradery experienced when you needed to find people on the same server to play with. You see them in game. not in text or voice only. You spend time questing together or gathering for that next epic item you want to make. You can't do that when you are not on the same server. 

   I know many will say, "You can still do that dummy" and to that I just point out.... I know... but it has become increasingly harder to do now that most opt to use the queueing system. There is almost a disconnect in games now where people have become more isolationistic in their behaivors.

   When you post maybe I can see some of stories of people meeting in game and friendships formed. Post away.

MMO nickel and diming

Posted by NobleNerd Monday August 29 2011 at 12:11PM
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 It has been a while since I have written much. When winter hits I usually hibernate like our animal counter parts. I did rush out and buy Dragon Age, so a lot of play time has been put into that game and not in the MMO worlds lately. BUT..... I see an unpleasant trend starting in the MMO world. A world of micro charging for everything. You always wanted to be that BE hottie instead of the Troll skamp you rolled, well that will be $20.00 dollars please. Hit enter before proof-reading your name? $15.00 and you can fix that. Want a neat pet that entertains you? Donate $20.00 and it's yours... oh also some of that will more than likely go to a charity.


Has it become so desperate in the MMO world that it is time to gank-strip the very customers that have kept you going for 4+ years? I see more companies pushing the line between monthly pay and item sale milking. Soon, as some are already heading, you will be paying a monthly fee and for extras!

I say stop the madness! I am all for a company making a profit, but do not milk the cow dry.