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30 Something Gamers....Hello? Am I alone here?

I have been a gamer for a long time. Probably longer than some of you have lived. But just because I am concidered "Old" by a large group doesn't mean I am alone or few in numbers. This blog is a call to those "Old" gamers out there!

Author: NobleNerd

Chronicles of Spellborn ... worth playing ?

Posted by NobleNerd Monday March 23 2009 at 5:04PM
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I have been a silent fan of this new MMO, Chronicles of Spellborn. For months I have popped in and out of the forums and main website reading and watching videos. Every week I grew more and more excited until recently when I found out that Acclaim received the American Distribution rights to the game. I DO NOT like the fact that it is not going to be a straight forward p2p game. With Acclaim you have to go through the hassle of purchasing a membership, but it doesn't stop there. After you have a monthly membership with Acclaim you then have to purchase coins to be used to play the Acclaim games. It is in my veiw an unneeded hassle! On top of that if you do your math it will cost you alot more than a set monthly fee. I am greatly disappointed in this move to let Acclaim distribute the game. I am going to step in to the open beta later today and at least find out if the game lives up to the hype, but unfortunately when it comes to dealing with Acclaim and their crazy fees I don't think i will find myself playing this game beyond the beta unless something changes.

Please feel free to voice your thoughts on this subject.



GG_Grandma writes:

As you can see by my sign in name your not only  one of the"older" gamers. I am in the 50's plus range and love MMO's . I do agree with you that when games do the "double charge " as I call it  makes it a very expensive gameplay and one I refuse to do.  I also was looking forward to Spellborn but unless the "double charge " changes this ole girl is staying away. 

Mon Mar 23 2009 6:12PM Report
Lupinde3rd writes:

Its now released over in Europe where you can you try the game for free.Acclaim have no involment with this release in Europe so if you can subscribe by just paying the monthly fee none of this buy coin crap Acclaim use for thier subs.

Mon Mar 23 2009 6:33PM Report
augustgrace writes:

Acclaim is working on a standard monthly credit card charge, and they say it should be available soon.

Mon Mar 23 2009 8:36PM Report
GG_Grandma writes:

Standard monthly credit card charge is fine as long as it allows a player access to all and not the added need to buy points, coins  etc. to play the game.  Regardless of how the game charges I still will try the game ,however, purchasing will be determined by the charges. Thanks for the info.

Mon Mar 23 2009 9:30PM Report
inferno89 writes:

Isn't Acclaim adopting the same "Free to Play the first 7 levels" thing as the Euro release? I'm pretty sure that's how it's going to work ... surely they wouldn't do something different to how the devs had planned it?

Also, I'm pretty sure they're restricting IP access to the regional servers. Ie. Americans/Aussies etc can't play on the Euro servers and vice versa. Or have they abolished that these days?

Mon Mar 23 2009 10:11PM Report
mrcalhou writes:

Inferno, when I played there was only two servers availible, international pve and international pvp.

Mon Mar 23 2009 11:09PM Report
inferno89 writes:

Yeah that's connecting to the Acclaim beta servers which are NA/Aus. It will only show those ones if you're using the NA client. The Euro client is separate and I'm pretty sure we can't connect to it (due to IP restrictions).

Mon Mar 23 2009 11:43PM Report
craynlon writes:

you can get the european client here:

it has the same first 7 levels for free and of course a free game download. if you decide to keep playing after that, youll have to convert your trial account into a full subscription wich costs around 15euro.

the full subscription can be payed by credit card, gives you access to all content and theres no additional payment like services or item mall.

since mid march there is no ip restriction anymore, you just have to use the link above to get the european client (wich btw is one patch higher then the current acclaim beta)

i suggest you just check in for free to test how it works with your ping since the servers are stationed in europe.

Tue Mar 24 2009 3:15AM Report
Sargoth writes:

This seems more a forum post then a blog.

Tue Mar 24 2009 9:49AM Report
Inktomi writes:

 No, tobin, you are not alone. I actually created an account just to answer your blog. I'm over 30+ and gaming still, you seem to look at things a little different after youv've played many games, and paid for many that you know you shouldn't of.

I am playing the "Open Beta/Trial Offer" of Spellborn and was a little confused looking over the payment options. Why they wen't with No-Klaim, I couldn't tell you but it does look like your getting hit over the head a few times in the coin/membership options. Now if it was as simple as walk into 7-11 once a month and buy my $15 gaming card, coffee and a copy of Barron's weekly I'd be more interested. Unfortunately in this type of economy you need to pick and choose your spots and if it seems that your getting "Pwned" as a consumer, we quickly lose interest.

As far as the game is concerned, it seems different and the combat system is different than most of the MMO's out there. They seem to tone down the stat/gear obsession and are concentrating more on sigils and combat skills. This could be a vanguard or a big bust once the "exploiting" crowd get through with the game and find all the ins and outs of this new combat system. Then it turns into a game of the haves and the know-nots, which hurts new players and frustrates the gamer purists.

Am I a purist, hell no. Am I an exploier/hacker, hell no. I am a casual gamer that is looking to games as an outlet to the regular "grind" of adult life. I did my time in WoW and started out playing RPG's a Looooong time ago. The only regret I have in my gaming career is leaving LOTRO right after beta closed and not getting involved in Ultima Online sooner. I was too busy chasing girls and such to be there for the dawn of the MMORPG era. 

I play Spellborn US side under a toon called Gothix. I like the fact I was able to build a gearset at character creation rather than walk in with lvl 1 garbage on that will be sold to the NPC posthaste. The graphics run on the Unreal engine, which adds to the smoothness but also gives the fishbowly distorted look to things. Lesser of two evils in my opinion, I'll play it until 7.9 and make my decision either it will stay on my HD or end up in unistall hell like perfect world int. just did. LOL!

All the best,


Wed Mar 25 2009 2:39AM Report
vamp446 writes:

I was excited about Spellborn. I heard Acclaim got the rights and I cringed. Ive played a bit here and there but seeing that Acclaim will allow Spellborn to be hacked and exploited relentlessly within a few months it just isnt worth investing time (or money) in it.

Ive already watched numerous videos etc of fully working Spellborn bots and hacks and by the sounds of it Acclaim and their archaic GameGaurd wont be able to stop the hackers and botting gold-sellers (or choose not to - like the other games they run). They will let this game rot with a year and then drain your $$$ like they do to the (still loyal) 2moons and 9dragons players without providing any answers or support.

Thu Jun 11 2009 7:25AM Report writes:
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