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30 Something Gamers....Hello? Am I alone here?

I have been a gamer for a long time. Probably longer than some of you have lived. But just because I am concidered "Old" by a large group doesn't mean I am alone or few in numbers. This blog is a call to those "Old" gamers out there!

Author: NobleNerd

Just a kid at heart....

Posted by NobleNerd Tuesday March 11 2008 at 6:47PM
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When I was a kid, about 12 yrs old, I remember the first big explosion in the world of gaming. It came out from a company called Atari and it was something new and creative called a console. Up until then the only real gaming was done on a computer that few could afford or by saving up your allowance or chore money to have some quarters for the local arcade. My brother-in-law bought an Atari along with Space Invaders and we spent the next 48 hrs taking turns to see who could get to the end and beat the reigning high score king. Those were the days! It was something new and never seen before and it made a little kids heart overflow with excitement! Ever since my Atari days I have been a gamer looking for the next great adventure, the next great challenge to overcome and if good enough get a little recognition from your peers when your high score stood at the top for maybe (if lucky) a week or a month.

I have played games from the rpg to the fps style. I have bought my share of console games and units along with spending thousands of dollars over the years on the next best computer and accesories. I find myself more a fan of the rpg style of gaming and have sought to find the next best game that offered the indepth adventure that would take me away from my world for a few hours. But..... many games have failed to fulfill this emptiness and a few have risen to the top.

In my years of gaming I have played a huge amount of games with a wide variety of people. I have found myself playing head to head with some buddies shouting back and forth to each other over who was gona win the round. I have been inside many dark light rooms with only the lights from the video game units to guide your path, pounding out a victory on the latest game everyone was playing. I find myself in the past few years playing with my nephews or the age equivalent on games that they usually beat me at, but it's more the game play and having fun with them than winning anymore.

So I have asked myself lately, "Am I getting to old to play games?" Should I give it up and do what some call "Growing up" or is there others out there that can understand where I'm coming from and offer their input also? If there are some "Old Time" gamers out there I would love to hear from you.

Rimani writes:

HEHE - so I'm not alone out there.  I also discovered gaming many years ago on a tabletop game of Space Invaders in a bar.  Then came Atari and I was hooked.  I've been playing ever since.  I now play World of Warcraft with my son and believe it or not - my grandson.  They are much better than I am at PVP, but we have a great time.  We live 1000 miles apart, but online gaming has kept us very close.  You're never too old for gaming.  As long as you enjoy it, keep on playing. 

Tue Mar 11 2008 8:12PM Report
Jimmy_Scythe writes:

Welcome brother. We've been expecting you...

Tue Mar 11 2008 9:06PM Report
Madmozz writes:

ZX Spectrum was my first gaming machine, Had many more since and still enjoy blowing things up :) I've got my current pc plugged into a 42"LCD with £1200 worth of THX2 surround sound hehe. 37 and proud, Game On :))

Wed Mar 12 2008 5:20AM Report
jakhal writes:

There are more of us than you probably realize. Fortunately for us, the market *has* realized and has begun to age with us. Now more than ever we are seeing massive in-depth story lines. Truly epic games that cover nearly every facet and style of play that make our pulses quicken and hearts pound with the thought of the next "big thing".


Mass Effect, Bioshock, Halo 3... Well, the list right now could fill a few paragraphs on the richness and diversity in consoles alone. No less exciting is the plethora of offerings current and on the horizon for PC. World of Warcraft, Everquest (and its progeny), Guild Wars... this list too goes on. On the horizon, Age of Conan, The Agency, Warhammer Online and others.


So load-up, strap-in and lock-on fellow gamer! The excitement and variety of offerings, no matter your preferred format, are only going to continue to expand from here on out. It's a great time to be a gamer, no matter your age.

Wed Mar 12 2008 7:03AM Report
Evilsam writes:

First game i had was a little square  black box with a little orange light in the front,it also had two sort of paddle controls..was called Pong.I actually still have it,altho I haven't even hooked it up in over 15 years.

 I'll be 61 my next birthday,and stil play 40+ hours a week, mostly in have a ways to go yet. =)


Wed Mar 12 2008 11:15AM Report
Schonk31 writes:

No you are not alone and like Evilsam my first game was Pong, except mine had the dials and I received it on my 6th birthday in 1973.  I am a fan of  rpgs and fps, along with playing MMOs and have no plans on stopping any time soon.

Wed Mar 12 2008 4:45PM Report
Vortigon writes:

Youth dies quickly, (little do the kids realise how quickly) but the gamer in me will live forever!

We are the fortunate ones, we have witnessed the very birth of a revolution and lived it from day one.  Something most gamers will never understand or experience in their entire life. 

I have many fond memories including pong and my ZX speccy 16 and later 48k, and of pirating ever tape I could get my hands on from other kids at school. 

Playing the russian roulette of loading a spectrum game was an experience in itself  lol.

I am gratefull at the chance to be in this from day 1, a veteran of gaming and look forward to what the future of gaming holds. :)



Thu Mar 13 2008 5:02PM Report
astrob0y writes:

I do belive you and many of us has grown apart from the hobby and are trying to catch some straws in the pile. Me and my friends at my age (+25 years) have all gotten to a point in our life that stuff that could catch our breathe for hours (movies, books, games)  no longer appeals as it did in the youth. Maybe its that we all are in a part in our lifes that we must have focus on other things, but I do believe that we have experience so much that we no longer get suprised like we did and thus lost our abiltiy to sunk down in a fantasy world.

Now days, with studies, work and new born familys, we all have found other things that tickle our need to drift away for awhile.  And gaming, movies and good old books sadly arent there anymore as they used to be.

Becuse I do remember when we could watch Star wars iv  many times in a row and never get bored of it. Later on me and my friends could read fantasy books, play paper games and play video games that really was clones of each other without feeling it repentence.  


Just my rant and sorry for the bad grammar. Not used to write in english.

Sat Jun 28 2008 7:22AM Report
neschria writes:

I am 37, so I am in your "30-something" boat. Really, what are all those "grown ups" our age who don't play games doing with their time?  Websurfing, channelsurfing, or planting more rosebushes? It's about using your recreational time for something YOU enjoy. Games aren't really any different from all of that, and if it is a basis for some social fun, that's good. You don't need to grow up. Games are for grown ups too!

Sorry if that came off a bit angry or defensive-- I have a dear friend who will call me up and talk for hours about gardening (which is really boring to me), but she can get really snide about games because they don't interest her.

Sat Jun 28 2008 5:44PM Report
Boneflower writes:


I am 41 years old original gamergirl and a mother of 2 girls who both are gamers as well. I started in the late 70s with the original D&D tabletop game and moved immediately to PC games when they premiered in the early 80s. I am still an avid gamer to this day.

The stereotypes have always been wrong about gamers, and still are. All the game industry studies continue to bear this out. Older gamers are not the exception...we are the norm. Average age of gamers is 35, and continues to grow every year. mainly because gamers don't tend to stop gaming as we age, and those of us who started back at the beginnings in the early 1980s continue to balance out the young kids.

Most people would have you believe the common gamer is a boy under 18. But actually, women over 18 make up a bigger percentage of gamers according to all the industry studies than males under 18 do.

Never feel alone or bad about being a gamer. Forget the stereotypes that have been feed to us since those first days of games and gaming. They are myths. be proud to be one of the early waves of gamers. We were the pioneers. :3

- Boneflower

P.S. - Check out this link for a brief article about one of the latest industry studies of games and gamer demographics. :3

Fri Jul 25 2008 7:50PM Report writes:
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