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30 Something Gamers....Hello? Am I alone here?

I have been a gamer for a long time. Probably longer than some of you have lived. But just because I am concidered "Old" by a large group doesn't mean I am alone or few in numbers. This blog is a call to those "Old" gamers out there!

Author: NobleNerd

Rift revisited

Posted by NobleNerd Sunday January 13 2013 at 10:28AM
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Rift Revisited, a look at the "new" Rift
   A while back I started playing Rift again regularly. I decided to start a completely new character and re-run the original zones from scratch to see how they played after a long time away and many patches ago. There were many changes and tweaks to the game I really liked and there are a few I just don't understand why they decided to implement them. In this part I will focus on just a few.
Factions: here today gone tomorrow
   Not quite sure why Trion thought combining factions was a good thing, but for a while now they have had the "Mercenary" system in parts of the game. Basically when queueing for PvP you could possibly be playing for the other side. I know this first got started because it shortened queue times, but I am one of those players (especially in pvp) that wants to represent my faction. Ideally I would love at least a 3 faction, choose your side and battle it out to the end type pvp where winning for your faction gets you rewards and recognition (I also am aware of the "3 faction" style pvp at higher levels. Will be discussed in later post). This will not happen in Rift. If you like faction pvp move on to another game.
  Not only did this crossover faction gaming start in pvp, but now as "opposing" sides you can team up to take down events in Instant Adventures, Dungeons, and Raids. It doesn't even stop there because now even guilds are mixed with Guardians and Defiant being all cozy in the same guild..... what? How can that be? the chat channels are also merged between factions, so those Defiant scum that brought the end of the world can talk to those uptight Vigil worshipping Guardians and be all buddy buddy.... really? 
  Factions in this game have become as meaningless as utters on a bull. The more I play the game again the more I wonder if Trion was attempting to make the game time queues quicker or if they are using this as an attempt to make the world seem more populated to the players. In any case I am one gamer who likes my factions seperate. I want an "enemy" to fight against. I want warring factions in pvp. If this is not the way of the game then don't even give us sides to choose and we can call it LOTRO, oh wait we have a game like that.
Classes: The world at my finger tips
   Trion has made changes over the time to Classes, but one thing that has stayed the same here is you have a multitude of choices to make ! Thank you Trion for not changing the talent trees. Many love and are confused by the plethora of choice here, but it is one thing (for this gamer) that keeps people playing the game. In a world where some MMOs make it more cookie cutter Trion rises from the rest and lets you have many many options to play your character the way YOU WANT
  I will not go into detail on all the classes and souls for the mere fact that it would take forever to list em all in detail, but here is a link to the listings:
   There are 4 Class Divisions with 9 Class Souls to choose skills from making a total of 36 Souls in all to mix and match to your hearts content. This option alone has kept this gamer busy for a long time. If this sounds overwhelming to you DO NOT FRET Trion has added a nice beginning build helper system to get you started. They break down a few popular builds and guide you in point placement to ease your way into the world of Souls. Once you get comfortable with how your Souls work you can respec OR better yet purchase another slot to play around with. You can have up to 6 Roles total to spec the way you like.
                                    If you suffer from OCD good luck here.
  All in all to wrap up classes: Rift has done this one right (imo). It is an RPGers dream! Hop in and enjoy what "freedom to build" really is. You will be spending many hours tweaking and changing your Souls (if your like me) or stick with the most popular build and venture out into the world.
  One other change I want to touch on with Classes is Trion made a nice one when it comes to constantly running back to a trainer. You don't have to anymore. Like other MMOs, gone are the days you need to rank up your skills at a trainer. I personally like this option, but I would love to see an option for questing to unlock certain abilities or spells. I remember my days in Vanilla WoW (Only WoW reference I promise) where you had class quests for spells, abilities and even mounts. Some needed others to complete the quests and it was some of the most fun I had in a game. I remember questing for my pig polymorph spell on my mage, going on the "never ending" quest to optain my epic Warlock mount.  My point is it was a nice break from normal quest grinding that added to your ownership of the class you were playing.
  As you head out on your adventures either in Rift or another game, remember it's not just the end that should be in mind it is the journey  getting there. 
  Rift offers many oportunities to play, adventure, and kill and as we continue in further posts we will look at how each one of these either draws your attention or makes you flee like a classroom full of children with lice.
To be continued

Who has recently quit WoW and why?

Posted by NobleNerd Saturday October 22 2011 at 1:45PM
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I will keep this simple. Yesterday I quit WoW. I sat and read all the information about the announced expansion and talent changes and made my mind up to completely leave World of Azeroth. I spent most of the day talking with friends and guildies as I one by one sold items and deleted my toons. With the announcement of yet another major class changes I decided I was sick of completely relearning my characters. The Kung Fu Panda expansion was just another nail in the coffin. WoW (for me) has become more and more a feel of playing something designed for younger kids. 

Post your experience and share with others. I would love to see hundreds of comments on likes and dislikes of how you all feel.

Cross-realm queueing, Freind or Foe?

Posted by NobleNerd Monday August 29 2011 at 11:39AM
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Cross-realm queueing in MMOs, friend or foe?

  I have played MMO's for a long time now and I have seen many patches, updates and expansions come and go. I have seen great ideas implemented into a game and I have seen some really bad ideas put into a game. In this post I would like to hear feedback on a topic and idea that I am not to sure is the best for the life of individual servers. Many MMOs have implemented the cross-realms queueing system to help those impatient people that did not like to wait so long to get a group together on their server due to low population during times playing or just plain low population of the server in general. It sounded like a great idea when it came out in the MMOs I play. I have used it religiously to find groups for dungeons and battlegrounds. Some MMOs even have a system for finding raid groups, BUT here is my thoughts on the system now that I have used it for much time....

   1. It is a wonderful tool and does make for faster more reliable (as far as getting members) way to   gather a group.

   2. Some MMOs have even used gear level scanning so that players that are not geared for a        dungeon do not even get the chance to queue for a dungeon they would fail in.

   3. It has become a standard by which the bigger MMOs use now.


   These points stated and they are good points, I would like to offer the thought that this system has hurt one of the main reasons a lot of people have joined into a MMO in the first place... The social player base of individual server you chose to join. There use to be a time after finding people to run dungeons with or help to complete a hard quest series you would create a bond, maybe even join a guild or linkshell together ( yes I did just go back to my FFXI roots). Many have found life long friendship in game and out from the adventures they had together (on the same server). Now that experience is slowly dwindling because 85% of the people you play with are from a different server.

   Yes, some games have added a cross-realm chat system so you can keep in touch with buddys you met in that random dungeon or battleground, BUT it does not compare to the bonds of friendship and comradery experienced when you needed to find people on the same server to play with. You see them in game. not in text or voice only. You spend time questing together or gathering for that next epic item you want to make. You can't do that when you are not on the same server. 

   I know many will say, "You can still do that dummy" and to that I just point out.... I know... but it has become increasingly harder to do now that most opt to use the queueing system. There is almost a disconnect in games now where people have become more isolationistic in their behaivors.

   When you post maybe I can see some of stories of people meeting in game and friendships formed. Post away.

MMO nickel and diming

Posted by NobleNerd Monday August 29 2011 at 11:11AM
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 It has been a while since I have written much. When winter hits I usually hibernate like our animal counter parts. I did rush out and buy Dragon Age, so a lot of play time has been put into that game and not in the MMO worlds lately. BUT..... I see an unpleasant trend starting in the MMO world. A world of micro charging for everything. You always wanted to be that BE hottie instead of the Troll skamp you rolled, well that will be $20.00 dollars please. Hit enter before proof-reading your name? $15.00 and you can fix that. Want a neat pet that entertains you? Donate $20.00 and it's yours... oh also some of that will more than likely go to a charity.


Has it become so desperate in the MMO world that it is time to gank-strip the very customers that have kept you going for 4+ years? I see more companies pushing the line between monthly pay and item sale milking. Soon, as some are already heading, you will be paying a monthly fee and for extras!

I say stop the madness! I am all for a company making a profit, but do not milk the cow dry.

Spellborn glitchy

Posted by NobleNerd Tuesday April 14 2009 at 5:47PM
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I got into the open US beta a while ago for Spellborn, but unfortunately I can not give a grear amount of feedback on the game due to the fact once I did the intro part and got into the active world server everything became so glitchy I was unable to play. Graphics would fade in and out and the engine stuttered. I checked online for solutions, but have found none that seem to work.

To top it off, I patched the other day hoping maybe there was a general fix for the issues and now the game will not start at all.

Chronicles of Spellborn ... worth playing ?

Posted by NobleNerd Monday March 23 2009 at 5:04PM
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I have been a silent fan of this new MMO, Chronicles of Spellborn. For months I have popped in and out of the forums and main website reading and watching videos. Every week I grew more and more excited until recently when I found out that Acclaim received the American Distribution rights to the game. I DO NOT like the fact that it is not going to be a straight forward p2p game. With Acclaim you have to go through the hassle of purchasing a membership, but it doesn't stop there. After you have a monthly membership with Acclaim you then have to purchase coins to be used to play the Acclaim games. It is in my veiw an unneeded hassle! On top of that if you do your math it will cost you alot more than a set monthly fee. I am greatly disappointed in this move to let Acclaim distribute the game. I am going to step in to the open beta later today and at least find out if the game lives up to the hype, but unfortunately when it comes to dealing with Acclaim and their crazy fees I don't think i will find myself playing this game beyond the beta unless something changes.

Please feel free to voice your thoughts on this subject.



Nap time for the so called MMO"RPG"

Posted by NobleNerd Tuesday October 28 2008 at 5:12PM
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As of lately I have been playing WoW more than any other MMO. I can't say that WoW fulfills my need or desires in a game, but it functions better than most and is more enjoyable to play. Also my nephews have been playing for a while now (do to an uncle introducing them to it) and it has brought some new life into a dieing world. To see and hear their excitement as their toon lvls and gets new talents has been fun. BUT ... it has only brought me so far! There is just that lack of real rpg play in most MMOs that leaves one like myself with a huge empty spot. I did enjoy playing LOTRO, but the hitching and graphic issues in the game made for a frustrating journey. Even after getting a newer system it didn't resolve the graphic issues with the game. LOTRO was probably the closest in the MMO arena that gave a rpg'er the fix they were looking for. I won't leave out Vanguard either, but both are plagued with graphic and game play issues to this day.

So for a time it is looking like the world of MMOs will be taking a nap in my land. I may pop in on WoW and PvP a bit or check on it after the expansion comes out. I may even be tempted with LOTRO and it's expansion, but until someone puts out a game that functions like WoW and gives a person a good and meaningful crafting / rpg experience like LOTRO and Vanguard offered, none of them will be seeing much of my real world money flowing their way.

Back to the land of Neverwinter for me. I may even toy around with a few mods of my own and get back into a real rpg experience again. Oh how I have missed the meaningful storyline and the characters that drew you in and made you feel a part of a greater purpose; an "ever changing world".

Only you can prevent bad MMOs!

Posted by NobleNerd Friday July 25 2008 at 4:02PM
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So at least once a week I spend up to an hour or two of my time reading forums, blogs and people's comments on games. I sometimes feel like I am punishing myself due to the overwhelming amount of people griping about one game or another. Now you throw in the numerous WoW remarks and the WoW envy escalates the rants.

It just seems to me (this is just my opinion here) that if these other games are soo bad then just stop playing them! If you have a coherent complaint then take the time to write it out in legible sentences and let others know about it. Then be done with it!

I have played a good bit of games and MMOs as of present time and there have been many that I have asked myself, "Who in their right mind would continue playing this junk!?!?", but for me, I left the game and canceled my account. Occasionally I wrote a few comments on a forum. Please for the love of Pete stop playing bad MMOs and end their life in peace! If luck smiles upon them, maybe a little dignity!!



can prevent these games from hurting thousands, possibly millions of gamers world wide!


Cluttering up our blogs, forums, and personal sites with mindless rants on a game that didn't deserve half of the attention.

Like One Crying Out in the Darkness!!!

Posted by NobleNerd Friday June 27 2008 at 4:01PM
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Ok the title may be a little vague, but hopefully it grabbed your attention. I am desperately looking to get into the beta for Mythos!! I have tried other sites and peoples blogs that have said they have invites to no avail. I would love to try this game out and see what all the buzz is about it and how true the hype may be. If anyone out there in the MMO world has an invite they can send to this avid gamer I would greatly appreciate it and some day may be able to return the gesture!


You can email mail me at


Thank you,


Old Timer Gamer

Gone are the Days of RPG

Posted by NobleNerd Sunday March 16 2008 at 5:27PM
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There was a day when you could spend time playing a RPG game. You would spend minutes to even hours to build a character you later would expand and change to watch it grow into an identity of its own. It seems long past are those days of real RPG game play. Lately with the birth of MMO's "Cookie Cutter" game play role playing games have gradually become a letter addon to the latest release of a game that becomes less like rgp and more a mindless grind fest of leveling or gathering the latest stats and armor to be the best at a poorly designed pvp system. There is little adventuring to most MMOs and with many I have played and tested there is little to nothing of a storyline. What storyline and background there is to some games seems more like and after thought. There use to be a time where the story plot was the very thing that drew you into the the game world and progressed the interaction of the characters.

To date there seems to be few MMOs that have continued this idea.

As I have played what some label them as "MMORPG" I have found myself enjoying most and for a few, playing longer than a few weeks, but there have been only 1% (if that) of these so called rpg style  games that actually keep me coming back because I wanted to see where the story progressed from where I left it. In fact the one game I still play that does seem to incorporate a storyline plot is LOTRO. For the most part I feel like my character is involved in a adventure that impacts my world.

For me, if I am going to put more time and money into something I would like to have something more than a game that leaves me grinding away endlessly at mobs for item drops and reputation that only produces an end result of trying to be king for a few days in a pvp fest of wasted time! Don't take this wrong here. I love pvping and have spent alot of time with fps games like Halo, but if you are going to label your MMO with those 3 little letters at the end THEN please offer a real role playing experience for the many out there that like to get more out of a game than a great ego feed trying to be the best pker in the game!