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And now a drastic turn to the left.

Posted by Wondereric Monday June 2 2008 at 3:54PM
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or maybe the right?  I don't know. 

So last week I found out that my job is being outsourced to India and the only thing I could think was how am I going to pay for my game subscriptions... oh yeah and eat.  Maybe it's a good thing, maybe I need some of that giant glowy thing out there...

Anyway recently, I started playing Age of Conan and I really like it.  I'm playing a Herald of Xolti.  It has come to be my favorite class of any fantasy game I've played.   It suits me the best I suppose is why.  Though I find myself yelling a the screen a lot.  It really is a thinker class.  You have to think and plan you attacks.  I think that is what I like the best about Conan.   

So going on about Conan wasn't really my intention in writing this... it was more to focus on what do I do now.   I'd really love to work in the game industry but there doesn't seem to be two many companies here where I live.  And I don't really have the luxury of relocating.   So I am at a cross roads with no clue what to do next with my life.  

I'm gonna go cut some heads off in Hyboria...

Stardate 6: One journey ends...

Posted by Wondereric Sunday April 13 2008 at 4:38PM
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Another begins...

4 years later... I have a 50... and what did that get me... Two aliens that suck.   and not in a good way.  To be honest, I can't really say that suck.  I haven't played one past level 2.  I should give it a chance.   I guess my big thing was where were the fireworks?  The 76 trombones?  The Streamers?  The Heroes dancing naked on poles handing out free shots?!    WHY WAS TURNING 50 just like any other day... any other mission... BORING. 

Seriously, the makers of games need to watch more musicals.  I mean in a musical everything is a big deal... Take for instance the simple act of looking in a mirror in West Side Story becomes an entire song and dance number... about how dang pretty she thinks she is...   SO It's my official announcement that MMO designers need JAZZ HANDS!!!!!!!!     JAZZ HANDS!  JAZZ. HANDS!   It could have at least said... way to finally get 50 you slow a$$.   Seriously! 

Ok... so anyway... now I'm stuck with what character am I going to take to 50 next?   The 29 Sonic/Sonic? The 29 Ice/Rad ?  the 35 Spines scrapper?  the 44 energy blaster?  I really want to get the Illusion Controller up cause I want all the coolio powers... phantom armies and such.   And then there is the 12 Storm/Electric Defender.  I like him a lot.  ETC ETC ETC... yes the list goes on...  

I have one Villain... I probably should 50 him... hehe I Like that 50 him... He's at 37.  with the veats coming I wouldn't mind trying out a blood widow.  funner.  

Anyway I have decisions to make... I can't be sitting here blogging.   

Stardate 5: Teaming... what a difference a good one makes.

Posted by Wondereric Monday March 31 2008 at 9:37AM
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I have to admit that most of my MMO career I have been timid at best to join pick up teams but lately with so many of my friends moving to other games and after moving to a new server, I've been somewhat forced to do it.  Which is good for me.  (am i the only one that is shy in real like and in cyber life?)  

So, I've had the fortune of playing with two really awesome teams the last couple of weeks of playing.  It's quite a treat to acutally play with a good team.  One that lacks the drama of someone dropping out cause they aren't the leader, didn't get their way or no one is listening to their idea of strategy.   A team where everyone knows their strengths and plays them well and knows everyone elses strengths and allows them to do them well also.  It is quite a different experience and has made the game much more enjoyable for me. 

I guess that's what I've been doing wrong all this time!    So anyway I'm going to go find a good team to play with!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog...

Posted by Wondereric Sunday March 9 2008 at 10:17AM
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with a message about Alt-itis.  

Yes Alt-itis.  It's a serious disease.  

Hi my name is Eric and I am an Alt-aholic.  Whenever I've grown bored or overwhelmed with a character, or it's just a day that I don't want to play a lot, I’ll create a new character.   Sometimes when I'm at work and I get bored I just think about a story or concept for a new character.  I have a serious problem.    In the past week I have created 4 new alts.  I haven't played them past level 3... but I made them.  Whilst, my level 44, 38, 35, 28, and 27 characters all sit neglected.   It's sad really.   Maybe I have commitment problems, or completion problems...

There needs to be a support group for this sort of thing. 


Stardate... 4

Posted by Wondereric Wednesday February 20 2008 at 11:31AM
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So, I'm playing last night.  I'm at 43 still.  3 bars from 44.  I've been playing other characters, which I said I wasn't going to do, but I have.  So anyway, I'm playing and I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere so I say to myself... Eric... raise your threat level.  Now what you must understand about me is I hate debt.  I hate it.  HATE IT.   So I usually play on Heroic and just never worry about dying.  Call it an irrational fear or I'm just weird whatever.   So I raise my threat level cause I figure it will go faster.  And it does.  But I notice that Mission bonus is the same... and I'm thinking... that sucks.  I'm fighting higher level baddies and usually more of them... and I get the same mission bonus.  Is that right?   I guess it is... I gained XP a lot faster but not from the mission bonus.  Oh well.  I guess I'm just bitter about it. 

Ok... I had been playing on Triumph and Victory, but my friends all moved to virtue.  So, I moved all my characters there.  Which I have to say kinda sucked.  I had to rename a lot of them.  Who knew that someone could come up with such obscure names as me?!  I mean seriously.   WHO KNEW!  I guess that is encouraging really.  There is another freak out there like me!  YES! 

Lastly, What do people have against Energy/Energy blasters?  huh?  I get NO invites when I play him.  But I play my Ice/Rad Controller and I can't beat them off with a stick.  And people really should learn the different sets.  I mean you should know that a Storm/Electric defender cannot be anything better than a second rate backup heal.  1 heal power people! 1... and it's a single person heal at that.  So no I can't heal your TF.  I can debuff all day long but not heal.  

I'm gonna go create a new character.  


Posted by Wondereric Sunday February 10 2008 at 11:17AM
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So this weekend was double xp weekend on City of Heroes/Villains.  I got a few hours of play in... not as much as I would have liked because the sig other decides this weekend is the weekend to work on the house.  Now let's make no mistake that for the past two years there has been plenty of nagging from me to work on the house, landscaping etc.  but to no avail...  but of course THIS weekend the weekend when there is DOUBLE XP is the weekend it all HAS to get done.   What is there some non-gamer six sense that tells them NOW NOW is the time to interrupt the gamer!  now is the time to destroy their will! muwhahahaha.  

Well, luckily it was double xp so in the short time I did play I got two levels.  woot!  Go double xp!



Stardate... uh.. 2... yeah I'm just going with it.

Posted by Wondereric Tuesday January 15 2008 at 8:54AM
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So I've been playing COx regularly again.  Some of my old wonderful SG has returned too.  Which is very very nice!  but I'm looking for a second SG to join.  I realized I just love the game.  I love flying around and smashing things.  

Anyway, in other exciting COx news, after 4 + years of playing I finally hit the 40s!  Yes my friends I'm a level 41 Energy/Energy blaster... and I took force mastery as my epic... why you might ask?  For no other reason than back story.   Yes I think I've become one of those MMO players, with the story and I might even be labeled an RPGer...  My character is Zaphon... he's a fallen angel trying to get redemption to get back into heaven.   Energy/Energy seemed right... cause it was all bright and lighty... (is lighty a word.. well I guess it is now)... He has stealth, invs and phase cause well it sorta fit right... going in and out of another demension or something... and then Force Mastery because an angel is all protecty and stuff... right?   I think the long hours at work and then on the game are starting to affect my brain.  (though some of you might be thinking what brain....)

In other WonderEric news... Age of Conan caught my eye... I saw a gameplay trailer on G4... I think that any game where you get to cut someones head off in a brutal barbaric manner is tops in my book!   So Age of Conan folks.. pick me as your new Beta tester!  I'm a natural finder of things that are wrong. 

One last thing non-game related... a funny story if I do say so myself... I keep getting yahoo message spam... So I decided to see if there was really someone on there... Here is what resulted:

[14:48] "spammer": HI
[14:48] "spammer":  <ding>
[14:48] "spammer":  OK
[16:15] wondereric:  hello...
[08:43] "spammer":  HI
[08:43] wondereric:  hola
[08:44] "spammer":  HI
[08:44] "spammer":   <ding>
[08:44] wondereric:  hi ding back... who is this?
[08:45] "spammer":  AM "GENERIC GIRLS NAME" U ?
[08:46] "spammer":  <ding>
[08:46] wondereric:  "GENERIC GIRLS NAME" ...  i'm Eric... WonderEric... the only male ever excepted by the mystic mythological Amazon race.  I've been trained by them secretly for years... but they have sent me here to fight crime.
[08:46] "spammer":  WHAT CRIME ?
[08:47] "spammer":  All of it... anything from murderers to internet spam.  and I'm not interested in your webcam or anything else you might be trying to sell me.
[08:47] "spammer": OK

I haven't heard from "spammer"  since. 

Take that internet spammer!!!!! 

Stardate... uh.. 1?

Posted by Wondereric Wednesday January 9 2008 at 10:13AM
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Yeah ok so I don't know stardates and all that stuff.  Does that make me less of a Trek fan?  I don't think so... But I digress.  I'm going to start my first blog with the games I'm playing and the ones that I am looking forward to testing out. 

Games I play:

City of Heroes/Villains.... I love this game.  I've been playing it since closed beta.  I wish I had more time to play.  I'm an alt-a-holic because I've had about 25 characters over the course of the years and I just made level 40 on my highest character.   I play mostly on Triumph now... but do have one character on Virtue.   Ok so anyway... that's COx..  (which is so dirty...or maybe it’s just my mind that is…)


Guild Wars- Yeah ok so I got it... but I don't play it that much... but I would if I had friends... that played.. I mean I have friends… really... I do...

Looking forward to:

Star Trek Online:  Don't screw it up.  pwease!   

Aion: looks fun... graphics are good.... and WINGS are pretty!

Stargate worlds:  I'm a sucker for a good stargate... weee

Games that caused me a rash:

World of Warcraft:  I don't even know what to say... I played it ... the rash hurt. 

Tabula Rasa:  Not so much a rash as a intense burn.  If I tried it again It might not be so bad.  It just didn't hold my ADHD in check.

Lord of the Rings Online:  Call me a purist... or maybe I just didn't give it a good enough chance... maybe it was the killing Lute of power that really killed it for me...  or maybe I didn't have the graphics up high enough?

Star Wars Galaxies:  I really wanted to love this game.  I didn't... should I try again?  who knows.  probably won't.

Eve Online:  No rash... I just don't think I'm smart enough.   hahaha

I think that is all for now.  All the other games I've tried aren't worth the mention.  really they aren't.