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Simply want to talk about games, in a neutral light, the pros, the cons, and of course toss in my own personal opinion, right or wrong doesn't matter, because I don't see it as such.

Author: WolfClaws

ShadowRun : Sleeping in the Shadows

Posted by WolfClaws Monday September 29 2008 at 8:05AM
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Yeah, it's me again. I believe this is my 3rd blog posting on ShadowRun MMO.

No, it is not in development, but I sure do want it to be. For some reason, though, I have not been able to sleep some nights. Even clearing my head I have these... thoughts, these ideas. And it stays there until I write it down. What better place to do it, than here!

In my previous postings I talked about the classes, and missions and all that. This will be a several parter...

Now I will talk about, what will bring gamers back to the game AFTER they log off.
Doesn't matter if it is their 1st time or 100th time... what will bring gamers back?

Now, granted, some of these features have been done in some games already, but the way they are used.... is a winning combo. Pay attention MMO Publishers.

Ahhh, yes... the mighting housing issue. First, why do we, as gamers, want housing? Is it to find a comfortable bed to sleep on? Grab something out of the fridge late at night? A place to keep the rain off of us?

Of course not!

We do not care about the mundane stuff, we want the house to show off our decoration skills, a place to put our war trophies up and brag about things. It can be a secure location to invite some friends over. Or a rally point before a big raid.
But this has all been done before... the funny thing is... games today are NOT giving us war trophies, or homes we can decorate or even show off to others easily. What is the point of having a home if people cannot find it? What is the point of having a home if I cannot put my stuffed head on the wall?

Keep those flamethrowers at bay folks... but Star Wars Galaxies had it right when they put in the housing system. Anything in your inventory could be dropped and put anywhere... now in any position. Armor, weapons, trophies, cool stuff, whatever, and you could decorate your home however you wanted IF you wanted to take the time to do it. Or you could have your buddy come in and decorate for you. Then you showed it off.. great stuff. This system reminded me of Ultima Online but with far more creative execution.

Ok, so ShadowRun, do I plan on putting trophies on my wall? You would if there were a crapload of items in game that matched SWG's system. Everything from weapons, trophy weapons, totems, decks (the hacking kind) head of beasts, or legs, or tails, teeth from dragons... This way you could design your quarters as you see fit.

Are we talking instanced housing?
Unfortunatly, yes. Why? Because while most people don't mind navigating through the streets of Seattle... trying to find real estate for 50,000 people who call that server home.. would be crazy. You would needs to build apartment buildings, Go up the elevator, head down the hall to the right, and make sure you don't lose your key... it's a little too tedius.
Let's try this. Depending on which city you are based in, it will be instanced.. nothing to be done about that. Instead of being down.. think of this. You can own one pad in each city.. if you are "legal" there. Legal being a loose term.

What the hell??!! You talk of instanced housing, which is bad enough, but now multiple houses??? What is wrong with you man!

I know. Hear me out. They would have to build this thing from the ground up. Duh. But, think about searching the internet... you hop on or to run a search using the right tags. Heck you can do that here with the blogs. Now imagine you set up your home in Seattle and you are allowed to create tags for your pad. So you use "trophy, decoration, museum, party, decker" and now your pad is associated with those terms AND your characters's handle.

Now someone only needs to head to the nearest terminal in that city and plug in Museum for the search word, and a whole listing of places come up for them. If you have an "open house" anyone who is not banned from your home, will just come on in and look around. See your view, if any, and when they want to leave, either walk out the door or use the terminal in the home and find another home to visit. Simple on paper right? LOL.

Ok, so I can make a home, decorate it, but what is the point? I am not an interior decorator.
Simple. We make housing worthwhile to have, from a gameplay aspect.

You know how food and drinks raise up your regeneration in other popular games?
Well here your home would do that. Check this out.

Your place, whether it be a squatters nest that you get when you start out, or if you are a corporate man, a nice small efficiency, you will be allowed only a little bit of "room" to place things inside. These simple things like a bed and a fridge, shelves, will have a certain "value" that the home cannot go beyond.

This value would have a Roleplay reasoning of "in a squatters den if you have too much stuff, someone will surely come to take it, so best not to tempt fate" Or "your corporate sponsors only allow you to decorate your home so much, to better represent your role with the company. Earn their respect to be assigned to larger quarters and hopefully one with a better view."

That was established.

The bed would provide your mental regeneration and the fridge your health regeneration.. Nothing crazy, of course. Other trophies and items placed in your home would also give you other benefits, again, no large numbers or powerful abilities, but some nice to haves. And who knows, maybe even make Feng Shui a prominent factor in enhancing these increases slightly... something fun.

Remember when I brought up the thing about having a place each city? Well your increases will only happen when you in that city's influence area... So if you are visiting the elves in England, you won't get any benefits from your homes in America.

All games have some kind of crazy money sink system in place... The way rent would work if you choose to rent, will be monthly. You would be responsible to come up with rent and could pay 3 months out, 12 months out etc.. and this would be real life months. Your place also wouldn't go away with all your things deleted if you don't pay your rent, but others will not be able to enter, and neither will you until you pay your back rent. And you lose your benefits.

Another option would be buying a home... much more expensive, but less Nuyen in the way of monthly payments for utilities and condo fees (if you bought a condo).

Which brings me to the items... The items in your home would give you certain bonuses of course, but also certain abilities... But, I think I will make that another entry. I had a LOT to think about last night.

WolfClaws writes:

Can't believe no one has comments on the housing system...

I person buried it, and one bumped it.. would have liked feedback...  Oh well.

Mon Sep 29 2008 12:44PM Report
MrBum21 writes:

to an exten i miss the UO style of housing, except of how bad it caused lag and few things sucked worse then running into a stealth castle.

but i would LOVE to see a shadowrun MMO, not sure if i would want it more RPG or FPS, but i would be game either way,

Mon Sep 29 2008 2:07PM Report
Arawon writes:

HOUSING (not instanced)....deep Crafting.....Faction Warfare...the keys to a game I would play.

Mon Sep 29 2008 2:09PM Report
WolfClaws writes:

Unfortuantely in a modern or future world setting, instanced housing is going to be the primary way of doing this.  My opinion only... of course.

But with the things I have written here, especially the search function would be a huge mitigation tool to not feeling all alone in the world.

When I type up my items ideas... you'll see how housing and item collection will synergize.


Oh and any MMO or publisher who wants any of this information, feel free to contact me, I am sure we can work something out, in this blog post or any other.  But please don't just take it without talking with me first.

And feel free to fire your existing idea guys :P  I might be interested in a job, but if it is for ShadowRun, I am there with bells and whistles on...

Mon Sep 29 2008 2:39PM Report
Khalathwyr writes:

I don't really want to see this IP made into an MMO right now. I love the Shadowrun universe, don't get me wrong. After the distaste SWG left me Shadowrun has taken over that position in my all time favorite IPs.

No, my fear here is that the game companies of today only know how to do one thing: Make an MMO in the image of WoW or borrow fairly heavily from it. In my opinion, to get the most out of the game systems of Shadowrun, which are complex and thoughful, taking the "path of least resistance" route on game systems as WoW has perfected would do the IP an injustice.

If anything, the game needs to be made by folks who understand the Shadowrun world and not a mega-corp (hehe, I know you liked that one) like Blizzard, SOE or any of these AAA houses. Make it a niche game for people who like the world's lore/system and make it the right way. It's going to take a company that isn't worried about "making a WoW-killer" and there are too many morons in positions of power who are consumed with doing just that, or idiotic enough to listens to the forum monkeys who constantly whine that phrase.

So, I'll be happy to not see a Shadowrun MMO not take form until companies unilaterally take their "Blizzard's Guide to MMOs for dummies" handbooks and burn them.

Mon Sep 29 2008 6:15PM Report
WolfClaws writes:

I get where you are coming from.  I really do.

Which is why, if I somehow won the $100 million dollar lottery, guess what I would make :P

Creating a complex and immersive environment like ShadowRun would take someone or a group of people who really got it, but more than that, yes, more heh, that group of people, like you said, not out to make a quick buck.

Building something solid, and that will last through the years, until an  "upgrade" is made... generally speaking graphically, the databasing etc.  Like what Guild Wars2 is doing for Guild Wars.  Keep the story continuing onward.

And no, your irony of the megacorps ruining this game was not lost on me :P

Mon Sep 29 2008 8:53PM Report
Sirspongy writes:

I also think that a Shadowrun MMO would be an amazing game to play, if done right. Khalathwyr pointed out that game companies, as of late, tend to make WoW clones. The "game companies" tag is a little vague though. The truth of the matter is that most of the developers that have been coming up with the game concepts in the last few years have had great vision and original ideas (to a certain extent).

The problem of games turning into WoW clones usually happens when the developers (a lot of the time small companies) try to sell their game to multiple publishers in order to get funding to create their game. This is really where the big issue appears. Publishers are out of touch with what gamers want now-a-days. They generally only care about a "sure thing". They see WoW and they see a sure thing. This is where the developers have to comprimise with the publisher in oder to get the money they so dearly need. It is sort of like selling out but they really have no other choice most of the time.

To sum up my post, I agree with Khalathwyr in the sense that if Shadowrun were to begin development today and they had a publisher like MS, Sony or EA the game would likely turn out a clone of WoW or EQ/EQ2. I would love to see this IP in an MMO shell soon but until WoW dies down or there is a sudden shift in the way publishers think, the game will turn into another "push out the door too soon, piece of junk (and souless) MMO".

Mon Sep 29 2008 10:45PM Report
Gilwen writes:

The housing system you talk about sounds very much like the one in Neocron MMO game several years back. it was great and it worked. You could even hack in (pick locks) and get in other peoples housing if you knew where they were located.

Housings were in several housing buildings and you took an elevator from ground floor to the instanced floor where there were several doors (if I remember correctly).

I'd definately give Shadowrun MMO a run if it ever game out, too much of these sword and shield games out.

Mon Sep 29 2008 11:52PM Report
WolfClaws writes:

If done right by a new or quiet company, it could definately put them on the road map.   But the done right is tough to do, especially when you are right Sirspongy, it would be too easy to take the easy road to make a clone or something similiar.

Gilwen, I didn't know Neocron was like that.  When it came out I was in Japan, and only had sucky dialup... I didn't want to get frustraited so I never played it. 

I beta'd Matrix online, and it was like that for missions.  Run into a building, hop on the elevator and boom, instant instanced mission.  If they had stuck to their guns in the beginning, it might have been decent, but it was as if they diverted all their resources to something else.

Tue Sep 30 2008 6:10AM Report
Narug writes:

No thanks to another MMO based on an established IP.

Please just make an up to date single player RPG in the same quality as that great Sega Genesis title.  Single player wise you'd be able to feel as powerful as you should if you were in that universe.  A MMO would ruin that feel through balance neccesity.

Tue Sep 30 2008 7:20PM Report
WolfClaws writes:

I agree with that Narug, but even the cool games, like Vampire The Masquerade, well the second one, could have been a hit that lasted all these years cause of its niche in the genre IF they added a multiplayer aspect to it.. Even if it were a controlled environment like the first game was.

Same is true for Elder Scrolls, Fallout 3...

I too would love a RPG as great as the SEGA AND NES versions were... Let's face it though... games today strive harder and further with solid multiplayer options and support.

It is the faceless "megacorps" that screw things up... that and console ports.  Or PC ports from console.  Speaking of which.. I hope they get it right for Fallout 3... or I'm gonna be miffed.

Tue Sep 30 2008 9:38PM Report
Drisdane writes:

For any of you that have played EQ2, I think their housing system had it spot on (MY OPINION). You could rent anything from a hovel in the inn in the low rent district, or you could rent a HUGE house on the outskirts of the noble quarter. Crafting allowed for furniture crafting of hundreds of variations. You could get things like trophies from kills and miscellaneous decorations from quests, shops or bonus content. They had it right.

Wed Oct 01 2008 3:06PM Report
WolfClaws writes:

It wasn't that great in EQ2... It was ok.  But could have been better.

Accessing other's homes was a difficult task as well, and the lighting was not that grand.  Along with the placement of items, it was a little clumsy to use.  They were on the right track, similiar to SWG too.

Wed Oct 01 2008 4:30PM Report
Maligar writes:

I feel your pain in regards for your desire to play this setting in an MMO.  Like a previous poster mention, I desire for nothing more than a break from the gargantuan amount of sword and shield based games available. 

To be quite honest, im in college right now.  My sole goal going in was getting the degrees/education requried to make this very game.  Whether it be at a development house or on my own in my spare time.

Many of the ideas you posted are very much ideas I have considered in my vision of what this game would be.  The basis is there.  The community is there.  The forced interaction through distinct classes/abilities is there.  But like many have said, it must be done right.  Not to be smeared into another WoW clone only because they know no better than to mimic what currently rules the marketplace.

That is one of the problems with today's marketplace.  It no longer is about coming up with your own unique ideas/inventions and marketing them.  It has dwindled into, take the best idea already out and improve it slightly, mark it as your own and be on your way to the bank.  And this ideal stretches across nearly all market genres, not just in the gaming industry.

But onfortunately, until Microsoft is done with it's strangle hold on any electronic gaming Shadowrun I.P., im afraid we are doomed to endure such horrid work as the most recent released Shadowrun based game which was nothing more than a ploy to force gamers to upgrade to Vista.  Thankfully enough cried out and it was made possible to play on an OS other than Vista.  Even then, the game was still not that great, at all.

One day though, as much of a pipe dream as that sounds, one day we will have a Shadowrun MMO.  I most certainly hope that when the credits roll, my name will be one of the chosen few to grace the scrolling names.

Wed Oct 01 2008 5:46PM Report
Maligar writes:

I see that in a previous blog you mention the fact Microsoft no longer holds the rights.  I did not know this and will have to look into that.  If true, please disregard my previous comments on this point only.

Wed Oct 01 2008 6:01PM Report
WolfClaws writes:

No worries Maligar.  I get ya.  Completely.

I would want to see this developed not for money (though a comfortable lifestyle would be cool LOL) but to put something out that is true to the Game... and something that others can enjoy, because it is a quality product.

Tomorrow I plan to throw out my vision of items and trophies... Be ready, it's gonna be wild LOL.

Wed Oct 01 2008 6:53PM Report
tantoedge writes:

See you there :)

Sun Jan 31 2010 10:55PM Report writes:
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