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Simply want to talk about games, in a neutral light, the pros, the cons, and of course toss in my own personal opinion, right or wrong doesn't matter, because I don't see it as such.

Author: WolfClaws

ShadowRun: Cut the Drek Chummer

Posted by WolfClaws Thursday September 25 2008 at 12:57PM
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A while ago I had created an entry about ShadowRun being a MMO and the possibilities for it.  That can be found here .

Now I am back.  Gonna post a little bit about me staying up for a few hours last night brainstorming some more on this concept.

Am I afraid someone will rip me off and get started on the game?  Meh, if they do, I am sure I'll get royalties or at least an invite to the beta heh.  Besides, for the greater good, the more I talk about it, hopefully the more I will inspire someone to push it forward.  I would do it myself, but I don't have the millions of dollars to develop this game... and I truely believe, I could make it all up in the first month.  Ok, maybe 2 months heh.

So, I was thinking about the Archtypes, the classes.  I was also thinking, how will all this be put together.  How will the level design work, xp, Nuyen.. ?

Well right off of the bat, Fixxers and Mr Johnsons would be more than likely NPCs.

Why? Well, they don't really have a combat role, and they don't really do much than support the Runners in moving hot items, or aquiring items like fake SINs and weaponry, information... 
Mr Johnsons because they provide the Runners with the missions.  Pure and simple.  They are usually powerful beings, or represent a powerful being, have a ton of wired and magical bodyguards.  So these guys would be support NPCs.

I am trying to keep the spirit of ShadowRun alive in this "wannabe" MMO.
Now what about the classes?
Well, Street Samurai, Shaman, Mages (all types), Detective, etc are all combat oriented.  They would be part of the standard shoot em up, blast em to hell kinda classes.  Pretty easy.

The problem children will be the Decker and the Rigger.  Both provide direct support and there is a ton of lore for each.  The question would is, "How to implement  them in an way that is true to what they are in game?" 

Well, at first (in my previous blog entry) I thought the Rigger would be an NPC class.  Or be held off until later expansions... but last night I had the answer.  The rigger would be needed to reach certain missions... but would be able to be contracted out via NPC so groups wouldn't be felt left out or absolutely need a certain class.  But you wouldn't get the same support from them.

Anyways, you fly in, or wheel in thanks to your local Rigger, and she sets up camp in a "command" center setup that allows her to use her drones right there with the other Runners.  They don't go up with the runners with their "meat" instead they are flying up or driving up and around with their drone.  The drone will have different upgrades and weaponry and if the drone gets blown up, the rigger sends in another drone, but the drone has default weapons (in case too many drones get blown up) and either sets it up on the fly or have it preload with the upgrades and weapons.  This will be his money sink... but should be able to salvage his wrecks and the other equipment in the mission.

The Decker will be a different story...
I am still not sure how to incorporate this in a team aspect to interact with others.  Because the Matrix has to be a huge part since there is an enormous sub-culture that lives in the Matrix in the ShadowRun world.

I want to give it the proper respect as it deserves but it is like a whole new game within a game.  And Deckers are normally lone wolves providing deck support to Runners.

How will the world be, missions be?
Good question...
Well, I was thinking of it being a mix between missions in "dungeons" as the primary way of doing things.  This will allow for Decker support in the future, and of course the Rigger support.  So part Dungeons and Dragons Online with the specialized and customized missions maps... lots of work I know.   Then probably something like WAR or AoC in the open environment... maybe including something similiar to the PQs in WAR or whatnot.

No idea.  Since ShadowRun it would be based on teamwork and  not individualism.  Well, aside from the Decker, but he is still working towards a teambased goal.

Now there will be different factions.  You will have major corporations making their power plays.  Maybe not all of em will be in play at the start but definately 2 or 3 of them,,, then the ability to be "snatched" into the new ones at huge cost.  Not only will there be Corp Runners who are well financed and have stock weapons and technology that is the specialty of that Corp, there will be the actual Runners who are living in the shadows... those that bound to any master and lay their loyalties who whomever is paying the most Nuyen.

So I guess it could be like Pirates of the Burning Sea in that aspect... The actual ShadowRunners would be the Pirates, and the Corps will be part of a Nation... That's a good idea.  None would be enemies unless there would be a bounty on said player or they were working on opposing goals.  That would be part of the competition aspect... Two or more groups of Runners working to achieve their goals while trying to subvert the other group... but not in direct PvP... The Decker could be in play here to try to lock doors, or activate security systems etc...

 What about the Voice Actors? Are they going to be the same cheesy sounding ones in other MMOs?  Hell no.  Like I mentioned in my comment below (since I forgot about this too).  Each voiceactor (one may do multiple voices of course) will be from that region they are portraying themselves to be from.  What that means is that someone from Seatle will be doing the voice over of a NPC who is from Seatle.  If the NPC is from a Native American organization, then they will be a Native American from that appropriate region.  Same if they are from China.  Depending what province they are supposed to be from, that voice actor will be from there (speaking english of course,,, with some Mandaran tossed in heh).

In closing, for now... This was some stuff that was on my mind last night.  I hope you all enjoyed :D