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Simply want to talk about games, in a neutral light, the pros, the cons, and of course toss in my own personal opinion, right or wrong doesn't matter, because I don't see it as such.

Author: WolfClaws

WAR! Good God Ya'll!

Posted by WolfClaws Friday September 12 2008 at 7:40AM
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Warhammer: Age of Reckoning or WAR is a game built, developed and released (or will be) by Mythic Entertainment, formally EAMythic, formally Mythic Entertainment.

The game was built from the ground up with Player vs Player (PvP) interaction in mind.  WAR uses the system of PvP that Dark Age of Camelot used called Realm vs Realm or RvR to put some focus and purpose in the fighting.

The problem some MMOs... Ok, a lot of MMOs is, what is the point of PvP?  Sure PvP is fun, but why do it?  For items?  I have everything.  Gold?  I have 100 million Platinum already.  For Prestige? I am already famous.  So why fight?

For control. 

In DAoC you captured keeps for gold and xp bonuses and if you captured enough of them you could go for the Relic Keeps and take a Relic from one of the other two nations.  This, along with your primary relic gave bonuses to either your physical damage or magical damage.  Then you have to defend... so there would be constant wars with the relics Fluxing back and forth between the hands of the three different nations in the game. 

For WAR, I am not certain what the relic is, if any, but I am certain that something similiar will be had.

I mentioned that PvP was the main focus of this game.  It is.  From level 1 you can go out and PvP for your side.  Yeah, I said Level 1.  Something Mythic learned was that people hung out in level 15 and 25 battlefields for the pvp fun.  Even though they had level 50s running around.
WAR gives this to you.  You run around killing folks (other players) and gain points for your nation.  It is my understanding that you have to be in a certain level range to get these points, to prevent greifing and unfair tactics.

Ok, so the theory for a good PvP game, that has been tried and true. 

Let's talk a bit about the graphics.

WAR's environment is a colorful, but dark.  The character models are large and chunky and exagerated.  This is why people are comparing it to WoW.  It ISN'T WoW!  Nothing like it.  The elves don't have glowing eyes and big floppy ears and dance around like Brittany Spears and Michael Jackson. 

Your Character creation is very... limited.  You get like 5 heads to choose from, a couple of hair styles and a few hair colors and that's it.  You are done.  The armor is limited in visuals as well.  End game, everyone who is the same RvR level or rank will all look the same.  I do hope they change this.

Combat... combat is ... classic MMO style.  Call me crazy or spoiled but I like Age of Conan's combat system better.  This one is simple, autoattack and click buttons 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 now if you are a ranged class, it gets more tricky... 1,2,3,4,shift 1-4... If you are ranged (one thing I like) you cannot attack when someone is up in your face with that ranged weapon, you have to go melee.  As it should be.

Combat animations are clunky at best, and the attacks are... lacking.  The spell effects and animations are horrid as they are missing so much to them.  You use a Ray attack and you see your hands glowing, then a giant damage number appears over the head of the critter you just attacked.  Lots of spells are like this.

The combat is just lacking, it is an old outdated system... sure you get like 40 different attacks and moves, but it is way too much, and as I said, outdated.  They do have a cool feature that allows you to use a special, one of 4 actually that is available the more you fight.  Kind of like an  andrenaline feature.. the more you have filled, the higher tiered ability you can use.

The Lore in this game is bar none phenominal.  The codex is by far the most kickass thing I have ever seen or experienced.  I give huge kudos and props to the developers AND writers with this one.  Everytime you kill a new critter, you gain a new entry, and you see the lore on that creature.  Your quests, monsters, locations, trophies, all have their own lore and pages of info that are easily navigated through.

Quests are ok.  Your standard Fed-Ex missions and kill 10 critters and return... but they have a unique way of showing this on the minimap.  Instead of a dot or icon to where you need to go, they have an outline of an area.  This means that your target is somewhere within those borders.  So you have to do a little bit of looking.  Which is cool.  And there are several quests.  Decent rewards, etc. 
Can you still grind? Sure.
Can you solo, yep.

The coolest part about this game is the little things you can do.  You actually can climb on a catapult and fling yourself on top of a castle wall... I thought it was just a video thing... but it is real and in game.

But the world is small.  And is made smaller since your character is so big.  And by big I mean your footprint on the "world" is fairly large to where one step in this game would be the same as 3 steps in Age of Conan, or 2 steps in WoW.  Your line of sight is also limit as well.  In AoC you could literally a game mile away at least, here, a quarter that.

There are other positives and negatives out there, but I am not writing a book now am I?

Great Lore
Detailed Codex that is easily navigated
It's Warhammer, everyone is messed up in the head here!
Large choice of races on both sides
Minimap quest outlines so you have to think a bit
Couple of inovative classes (Squigherder is very unique)
Built from the ground up for RvR

Pisspoor Combat animations
Huge characters
Still a large number of bugs
Missing that large world feel
No real visual character custumization
Standard MMO combat sequence

All in all, the game is decent and offers something different to players out there.  DAoC veterans will feel at home with the RvR system, but be put off by the large characters.

The game is still very buggy and missing a lot of balance to it for the different classes.  There will be tweakage, like every MMO out there and people will be upset by it.  But the game is not ready... not completely anyways.

There will be haters and fanboys who will be stating "You don't know what you are talking about!" "Your system sucks!" etc... I had been in beta since March of last year.  So.... shush.  Their testing methods were solid, I will give that to them.  No game have I ever tested have I experienced detailed testing like that.  But it is way too soon.

My system?

Core2 2.66mhz
8800GTX SLI'd
4 GIG RAM DDR2 800
Vista 64-bit

There is more to the system, but who cares about the rest right?


My advice...

Get the game if you have it ordered.  Don't cancel.  Give it about 3-6 months before you start up, it might be worthwhile going to.  This way you don't have to deal with the bugs and the exploits and the fixes...

In all honestly, for all the bugs and problems AoC has, I feel AoC has the greatest potential of the two to be the greatest game.

Grozfox writes:

Well I dont know about the AoC being the best man heh I have it tried it but the classes I wanted to play people kept saying they would kill on sight, and did I couldnt even do the first quests because I wasnt a spesific race and class people would just kill be and tell me to get lost or change to what they wanted. come on now MMORPG's are about being what you want to be not what everyone else wants. just because they hate a class or race I mean good god. mabie I was just on a horrid server who knows. anyhow still Like that you were fair with your assesments atleast theres some inteligent players out there.

Fri Sep 12 2008 8:29AM Report
MicrobeX writes:

Have you explore more then just the n00blet zone? I can see the tier 1 zone being a tad small.. but compare to AoC ... I didn't find them so "small" as for the tier 2 zone they get a lot bigger and at time.. it's like a giant world when you don't see a soul for miles of walking other then mobs. Or are you refering to the fact that DAoC was open world and this ain't? yet I don't understand how you can compare AoC zone size with WAR ... Khes was way to small.

And yes I do agree with you, after playing AoC ... I truely do miss the combat system from there

AoC droped the ball in just about everything that was promiss... you can't say something like "has the greatest potential" if they don't deliver on what they are hyping for years! As far as I'm concern, WAR deliver on what their promise. It's a shame that Funcom didn't learn from AO.

Fri Sep 12 2008 8:50AM Report
Jabbajawl writes:

so yeah, let me say everything i hated and was bored with about wow. this is either has a new spin on it or is done away with all together. I like the game.. i like the game alot. it was never a grind and i have plenty of things to do. i never had to run for 2 hours just to get to a flight path. the game is shorter..but thats because it takes out all of the things that wow uses to make it longer.IE runing to a flight path first...having to watch your self fly from one point of the world to another. Things are closer together and thats because someone reallised i didnt enjoy spending my day runing from the beging of a zone to the end of a zone to complete a quest just to turn around and run back to turn it in. Its a good game. the graphics are fine and they fit with the world that is created. The tome of knowledge is like having thottbot and questing mods in one. its incredibly useful and user freindly.i was more overwhelmed by the amount of things that were put in the game to make it easier for me to interact with it. More fun and less frustrating! Waagghh the new energy drink.

try it its a really fun game. 

Fri Sep 12 2008 9:05AM Report
WolfClaws writes:

Gozfox, thanks for the compliment.  I try to be intelligent when it comes to making posts like these, because everyone has their own opinions on things.  I am just sharing mine.


MicrobeX, you are correct.  Funcom is falling, and falling hard if they don't get their head out of their ass.  Remember, I said Potential, which means that if they can push forward hard, they can still succeed.  Or if they keep going like they are.. fail.

In WAR yes, I had seen the end game, middle game and noob zone and the in betweens heh.  I have seen classes put in and removed.  Damn Choppa gone : /  It is still relatively small, and you feel you are in a "smaller" world because of the size of your character and quick he moves around.  You can run from one end of the map to the other pretty quickly, baring being attacked by everything. 

Kheshatta is way too small, but Khopshef isn't.  If they built up more zones like Khopshef, AoC would have miles and miles of square footage.  More than they do now.  Basically WAR has several areas, but AoC only has a dozen...

I still think Funcom can make AoC great, and I think Mythic can make WAR great.  The question is, who does it better?  If they both fix their games up the same, I'll be staying with Conan, as I like the character models better, and of course, the combat.

Fri Sep 12 2008 9:07AM Report
Soultice writes:

All I can say is there are an awful lot of reviewers that never got out of the noob zone.  AOC was and is a joke.  Yes I played it and who care about graphics when t he basic game play is broken.

Agree we need more character customization.  But I can do without that as well, as long as huge battles are not big lag fests due to fancy attack graphics and effects, unique characters that have to be on the screen, and most importantly most compuiter users are not going out and spend  good money to see pretty graphics. 

The combat system is a subjective opinion as I happen to like not being one shotted and prefer to be able to play in battle.  The graphics are being updated daily and they are going to fix so those of you that have high end systems can make use of them.  WOW's biggest success IMHO is that the game will run on a myriad of systems and Mythic is smart in this regard.


Fri Sep 12 2008 9:27AM Report
gan3f writes:

how can you say war has several zones.. there is 2 for each tier for each racial pairing. 6x4=7?

Fri Sep 12 2008 9:36AM Report
WolfClaws writes:

Not sure where you learned your math...

Anyways, AoC does have the graphics for "realistic" combat where you feel the weight of your hits... WAR doesn't have that.  Will they?  Up to Mythic and their priorities.

The one thing Mythic always did have though, was an excellent community managment team... not sure how it is now, since DAOC it looked like they were slacking towards my twilight.. but the CSR support is there.  More than I can say for Conan.

Fri Sep 12 2008 10:02AM Report
rznkain writes:

My advice? stop blogging about things you really don't know anything about WAR is not that small of a game.And anything you did say that could have been semi valid you lost when you wrote:

 "In all honestly, for all the bugs and problems AoC has, I feel AoC has the greatest potential of the two to be the greatest game."


 Are you serious or such a blinded fanboi by funcom that you actually believe all the bs they keep feeding to ppl?

Fri Sep 12 2008 10:03AM Report
WolfClaws writes:

Well, you are entitled to your opinion. I stated the good with the bad, and yeah, WAR's zones feel small.

And It's funny, how many hours have you put into WAR?  Mine span from last April.

And yes, I still feel with the engine Funcom is using the character models and combat system, AoC does have the greater potential of the two.   If Funcom doesn't get their head out of their ass, then of course the game will suck pretty hard and WAR will be on top.

I am not a fanboy, I am just calling things like I see it... Umm, purpose of blog maybe?

Fri Sep 12 2008 10:10AM Report
Hrothmund writes:

I have to agree with Wolfclaws here. For me WAR is a good game, but still a let down. However, at release it will be in a much better shape than AoC was. For RvR enthusiasts, this will be THE MMO out there.

Fri Sep 12 2008 11:34AM Report
banthis writes:

I love it when people who dont know what they're talkinga bout ...claim to have seen x y  & z.   You sir are either a liar or have been recently beaned on the head. 

If you've seen End GAme then you know that the Tier 4 zones not counting the cities blows away all of Age of Conan's zones in size.  That its almost impossible to traverse it in a timely manner without a mount.

You'd also know that the end game is based around the capture of 2 fortresses.  The capture and hold of those 2 fortresses enable your realm to Siege on the Gates of the Enemy's Actual home city.  If you break through you pillage, loot, burn their city all the while Killing them off as well.  You snag their Tier 4 Dungeons AND a shot at their King.   Not to mention it de levels their city so when they get it back all the dungeons & areas they'd opened through hard realm work is unaccessable until they rebuild.   Thats WAR's end game.  There's no namby pamby relic fighting here. 

The mere claim that AOC has more potential is laughable. AoC as as Erling basically said is a PvE Raid DUngeon game. PvP is not a priority.  Sad really AoC could of been great if it wasn't made by Failcom.

I totally disagree with your sentiment on the model size.  The models are perfectly insize with the world if they're that big on your screen try setting your resolution to something other than 800 by 600.  The world is several times Bigger than WoW's anyone who's seen the later Tiers knows this.   Its also not mega instanced off like AoC (caused by their over zealous graphics and retard combo button mashing game yes thats right Combo systems are button mashers *gasp* sorry there's NO way around button mashing in MMOS unless MMOs suddenly become FPS games). 

You can enjoy your 48 vs 48 fights in Aoc while I'll be enjoying massive combat.   AoC can never have the massive combat that WAR has...which is sad Conan should be all about pvp.

Bugs...I know of maybe 2 or 3 minor bugs nothing major AoC still has what 100s of bugs and missing content *barf* how can anyone pay for that?! 

Obviously you know nothing about computers and what it takes in order to make a game have 100s of players on screen at once.  AoC runs like crap because it offers TOO much customization.   It also doesn't have an armor dyign system, trophy system, pocket trophy system, and all its armor looks like someone barfed on screen.    Honestly if you have time to stand around and pick out Joe Bob by his face then there's something wrong with the game or your Dead.

Combat Animations are not piss poor some aren't finished and some break due to the overloading of the server big whoopied frigging do its such a minor issue as long as im stilla ttacking I don't care if my animations are perfect.  Most MMO game animations are crap at launch anyway.

If you dont like WAR fine but dont go aroudn spewing crap you know nothing about playing the Noob zone and making wild claims is utterly hilarious considering how many of us here at have beta tested the game in more than just the Open Stage.

Fri Sep 12 2008 12:11PM Report
WolfClaws writes:

Actually, you do know that you discredited yourself.

You are going to compare the Tier 4 zones (which are large but not as big as you are making them out to be) and say because of those zones the whole game is big?  Ok,, sure, whatever you say.

And no, I have no idea about computers.  I didn't build my own, I have no idea about networking or about what actions happen serverside and client side, no idea at all.  Or what it would take to get the battles you have going on to work right, which are still borked FYI.  Gamebreaker?  That's up to you.   I make one little quip saying that my final judgement that AoC has more potential, and the trolls come out. 

And yeah, I play on an 800x600 resolution with my 8800GTX... now you either didn't read at all, or picked out bits and peices to feed on.  I suggest you read it completely before comeing and attacking me.

You say that Combat Animations are not piss poor.. then you say some aren't finished and some break due to the overloading of the server??  Heh, that isn't just server side, that is client side along with some other code interfering with it, and YES it is important unless you want to stare at your cooldown timer waiting see when you can queue your next attack,,, something I personally don't care for.

You don't like AoC fine, but don't go around spewing crap on my blog about stuff you know nothing about.

I am glad that you were in the beta, you have your views, I have mine, you don't like it, make your own blog.

Fri Sep 12 2008 1:54PM Report
WolfClaws writes:

Oh and I never said I didn't like WAR.  Didn't you even read the blog entry?

Fri Sep 12 2008 1:59PM Report
Jetrpg writes:

I think wolf has some very valid statements, as for playability and bugs WAr dominates this War has few bugs and most of them are fixed rather quickly (to make room for new ones to pop up)

Fri Sep 12 2008 5:10PM Report
iceberg2ice writes:

WolfClaws, I like your review. It seems very reasonable and in line with other reviews I've read. One thing I would like to ask you to comment if you can, is, how is the community in the game so far? I know it is still beta so probably not the same as it will be at live, but still would be nice to know your opinion on this. 


Fri Sep 12 2008 5:23PM Report
WolfClaws writes:

The testing community on the test boards are very helpful.

I remember when I first started, and there was a problem with the game and the 8800GTX card, the entire community, though frustraited since most of us had that card LOL, worked pretty hard in helping the devs try to resolve the issue.

The staff seems cool, but the community will be the same ones as AoC, WoW, etc... everyone will be YAY! until there is an adjustment with something, then it will be tons of hate.. no different than any other MMO.

Fri Sep 12 2008 6:13PM Report
Grozfox writes:

you all need to remember one thing tho folks when a game first releases its kinda expected that it will have a few leftover bugs. but over time patches will fix those and yea mabie bring on a few more once in awhile but thats why you have to be patient and just give a game time to grow and evolve you cant base a final desicion completely on a beta test because its a (key word here) Test.

Fri Sep 12 2008 7:29PM Report
Grozfox writes:

oh that and is anyone else sick of people baseing thier opinions on a game on like WoW or thier favorite game i mean come one when you try out a new game you HAVE to look at it from an unbiased opinion of it treat it like it is a new game not "oh god heres another one". Agree or dissagree just curious on that

Fri Sep 12 2008 7:32PM Report
WolfClaws writes:

You should read my other blog postings....

Fri Sep 12 2008 8:46PM Report writes:
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