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Power Of The Horde

I have been playing WoW for some time now, and i am trying to stimulate thoughts and/or arguments for other players as well as anyone else who wants to drop in. If you read a post, comment on it, cause i need input to make better topics.

Author: WoWownsall


Posted by WoWownsall Thursday December 6 2007 at 5:49PM
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Howdy everyone, sorry for the lapse in posts. Power source on my computer died, and it cost $350 to replace it and a few other parts it killed while dieing. Anyway, i would like to bring up the ever present topic, of ganking. Now, there are three sides to this. There's the end-game players who are bored, and eat lowbies for fun. There and the mid levels who pvp the lower mid levels in the same zone (me at 44 ganking a couple of 33s in stranglethorn vale) and then, there's the gankee. Now, i will not deny that ganking can be entertaining and a good stress reliever, but it gets irritating when you get slaughtered doing a quest, fishing, or gathering. In mid levels, what i hate, is when i am killing a couple of mobs i pulled, and some guy 10 levels lower than me tries to kill me while i am already fighting mobs. Now, i usually hit my cower, which drops the threat on at least one mob, which promptly kills the lowbie, but that's now the point. That's a technique I like to call, Creepinating. I made this post as an arguement starter, so it will be ended openly, and please post your comments about it. What is you point of view on Ganking?

Jamkull writes:

to each is their own...

personally I think its pointless to gank or open pvp for that matter.  rather play Unreal Tournament for that... at least there is "some" point to it :) 

but ganking is a good way to be a hateful SOB imo. 

Fri Dec 07 2007 5:26AM Report
Sovren1 writes:

eh, I have no problem with ganking.  Just teaches you to watch your back a little better.  You don't want it?  Don't play.  Simple as that.  Very practical in this matter.

Fri Dec 07 2007 7:16AM Report
beel writes:

hmm I play on a pure pvp server and here is my take

ganking low lvl is boring and shows immaturity i think, I have tried to enjoy it but just can't get into it, usually if I ambush lower level it's in retaliation to something the other side has done

ganking when the other side is involved in a battle with mobs, np

ganking when the other equal lvl guy is almost outta health ha ha np there either

what should be done by game developers is the ability to only pvp if the lvl is say +-3 levels, or otherwise just about equal that would be the most fun for everyone

Fri Dec 07 2007 7:00PM Report
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