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Power Of The Horde

I have been playing WoW for some time now, and i am trying to stimulate thoughts and/or arguments for other players as well as anyone else who wants to drop in. If you read a post, comment on it, cause i need input to make better topics.

Author: WoWownsall

Pally vs Shammy Round 3, Final Round

Posted by WoWownsall Wednesday July 11 2007 at 4:02PM
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Today's event is offensive spellcasting. The Paladin will go first

Paladin The paladin has decent offensive spellcasting. The paladin is designed to be versatile, but many offensive spells are mana pigs. When they use offensive spells coupled with their own buffs, they can survive quite a bit,

Shaman Two words. Frost-shock. Shamans have the most overpowered instant cat offensive spells in the game. They can slug it out with most spellcasters and come out on top.

Shaman Wins!

Final Scores

Paladin: 2

Shaman: 1

Paladin Wins the Competition

Pally vs Shammy Round two

Posted by WoWownsall Monday July 9 2007 at 11:52AM
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Today's event is melee combat. We will start with the shaman.

ShamanThe shaman has good melee capabilities, and is able to fight his/her way out of most situations. The only downside is lack of combat buffs in the early levels. Three basic weapon buffs, and they extremely good.

Paladin Paladins are very good fighters, because they have a great selection of weapons, and a lot of buffs that can be used instantly or near instantly. The paladin has the fighting capabilities of a warrior, but lacks the extra attack moves.

Round two: Paladin wins!


Paladin 2

Shaman 0

Why horde owns alliance, Chapter three

Posted by WoWownsall Thursday July 5 2007 at 12:07PM
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Today, our brave and fearless hero, a tauren of course, is walking along with his friends Mr.Orc, and Ms. Troll. As they round a bend, they see a Night elf, a Dwarf, and a Gnome. As the fight ensues, this is what happens.

Orc: YAAARGH! Kill them (berserking racial ability)

Dwarf: Oh no, I better use my treasure finding ability (useless)

Troll: Eh mon, Stay away from da voodoo (racial berserking)

Night elf: HOLY WIKIPEDIA! I better use shadowmeld (shadowmeld)

Tauren: Don't worry about that, Shadowmeld can be seen by anyone (warstomps, stunning all three of the alliance and taking the night elf out of shadowmeld)

Gnome: Mwahahahaha I will use my Engineering skill to smite you all, smite you good (fires gnomish deathray at tauren)

Gnomish Deathray: (explodes, lauching the gnome miles into the air)

After the fight, Mr. Orc and the mighty and powerful Tauren put the gnome on a spit and roast it too perfection. All Ms. Troll got out of the encounter was a pair of Gnomeskin boots, and a Night-elf-head Gouchi purse.

I hope you enjoyed the story

Paladin vs Shaman

Posted by WoWownsall Wednesday July 4 2007 at 10:31AM
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Aight, so I read the forums and what do I see. "Pallys are better than shammies" "shammies pwn pallys" Well, i am here to sort this out in my own way. The contestants will be judged in three areas of expertise: Healing, melee combat, and spellcasting (offensive).


Paladin: When paladins are  healing specialized, they can out-heal most holy priests. Their combination of shield and heal works. The ability to rez at level 12 is also a good thing. When It comes to it, Paladins are good healers.

Shaman: When shamans try to heal, even if they are restoration specialized, they don't do overly well. A shaman could heal for a party of five in most instances, but there would be quite a few deaths. The ability to ressurect doesn't come until level 12 as well, so no difference there.

Paladin wins healing.



Tune in next time for the melee combat event

Any Regulars

Posted by WoWownsall Tuesday July 3 2007 at 9:50PM
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I was wondering, do I have any regular visitors? I mean, this blog is small, and it sucks, and it is only ten days old, but maybe someone likes the help i give. Leave a comment if you are a regular to my blog. I may leave a few myself to make myself feel better. Just kidding, but seriously, if you like my blog, or have any suggestions, tell me.

Mounts, are they worth the money?

Posted by WoWownsall Sunday July 1 2007 at 7:07PM
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Every serious player eventually hits level 40. Some take longer than others, but they all face the challenge of saving up for a mount. This is a milestone in your character's life, as it will make overland travel much easier. I think that people should see both sides of the argument of the value of mounts. When you hit level 40, and you aren't prepared, mounts can be a killer grind. At the same time, it gives you a goal, and a sense of achievement when you do get a mount.. I have already bought my mount, and am about  half-way to getting the 81 gold needed for the training. I have waived buying new weapons and training for the time being, and have to keep myself from lending my friend money.. Other than that, saving up isn't too hard. Agian on the other hand, This saving is difficult, and very time consuming. I am on the side of buying mounts. Sure, my travel form increases my speed by forty percent,, the mount only increases it by ten more percent, but I think that riding around on my mount makes me look better than just going around in travel form, because it coul be any level 30 nooblet in travel form, but people know you are good (or a gold buying cheater) when you ride your mount along.