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Power Of The Horde

I have been playing WoW for some time now, and i am trying to stimulate thoughts and/or arguments for other players as well as anyone else who wants to drop in. If you read a post, comment on it, cause i need input to make better topics.

Author: WoWownsall

Expansions for MMOs

Posted by WoWownsall Tuesday April 15 2008 at 6:27PM
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Well, i understand that a new expansion is the only bone you can throw an endgame player is a new expansion, but it is starting to get a little crazy. It's a big money maker for companies like Blizzard, but it also makes much of the old content obsolete. What happened to Blackwing Lair? Molten Core? Onyxia? All gone. What will happen with Black Temple and Kara, as well as any other endgame raid instance? Gone as soon as WotLK comes. Why? Because, Utgarde Keep, the preliminary Northrend instance is going to have much easier to gain loot that will be comparable to or better than current endgame gear. It happened to the original raid instances, and it will happen to these too. If, for example, a new system was brought in, it may work a little better while not obsoleting the old content. This was a system put forward by an old guild of mine. Having a 1st degree Level 70 character would be all of the current stuff. Another patch could bring in 2nd degree, adding a new rank to a few abilities, and adding a 2nd degree regular and heroic difficulty to instances, offering stronger enemies, better loot, and maybe special parts and/or bosses to the instance reachable only if you are a second degree level 70 character. This system would take quite a bit of time, and would mean longer patch download times, but that is the price of improvement.

ZeroAvix writes:

I cant wait for WotLK to come out. Mainly because Im going to laugh when it completely destroys the current endgame player base and screws blizzard over :D


FFXI has a much better system when it adds expansions. They have level capped areas, such as in the CoP expansion, they have the Promys, which are 30 cap areas. I may be level 50, but I can go do those and it brings me to level 30 temporarily. This allows higher levels and lower levels to play together, and lets them add more challenging areas for certain levels, without destroying what is currently there. Blizzard needs to take a look at what there doing, and rethink it if they want this to go over well.

Tue Apr 15 2008 7:13PM Report
IsUberLeet writes:

I don't like it either but we do need something to do. I played WoW original and quit when I got to endgame out of repetitive raiding. BAM! BC and I'm up and playing again because it is something new.  It makes the game fun to players that have left due to boredom but at the same time it becomes harder to level a low level BAM yet again! Easier to level to level 50. Blizzard has handled expansions (in my opinion) quite well and as long as the game isn't your life you won't lose to much in expansion as you'll gain in fun times with friends (which is really why I play WoW). I'm currently on probation from World of Warcracft but will I play when WoTLK comes out? I'm sad to say probably Blizzard has succesfully turned me into a brain-dead zombie........Brains......

Tue Apr 15 2008 8:14PM Report writes:
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