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Power Of The Horde

I have been playing WoW for some time now, and i am trying to stimulate thoughts and/or arguments for other players as well as anyone else who wants to drop in. If you read a post, comment on it, cause i need input to make better topics.

Author: WoWownsall

PvP and PvE

Posted by jmahoney Sunday March 16 2008 at 9:31PM
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I don't know where to start on theis topic. There are two play types in World of Warcraft. Player versus Player, and Player Versus Environment. One is killing a player controlled character, the other is killing a computer controlled character. I hate it when people do the wrong thing on wrong servers.

I play on Lightninghoof server, a north american RP PVP realm. That means that Roleplaying and Player versus Player combat are the focus points of that server's play. With me so far? When I fly through any contested territory, all I hear is griping about getting ganked and killed by other players. I'm sorry, but you are in a contested area, as in, it is in contest between the two warring nations, the horde, and the alliance. It is on a PvP realm, which focuses on killing other players.

Now, i didn't just put the bold lettering in there because it looks pretty. lets piece the words together. Contested, warring, killing, other players. Where do people get confused. You are supposed to die. How fun would WoW be if you didn't die.

I used to play on Bronzebeard Realm. That's a normal server. It is designed to have a balance of PvP and PvE. If you don't want to fight other players as much, GO THERE.

People always whine "I'm only here because my friend rolled a character here" If you don't like it, and you aren't willing to leave, just shut your trap and make the game a little more enjoyable for the rest of us.

Happy Trails

BarakIII writes:

Well, from a strictly roleplaying point of view, technically the horde and the alliance are not at war.

Why complain about ganking? Because the level deferential is always so high. What's the challenge of going around ganking people who are ten or more levels below you? Even when I do play on a pvp server, which is admittedly rare, I at least leave those who are much lower in level alone.

Then there's the number deferential. What, your (not YOU specifically, but those who do this) not secure enough with your advantage in levels that you have to go with someone else to gank people so much lower level than yourself? For me this has all the appeal of watching some older kid picking on younger kids just because they can.

I'm not a fan of pvp in general so tend to avoid pvp servers, but I have played on a couple just because some friends played there as well. That said I still think that even in a pvp server there should be some sense of honor. If you want pvp at least have the guts to go to areas where you know you'll find opposing players of the appropriate level, don't hunt down people who are much lower level than yourself. In my opinion that's just flat out cowardly.

I feel the same way about high level people who go to low level areas specifically to kill off all the quest givers repeatedly. There are terms for people like that which I won't use here, but you know what they are.


Mon Mar 17 2008 5:00AM Report
Hrothmund writes:


None of those things matter. The point is, people have chosen to play on realm where PvP combat is always an option in contested zones, so I agree with the OP here, whining about getting ganked is gratuitous and futile. Blizzard won't do anything about it, and the whiners are only making themselves look like asshats.

I mean, if you can't live with being killed over and over again and get angry, you have anger management issues. This is a game that people play, not life and death.

Mon Mar 17 2008 3:42PM Report
BarakIII writes:

Then I will have to agree to disagree that none of those things matter.

Questing and leveling are still very much part of the game it's annoying when someone much higher in level thinks it's funny to kill you over and over. It wouldn't really bother me if they killed you then just moved on, but they always stay in the area so they can camp those they kill.

I don't know about whining, but I sure as heck will call in friends to settle the score or jump onto another toon and do it myself if I have one available. It usually doesn't take them long to turn tail and run at that point. Like I said, cowards, they can dish it out but can't take it. Whatever the case, anger isn't what I feel in those cases, just a mild degree of contempt.

Mon Mar 17 2008 5:15PM Report
WoWownsall writes:

Barak, and Hrothmund. You two both show very valid arguments and a great degree of maturity. You would make excellent contributors to this blog. Send me a message if you are interested.

Mon Mar 17 2008 5:39PM Report
Anofalye writes:

Whining and arguments are a strategy of PvP.


Personnally I would never play on a PvP server, and if for any reason I am been attacked/hindered by any player, I will resort to whining and open complains + /feedback.

Mon Mar 17 2008 8:32PM Report
xS0u1zx writes:

Look I play on an rppvp server, pvp is awesome, however when you're level 20 or even 60 and you're trying to quest to get to 70 and you got say 15 bored allied camping your questing area, you'd bitch to.  People get angry cause it's a waste of time to keep running back to your corpse cause some overpowered asshole thinks he's cool picking on people weaker than him, and when they go 15 against 1 it's also freakin retarded that's why people bitch.   Also Pvp realms gives you a CHOICE to whether you want to pvp or not, not everyone always wants to attack other people you know.  Like me for instance I hate normal servers cause if you wanna go pvp you can't unless it's battlegrounds and I honestly can't stand those.  I enjoy pve with the chance to kill ally's that are trying to conquer my questing area and etc.  so how's about saving space and time about a stupid thread, and write something worthy to be read.

Tue Mar 18 2008 11:37AM Report writes:
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