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Power Of The Horde

I have been playing WoW for some time now, and i am trying to stimulate thoughts and/or arguments for other players as well as anyone else who wants to drop in. If you read a post, comment on it, cause i need input to make better topics.

Author: WoWownsall


Posted by jmahoney Thursday March 13 2008 at 6:57PM
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    Well, yesterday's post was kinda a slap to the face, but lets give this another shot... There is another issue I deal with gaming, and it's becoming quite a hassle. Gold Buying. I have no problem with the company that makes the game selling gold, but it just doesn't work for a big diverse game like WoW. If my FPS drops from 120 to 6 because I enter Orgrimmar OFF OF PEAK HOURS because I am bombarded by spams about buying gold, powerleveling, and stat changers, we have a slight problem.

    It's not like runescape where it doesn't matter if everyone has pots of money, because there will always be a demand for things. Think. If every level 20 player (we are talking level 20 main) in WoW had nearly unlimited gold, how screwy would things get. The economy would tank and there would be a big price inflation on everything from earthroot to primal nether. Then, because you can get the same money you could get before the inflation for half the work, the game would get boring because you could just buy everything. Then, after the hair-pulling boredom, would come the other side of the spectrum. There is too much of everything because of the boom, and not  enough demand, so everything drops in price. And that's just half of it.

    The other half of the problem isn't even paranoid possibilities. The problem with these sites is because it is ILLEGAL to buy or sell in game items, currency, characters, and services (like powerleveling) for realworld currency. Read the EULA. They don't just put it there for decoration. Think about it. If you buy gold, you don't just get an account ban. They can sue you for breach of contract, which is pretty big. Also, in the real world, if you pay 50 bucks for 5000 gold, that money is probably going to a gold farmer in a 2nd or 3rd world country like china, india, or korea. I am not being racist about this, that is just fact.

    The current exchange rate on American Dollars to Korean Won is approximately 1 USD to 972 Won. That 50 dollars you paid just added almost 5000 Won to the South Korean economy that shouldn't be there. And no, you aren't helping people out by giving them money, because you are going to flood their economy with extra money.

     What would happen if suddenly the United States got proportionately flooded with money? Well, there would be the good period of economic boom, then in about 3 hours prices would rocket up and people couldn't afford what they could before. Then, everything goes belly up because there is the same supply vs demand dilemma i mentioned above. Not so scary in a videogame, but when it hits real life, it is very scary. Your thoughts on the whole gold buying thing.

BarakIII writes:

While I praise your disdain of gold sellers and buyers in general, some of your information is wrong, especially concerning legality. Blizzard has already tried to go after these gold selling companies but failed, there are no laws for or against their activities.

Perhaps one day there will be, but for the time being there isn't. It's not really a high priority for governments to make such laws yet either. Not to mention that it would have to do with international law since most of these companies are based outside any country that might actually try to put a stop to what they are doing, and international law is murky at best.

Also while it is true that buying gold is a breach of the EULA contract it is not illegal and will not result in anything worse than a ban, too bad really.

Fri Mar 14 2008 6:45AM Report
streea writes:

Barak, you're wrong because Blizzard DID win against the gold selling company they went up against recently. The problem is that they can only enforce said law in the US. Which, well, doesn't help when most gold farming "dorms" are overseas (though there are some here too).

Jma, I obviously agree with you and most of your points, but I'm not sure what you're trying to prove by bringing up the foreign markets/economy. In Korea, working for gold farmers is extremely attractive because it gives young adults room and board, plus it pays better than most of the other back-breaking/labor jobs they would be forced to get. But the thing is... they still see only a small fraction of what is made. The owner of the company is the one who keeps all of the money, so instead of making a larger number of people richer (which would affect the economy) only one or two people are doing so (which doesn't affect it nearly as much). Plus, while the gold selling market does show some large numbers where profit is concerned, there's also a lot of risk and a huge chance for loss considering how many accounts are banned time and time again. So those who actually make enough money to make a difference are few and far between.

To add to your list of "why not to buy gold," there's also the huge fraud/identity theft associated with it, compromising your account (especially in the case of power leveling), the fact that it's also cheating along with being illegal (in the sense that it's illegal to do in the game), plus the selfishness that's required for a person to think that it's okay to break rules just to have a little fun.

Fri Mar 14 2008 8:18AM Report
RavonTUS writes:

It's just a game people.

Fri Mar 14 2008 10:01AM Report
Hashbrick writes:

RavonTus - That's what the guy said that hung himself, guess what he got.  The Game Over screen.

Fri Mar 14 2008 10:04AM Report
BarakIII writes:

Strea, that's what I heard but I could certainly have heard something that wasn't true, wouldn't be the first time. I'll look it up later and find out.

You keep referring to Korea as if it's like some third world country, but Korea...or rather South Korea...has an economy that is as good or better than ours and their people are probably better educated considering the state of US education. Certainly North Korea is different, but the regime is so rigid there I doubt many people have computers much less are allowed to farm gold for gold selling companies.

Most such farmers come from third world countries and from China. While China isn't exactly a third world country, it still has a vast population and much of it is still quite poor. It is a business that takes advantage of cheap labor to make big profits. Not to mention that these companies often end up stealing from their own customers both in game and in real life.

Fri Mar 14 2008 11:30AM Report
streea writes:

Ah sorry, I got Korea and China confused :\ Yeah yeah, I know, pretty stupid mistake, but that's what I get for trying to type before I've had breakfast.

Fri Mar 14 2008 12:49PM Report writes:
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