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Power Of The Horde

I have been playing WoW for some time now, and i am trying to stimulate thoughts and/or arguments for other players as well as anyone else who wants to drop in. If you read a post, comment on it, cause i need input to make better topics.

Author: WoWownsall

Expansions for MMOs

Posted by WoWownsall Tuesday April 15 2008 at 6:27PM
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Well, i understand that a new expansion is the only bone you can throw an endgame player is a new expansion, but it is starting to get a little crazy. It's a big money maker for companies like Blizzard, but it also makes much of the old content obsolete. What happened to Blackwing Lair? Molten Core? Onyxia? All gone. What will happen with Black Temple and Kara, as well as any other endgame raid instance? Gone as soon as WotLK comes. Why? Because, Utgarde Keep, the preliminary Northrend instance is going to have much easier to gain loot that will be comparable to or better than current endgame gear. It happened to the original raid instances, and it will happen to these too. If, for example, a new system was brought in, it may work a little better while not obsoleting the old content. This was a system put forward by an old guild of mine. Having a 1st degree Level 70 character would be all of the current stuff. Another patch could bring in 2nd degree, adding a new rank to a few abilities, and adding a 2nd degree regular and heroic difficulty to instances, offering stronger enemies, better loot, and maybe special parts and/or bosses to the instance reachable only if you are a second degree level 70 character. This system would take quite a bit of time, and would mean longer patch download times, but that is the price of improvement.

Outlaws and Turncoats

Posted by jmahoney Monday April 14 2008 at 5:27PM
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I was in a discussion with a few of my guildmates who used to play alliance, and they all figured you should be able to become an outlaw/turncoat. Like, at level 70, having a quest line that involves giving the other faction information to gain their trust. That would make you a turncoat, so the alliance could have some shamans that don't suck, and likewise paladins for the horde. Then, another idea was the ability to become an outlaw, and have certain outlaw-ish factions (Pirates, Defias, Ravenholdt, etc) become available to change to. I know you can go with the bloodsail buccaneers, but that isn't quite what i had in mind. You would be constantly flagged for pvp, and attackable by either horde or alliance. This wasn't my idea by the way, i thought it was a waste of time, but i thought it would be worth mentioning. Tater, if you are reading this mate, your part of the idea was good.

Do you think that an outlaw/turncoat system would make the game better or worse. I say worse, but let's hear your opinions.

Stupid People... It's a Conspiricy

Posted by jmahoney Monday April 14 2008 at 1:35AM
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Well. I log on world of warcraft today and after reading the patch notes, i see that there is no longer a cooldown on arcanite transmutes. Beautiful, an extra way to make a bit of coin for gear and training, not to mention saving for my epic ground mount.

Well, first of all, I hop over to the auction house, and purchase a stack of arcane crystals and a stack of thorium bars. I make up my arcanite, go to look at the current prices (so I can undercut them by a gold or two) and see that with the recent overload of arcanite on the market, the price on my server has dropped  from 20 gold a bar to 10. No biggie, i can make more of them to make up for the lost profit. Then I see that there is 576 pages of arcanite bars, all in stacks of either 1 or 20.


I am stunned at peoples stupidity, considering the fact that there are only 3 different sellers on the first ten pages (believe me i checked) This is common logic here. If the consumers demand 10 units of product in one day, and you flood the market with 200, that leaves 190 units leftover as a loss of profit. Well, the longer you hold these excess units of product, you lose profit.

What is the first reaction that people seem to get when their goods don't sell the first two times? Drop the price. Seems smart, but then you realize that that sends the consumers into a purchasing frenzy. They NEED 10 units a day. But if the CAN get 30 a day, for the same price as the 10 they paid for yesterday, they will purchase 30. That is enough for 3 days. Now look what you have done! You have dropped the value of Arcanite Bars for three days, because nobody needs them. Even if all the bars get used up, the consumers need more. They buy more.

Well, that means the producers have to make more. This makes a beautiful boom for about a month, as the production and profit margins rocket upwards through the ladder (The ladder in this case being 1) The miners who harvest the thorium and the arcane crystals 2) The alchemists who transmute them into Arcanite, and 3) The consumers purchasing the Arcanite to make goods) After a month, the rocket shoots downwards.

I will use an similie here to explain things further. If you shoot a firework (the profit rocket) upwards, it makes a pretty pattern in the sky, pleasing people. But if you shoot it downwards, it starts a fire that can cause serious problems, take a long time to put out, and even a longer time to fix the previously mentioned problems. So, our rocket went up, made the people above the primary consumers happy, but now the rocket shoots down. Any armor, weapons, jewelry, and other equipment will also drop in value because of the ease to get the supplies.

If a chestpiece (made up example, not a blacksmith so I am unfamiliar with their recipes) takes 4 Arcanite bars, 3 golden pearls, and 20 ironfeathers, it will be marginally cheaper to make because of the reduced cost of Arcanite. If a blacksmith makes this item, they make more profit on it. But wait! Because it is cheaper to acquire the materials and make the item, the consumers are not willing to pay as much money for it. So now, the blacksmith loses money because he has to drop the price on his chestpiece.

Well, I assure you that it isn't just one blacksmith affected by this sudden change in prices. All of this is caused by the handful of stupid people who have mass produced Arcanite, just because they can. Looking back at this post, i look like a raving lunatic, but to the few of you who understand this mess, you aren't the stupid people. It's 12:33, so I am signing out. Leave some comments, but no flamng please. It just annoys people (like me)

PvP and PvE

Posted by jmahoney Sunday March 16 2008 at 9:31PM
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I don't know where to start on theis topic. There are two play types in World of Warcraft. Player versus Player, and Player Versus Environment. One is killing a player controlled character, the other is killing a computer controlled character. I hate it when people do the wrong thing on wrong servers.

I play on Lightninghoof server, a north american RP PVP realm. That means that Roleplaying and Player versus Player combat are the focus points of that server's play. With me so far? When I fly through any contested territory, all I hear is griping about getting ganked and killed by other players. I'm sorry, but you are in a contested area, as in, it is in contest between the two warring nations, the horde, and the alliance. It is on a PvP realm, which focuses on killing other players.

Now, i didn't just put the bold lettering in there because it looks pretty. lets piece the words together. Contested, warring, killing, other players. Where do people get confused. You are supposed to die. How fun would WoW be if you didn't die.

I used to play on Bronzebeard Realm. That's a normal server. It is designed to have a balance of PvP and PvE. If you don't want to fight other players as much, GO THERE.

People always whine "I'm only here because my friend rolled a character here" If you don't like it, and you aren't willing to leave, just shut your trap and make the game a little more enjoyable for the rest of us.

Happy Trails

Flogging a dead horse

Posted by jmahoney Saturday March 15 2008 at 5:44PM
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Well, as the title says, i'm kinda flogging a dead horse with this one, but at the same time, still relevent. I'm talking about noob hating. There are tonnes of posts (Note, I used Tonnes because i am Canadian) both Pro and Anti-Noob. I myself, am pro noob. I'm all for the noobs. They do the menial, trained monkey work for less. But also, they are the future of videogames, just like teens are the future of our world. Depending on how we treat our noobs, they will affect our games positively or negatively. In my guild, we have a tab full of noob gear. Everyone has access to one item a day, and anyone can take or donate. Other guilds I have been in ignore people until they hit at least level 58. What is everyone elses opinion on noobs, newbs, nubs, n00bs, etc.

Post more, I am a very lonely person and the posts make me feel better. Just kidding, but still, post in and get a discussion going.


Posted by jmahoney Thursday March 13 2008 at 6:57PM
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    Well, yesterday's post was kinda a slap to the face, but lets give this another shot... There is another issue I deal with gaming, and it's becoming quite a hassle. Gold Buying. I have no problem with the company that makes the game selling gold, but it just doesn't work for a big diverse game like WoW. If my FPS drops from 120 to 6 because I enter Orgrimmar OFF OF PEAK HOURS because I am bombarded by spams about buying gold, powerleveling, and stat changers, we have a slight problem.

    It's not like runescape where it doesn't matter if everyone has pots of money, because there will always be a demand for things. Think. If every level 20 player (we are talking level 20 main) in WoW had nearly unlimited gold, how screwy would things get. The economy would tank and there would be a big price inflation on everything from earthroot to primal nether. Then, because you can get the same money you could get before the inflation for half the work, the game would get boring because you could just buy everything. Then, after the hair-pulling boredom, would come the other side of the spectrum. There is too much of everything because of the boom, and not  enough demand, so everything drops in price. And that's just half of it.

    The other half of the problem isn't even paranoid possibilities. The problem with these sites is because it is ILLEGAL to buy or sell in game items, currency, characters, and services (like powerleveling) for realworld currency. Read the EULA. They don't just put it there for decoration. Think about it. If you buy gold, you don't just get an account ban. They can sue you for breach of contract, which is pretty big. Also, in the real world, if you pay 50 bucks for 5000 gold, that money is probably going to a gold farmer in a 2nd or 3rd world country like china, india, or korea. I am not being racist about this, that is just fact.

    The current exchange rate on American Dollars to Korean Won is approximately 1 USD to 972 Won. That 50 dollars you paid just added almost 5000 Won to the South Korean economy that shouldn't be there. And no, you aren't helping people out by giving them money, because you are going to flood their economy with extra money.

     What would happen if suddenly the United States got proportionately flooded with money? Well, there would be the good period of economic boom, then in about 3 hours prices would rocket up and people couldn't afford what they could before. Then, everything goes belly up because there is the same supply vs demand dilemma i mentioned above. Not so scary in a videogame, but when it hits real life, it is very scary. Your thoughts on the whole gold buying thing.


Posted by jmahoney Wednesday March 12 2008 at 10:05PM
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Well, Howdy. This is my first post here, so i'll try to make it good. My topic is fads entering games. Today, I logged onto world of warcraft to discover that my guild had everal new members. One f them was named "Emocow" I just about filled my undershorts. It's not that I have idealogical differences. Well, I do. But that's not the point. If you want to cut yourself, or listen to heavy metal music, or slap a happy face sticker on everything, that's your thing. But don't bring your fads into the games you play with others. I petitioned the removal of this player from our guild (not because of the name) due to the problems it was causing in our day to day gaming. Try doing a Kara raid with a whiny 11 year old doped up on riddalin thiking that life sucks. It's hard. I sat through a grindingly slow 4 and a half hours on voice chat with a kid. Orating poetry. Crying. Sad poetry. It was harsh, but it's not just problems with this little emo fad. I've grouped with guys that had their metallica so loud over the headset that I had to take my headphones off. I've had to deal with optimistic little people going on about "At least I didn't pull the elites over there too". I've had enough of fads coming into a FANTASY ROLE PLAYING GAME. Well, let's see some poss, cause I have a bet riding on whether or not I can beat my friends posts. Happy Trails


EDIT: Don't gripe about emos, gripe about fads in games. If emo is the fad you're griping about, go ahead, but keep it game related.

New Poster

Posted by WoWownsall Wednesday March 12 2008 at 9:54PM
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Hello, and sorry on the delay in my posting. Interweb problems again, but this time I bring great news! My good friend, James Mahoney (Not the bishop, but a distant relation) is now a blog contributor. If any others have an interest in contributing to this blog, send me a message on MMORPG. Well, you'll hear more from James later.

Another Poster

Posted by WoWownsall Saturday February 9 2008 at 9:51PM
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    Well, I am expiriencing problems with my interweb, and can rarely get a full post in before it dies on me. Can I get another person (Preferably an alliance player, so there are some different opinions) to make posts on this blog. I'll give you posting priveladges, all you have to do is follow some simple rules.

1)Keep it clean

2)No gripe topics

3)Posts must preferably be open ended discussion starters


Posted by WoWownsall Friday February 8 2008 at 10:04PM
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So, I hop into Arathi basin, and what happens? Three seconds into the game, a stealthed rogues tears me a new one. It happened so fast i just about filled my pants. So i go and meet the afore mentioned rogue out in the field, Pounce him, Shred him, then start Ripping him. He turns, cracks three Sinister Strikes off, then a Kidney Punch, then two more Sinister Strikes off, followed by a Gouge, then Backstab, another Sinister Strike, then Cold Blood and Eviscerate. I died in about five seconds. I start to recognize some of his gear, and realize "Oh lovely, one of the twinkies I've been hearing whining about". I ended up changing my strategy to hitting him really fast and hard from stealth instead of stunning him. By the end, he was dead, and I died three seconds later from his poison. All I ask is why? All I hear from people is how fun endgame is. Arenas, instancing, Raids, Dailies, Skills, Fishing, Flying and even just standing in a capital and laugh as the nooblets gawk at your gear. Yet all these level 19, 29, 39, and 49 characters I have fought have been the twink alts of level 70s. That's not the worst part. My friend recently started playing WoW, and hit level 15 rather fast. He hopped down to the auction house for some gear. He has a problem. All the gear worth buying is for outrageous amounts of money. Why? Because level 70s will pay 200 gold for a level 19 offhand dagger for their rogue. It's becoming a major problem. But at the same time, the satisfaction I get from buying out an auction, then opening trade with the person I beat and showing them I bought it, then disenchanting it and showing them the shard cannot be matched by many things.