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The Infamous Gamer

The endless mind bugling thoughts inside my head might speak-up and I'll have no choice but to blog about them. All my bogs are here are based (in most cases) on my opinion so don't hate. ...

Author: Withdemon

New to Wizard 101? Need a Friend code?

Posted by Withdemon Sunday May 9 2010 at 9:34PM
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Referal Friend


(Image of my character)

Hey guys, I'm a huge fan of Wizard 101 game and just recently I have found the great adventage of referal friend code. It offers great rewards for both the person who invite the friend and the friend him/her self. I personally wanted to share my code with everyone who needs one, whether it be a family or just a person who wants to get some adventages in-game.

(Image from Invite a Friend thing with my code in it)

People who use my friend code are instantly going to be added to my friend list. I'm a very helpful person and I know a lot of people in-game that will help you with anything. The game is very fun and gets update a lot with awesome updates. There is actually new pet update coming soon that will make the game SO much more awesome.

Few rewards that you are going to get:

1. 1250 c : this is one of the best things you will ever get because "c" is used to obtain special items in-game like little boosts or awesome broomsticks.

2. A very rare dragon: this dragon says to be "rare", I do not know how rare it can be so I don't want to get your hopes up lol (Image bellow).

3. Added me to you friends.

(Image of the Reward Section when you use my code)

I like this game and I'll vouch for it any day. It really has some amazing features that I don't think many other games have. It's like super improved version of ToonTown and Free Realms. There are a lot of friendly players that always there to help and you get to be among some crazy wizards and go through an amazing adventures. The awesome thing about this game is that the entire game has a story line, like through out the game, each quest, on and all is all a one big story line which is incredible! It might seem like it's for younger audiance but really it's for anyone, a lot of perents play it and they loving every moment of PvP dueling. If you are new player and don't even want to do this friend invite thing you are more than welcome to still add me I'll still help you and everything.

My friend-code: 4348D-3L8R3-29Y5M-3L97 writes:
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