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The Infamous Gamer

The endless mind bugling thoughts inside my head might speak-up and I'll have no choice but to blog about them. All my bogs are here are based (in most cases) on my opinion so don't hate. ...

Author: Withdemon

Why? WHY? why? Spell casting is so BLAH?

Posted by Withdemon Sunday May 9 2010 at 3:16PM
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Has anyone else noticed how ridiculously dull spell casting system is in most of MMOs? It's like semi-Archery in a way where you get to shoot these lighting bolts or fireballs with a click of a button. What about the real sorcery/magic that we see/read in novels and movies? Isn't that the real reason why we want to be a mage so we can experience that power?

It gets stranger and stranger how games are getting so close to having spell casting similar to archer. One mage/wizard use his fireball that does exact same effect except maybe little different animation and then as soon as "it" hits the target it looks exactly like the one archer would fire. Not only that but the way you obtain these spells/magical-sills is so-so similar to archery or any other skills it almost gets annoying! It's like "HELLO!? I'm a wizard!".

What I always dreamed of since I was a little boy (LOL) was that feel of spell casting, that power that took you ages to master and obtain. The rituals of dark/evil mages or the act of conjuring a fireball. Mages/wizard do not need to have these instant casting spells that poof and hey it's a fireball... What mages need is that oomf that makes them different.

I had a dream that one day a game would come-up with a game where wizards/mages will be looked as a very rare class. What makes a rare class is it's lacking ability to level really quick and gain all the skills ASAP. For some players like me, I would rather spend years and years on one character to obtain all it's spells rather than just level in a month or two. Each spell shouldn't be learned by doing a little tiny quest but maybe have character find it on his/her own.


Gah, I just can't put my finger on it but I just think that there should be a little-tiny-bit more.

alakram writes:


Sun May 09 2010 6:14PM Report writes:
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