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The Infamous Gamer

The endless mind bugling thoughts inside my head might speak-up and I'll have no choice but to blog about them. All my bogs are here are based (in most cases) on my opinion so don't hate. ...

Author: Withdemon

Socially Awkward ?! HUH!? SOCIAL STRACTURE in-game

Posted by Withdemon Monday May 10 2010 at 9:02AM
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Socially Awkward Games

Social Structure in-game.


A game's world is like this virtual world where many people take-on a role of a character that they control in a virtual world. From day ONE I thought that in-game, in this virtual world, there was no such thing as social structure where a player is given a social status. In real world/life we have a social stricture with divides many, if not all,  of the people into a their social status which is based on a lot of different things. Race, money, and even their jobs place each person into their social status.


Now, in-game, you automatically assume and ignore this idea of social stricture. Players from all over, every game, subconsciously  "live" in this virtual world where they level, gain money, make friends and in the end build their social status, it's just we don't think of it as a social status. So it's kinda obvious by now, was mentioned in many blogs that I read, this THIS is the glue that sticks players to play the game. However what's up with the socially awkward kids?


Have you played one of those games where players just run by you and do not talk and even when you try to interact with them they just run away. Getting players to do quests with you or raiding something seems almost impossible if you are a low-life players who just started playing and have no social status. What do people see you as? Maybe, they see you as nothing...


Players not talking to you, not being able to gather a group of players to do quests with you and/or even it's impossible to make friends. Could this maybe the main reason why we quit games? It's like as virtual players we scream for someone to talk to us, like a new born-baby (character) needs a attention.  However, if you are one of those players who managed to get through this anti-social moment and was able to be up high on the "food chain" among the other players you are the "big deal" and now players will try to add you to friends and talk to you non-stop.




I sort of made-up this theory about how I see this all happening. Players that don't get the needed attention in real life build their social status on in-game, virtual world, where they are seen they want to be seen. Players strive to achieve the highest level possible, obtain the most rarest items, have MAX amount of money/cash and/or become a leader of organization/guild (nothing new). Players are usually able to achieve most of this wants during the time when the game is first released, where every single person starts in the same spot as you and later that players becomes a legend. Now, for the newer players it's extremely different compared to these legend players and therefore it stumps us, what do we/they do? Newer players have these obstacles;

  1.             1.    Anti-social players around them who aren't there to help them or talk to them.
  4.                2. Urges to get to the highest level, to become legend, thus fall for "donation store where they required to spend real-world/life money.
  7.                3. Constant thoughts "Why is leveling so slow?! This game sucks!"
  10.                 4.Lack of friends.

        These obstacles are set by social stricture, if you are high level you feel/do this and if you are low level(newer player) you are nothing and therefore have a harder time. When the game first comes out every single player around you is "nothing" and therefore it's easier for you to progress through the game without having to worry these obstacles.
        I feel like this is why most games like, City of Heroes and others have these legend players who play all the time but the newer player always quit and then re-join every now and then because they have this obstacles in their head.
        Players need - need - need to stat out with friends to "fight" this social structure. Don't even log-in the game without having your friend with you there be.  Friends provide the constant attention, you provide attention for your friend and your friend provides attention for you. It's PERFECT!  If you don't have any friends that are willing to play with you then you MUST-must make friend at the start of the game, the first hour you are playing. There are ton of way to make friend, one of the ways is to join game's forums and start introducing yourself. It's extremely hard to make friends in virtual world itself when you are a new player.
        Think about it:

        When you are a high level in-game and a low level request a friend-add, do you feel as excited as when a high level person adds you?

New to Wizard 101? Need a Friend code?

Posted by Withdemon Sunday May 9 2010 at 10:34PM
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Referal Friend


(Image of my character)

Hey guys, I'm a huge fan of Wizard 101 game and just recently I have found the great adventage of referal friend code. It offers great rewards for both the person who invite the friend and the friend him/her self. I personally wanted to share my code with everyone who needs one, whether it be a family or just a person who wants to get some adventages in-game.

(Image from Invite a Friend thing with my code in it)

People who use my friend code are instantly going to be added to my friend list. I'm a very helpful person and I know a lot of people in-game that will help you with anything. The game is very fun and gets update a lot with awesome updates. There is actually new pet update coming soon that will make the game SO much more awesome.

Few rewards that you are going to get:

1. 1250 c : this is one of the best things you will ever get because "c" is used to obtain special items in-game like little boosts or awesome broomsticks.

2. A very rare dragon: this dragon says to be "rare", I do not know how rare it can be so I don't want to get your hopes up lol (Image bellow).

3. Added me to you friends.

(Image of the Reward Section when you use my code)

I like this game and I'll vouch for it any day. It really has some amazing features that I don't think many other games have. It's like super improved version of ToonTown and Free Realms. There are a lot of friendly players that always there to help and you get to be among some crazy wizards and go through an amazing adventures. The awesome thing about this game is that the entire game has a story line, like through out the game, each quest, on and all is all a one big story line which is incredible! It might seem like it's for younger audiance but really it's for anyone, a lot of perents play it and they loving every moment of PvP dueling. If you are new player and don't even want to do this friend invite thing you are more than welcome to still add me I'll still help you and everything.

My friend-code: 4348D-3L8R3-29Y5M-3L97

Why? WHY? why? Spell casting is so BLAH?

Posted by Withdemon Sunday May 9 2010 at 4:16PM
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Has anyone else noticed how ridiculously dull spell casting system is in most of MMOs? It's like semi-Archery in a way where you get to shoot these lighting bolts or fireballs with a click of a button. What about the real sorcery/magic that we see/read in novels and movies? Isn't that the real reason why we want to be a mage so we can experience that power?

It gets stranger and stranger how games are getting so close to having spell casting similar to archer. One mage/wizard use his fireball that does exact same effect except maybe little different animation and then as soon as "it" hits the target it looks exactly like the one archer would fire. Not only that but the way you obtain these spells/magical-sills is so-so similar to archery or any other skills it almost gets annoying! It's like "HELLO!? I'm a wizard!".

What I always dreamed of since I was a little boy (LOL) was that feel of spell casting, that power that took you ages to master and obtain. The rituals of dark/evil mages or the act of conjuring a fireball. Mages/wizard do not need to have these instant casting spells that poof and hey it's a fireball... What mages need is that oomf that makes them different.

I had a dream that one day a game would come-up with a game where wizards/mages will be looked as a very rare class. What makes a rare class is it's lacking ability to level really quick and gain all the skills ASAP. For some players like me, I would rather spend years and years on one character to obtain all it's spells rather than just level in a month or two. Each spell shouldn't be learned by doing a little tiny quest but maybe have character find it on his/her own.


Gah, I just can't put my finger on it but I just think that there should be a little-tiny-bit more.