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Whacko's World of Worthless Words.

It's from Whacko so it must be worthless or is it wisdom? The plight of the average gamer seeks the answer.

Author: Whacko

The Carrot or The Stick

Posted by Whacko Friday April 11 2008 at 6:47AM
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The saying is an old  idiom used to refer to the act of rewarding good behavior and punishing bad behavior. The carrot represents the edible reward, while the stick refers to a punishing switch.

So the question is put forth into a modern twist, specifically towards the multiplayer online environment and that which developers seem to always want the playerbase to follow a scripted virtual world.

Sure one can be enticed to get that great loot or even that special title over their heads but what is it that makes the player want to actually live in that virtual world?

Can it be the fact that content is that so called "carrot" and if a player does not follow the scripted plan of the designers they experiance the so called "stick"?

Let's look into the common virtual world of today.  You sit in front of  your faithful battle ready box of micro-circuits and log into your favorite game. The game you are playing basically depends on your entertainment being fulfilled. As most games present some form of escape that tends to follow the scripted choices the designers put forth.

Why should we as players crave so much content when the designers know that when that content is completed we as players will feel unsatisfied?

It all boils down to the time it takes to finish that content and designers know this, so what happens then you are presented with more content to keep you going.  Can you say it's end game at that point? sure you can but what about those players that turn the content into something more? Let's examine the kind of players that not only enjoy the scripted content but those that create their very own content.

The player that can create content out of nothing provides the very fabric of the virtual world.  Players become part of the world when content is actually being made when the player has no clue that it is happening.

This entices a community to become involved with the game. It brings the satisfaction back to the playerbase or atleast provides other reasons to play the game.  A solid example of this is a centralized area that brings together many player styles. Sure you see the typical overblown egos of many but deep down inside you can see interaction at it's finest. Take for instance that short fat vendor selling some latex under garments or that real hot looking character do some sexy dance And lets not forget the whacked out  twins battling over nothing but fighting every damn single moment. That's what it is all about. Players playing not being told to do such and such.

If a virtual world is to be vibrant designers need to make every effort to allow the players to enjoy their time online. Sure there can be players that want to disrupt the normal flow of the virtual society but for heaven sake allow players to be who they want to be. If the schmuck with a weapon wants to open fire on the lowly piss ant so be it however allow that schmuck to get justice served for nothing beats the fine line of virtual punishment by the playerbase.

Bring back a free flowing environment where a crafter can craft the explorer can explore and the fighter can fight. Hell just for shits and giggles bring back the dancers, beggars, and freaks.

But don't keep feeding this scripted virtual world down our throats and make players be who the suits want us to be "meal tickets".

And for the magical carrot does equate Content and the Stick is basically the form of Balance.


(these ramblings of a complete idiot have been brought to you by Whacko)

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