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Thought's of Warsaurus

Warsaurus, A Gamer, sharing his opinions for the discussion, thought, and humor of others.

Author: Warsaurus

The Pursuit of Perfection

Posted by Warsaurus Thursday February 3 2011 at 9:39PM
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Perfection. Such a simple word to define, yet an impossible goal to attain.  In reality Perfection itself does not exist.  It's only true purpose is as a comparison.  To compare the ideal of a perfect concept, against it's real life counter-part.  Naturally, this is used to help us understand exactly how 'good' or 'bad' something truly is. 

Perfection however, if understood, or used, incorrectly, can be a terribly mis-leading thing.  For example, if i were to try and use marble to create a perfect image of a human being, my end result would be terrible.  And therfore, Imperfect.  However, the sculpture of David is also imperfect in some ways.  Does this mean that my sculpture and David are comparable?  No. It does not.  Does it's imperfections detract from the beauty of David? Not at all. In fact only a fool would say that David is a waste of a persons time to create, merely by the very fact that it is not perfect.

I am here to say that We, and by We i refer to MMO players as a community, are fools.

We seek Perfection in our games.  That is logical, why would we not constantly strive for improvement? It is the only way we move forward.  However our fault lies, by the very fact that if a game does not live up to our quality of Perfection, then we discount it.  We call it a failure and a waste of time.  Does a game not offer the perfect PVP experience? No? Well, then the game is a failure.  Are the end-game dungeons not holding to your skill level? Bad game, move onto the next one. 

We refuse to accept imperfection as a normal, and inconsequential occurance in games.  If our game is not completely fault-proof, and Perfect, then many of us will never play that game again.  Many players are wondering, why are there no successful MMOs?  It is not for lack of trying, it is for lack of acceptance on our end.

Understand, that a bad game is a bad game, and should be labled as such, however, we must again compare with my previous analogy.  My marble sculpture, would be considered, 'Bad' by a normal and reasonable person. It would, and rightly so, be discounted, and left out in the rain to feel lonely and slowly fall apart.

David however, is a 'Great' sculpture, but it still falls short of Perfection.  Yet many still hail it as a masterpiece.  Perhaps we Gamers have lost this lesson in life? 

How many of you have played a game, and after 10 minutes logged off, and deleted it from your computer?  Many of us.  Most likely all of us.  I myself am more than guilty of this careless act.  Yet is this fair?  And is it Just? Again to use my analogy. This would like looking at David and noticing a small crack on his toenail, and immediatly discounting the sculpture as, 'Bad, and imperfect'.  Not only do we not fully appriciate the entirety of the sculpture, but we focus only on the imperfections.  As gamers we focus on what the game does Wrong, and not what it does Right.

No game is perfect. No game ever will be.  We must accept this.  I have seen too many posts and threads to count saying, "Just played game X in beta.  Had a mob fall beneath the ground so i couldn't loot it. X is a terrible game. Do not buy this game."

The player ignores the beautiful scenery around him.  Ignores structure of the combat system. Ignores the crafting system, the PVP system. He ignores all that a game does 'right' and focuses on what the game does 'wrong'. 

Gamers wonder why exactly no game is considered "Great' anymorre, and the fault doesn't lie with developers. They haven't changed and just recently decided to start making imperfect games. The fault lies with us.  We expect too much. We look at the flaws and not the triumphs. 

We look at my terrible marble sculpture and David in the same light. "Imperfect". 

Wheras a wise man would see both.  He would ignore my sculpture, but marvel at David.  He would praise it's marvellous design.  He would look at it's imperfections and not only appriciate them, but gain knowledge from them. For without those imperfections, there could be no improvement made in the future.


So the next time you judge a game, do not judge by it's faults. Do not judge by it's lack, but by it's abundance. Judge on it's triumphs.  Judge on what it does Right, and not by what it does Wrong.

Nothing in this world is made without fault.  Why do we expect our games to be?