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World War II Online - News

News from the front line. WWII MMO FPS, Play For Free.

Author: XOOM-CRS

Contributor: hyoslvr2

Several Important Topics to discuss...

Posted by hyoslvr2 Friday October 5 2018 at 4:53PM
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We have several important topics to cover today: Campaign 157 starts tomorrow and it'll have all access for the first week. On the 14th we have a live campaign event. We'll also provide some more information about two priority tasks we're working on, lag death and bomb performance.  Many developments are in the works by CRS as announced in our recent Rat Chat and delivery of the roadmap remains the game plan. Lots of great things are happening here! Here's Soundcloud recording from Xoom if you'd prefer to hear this in audio format.


Here's some important information about the upcoming Campaign:

  • Start date: Saturday, October 6th.

    • Server will come offline at 6AM server time (GMT -6)

  • Spawn delay, set to a 10 second maximum

    • This will alert players of when your side is overpop / opposing side is underpopulated

    • 10 seconds is negligible and will give the defenders a slightly better chance, without generating frustration

  • Persona screen delay for overpopulated side doubled from 60 seconds to 120 seconds

    • This will further encourage players joining to assist the underpopulated side

  • Factory Rebuild time: 48 hours

    • The time it takes for a factory to repair itself from an attack

  • Re-Supply Timer: 15 hours

    • The time it takes for a unit lost to being returned

  • Brigade Movement Timers

    • Frontline: 60 minutes

    • Rearline: 15 minutes

  • New Allied Commander-in-Chief: Hateract

  • New Axis Commander-in-Chief: Lafleur

  • All users this Campaign are requested to participate on the official Discord (voice comms) servers

Please support these new CinC's to the best of your ability! We want to encourage all of you to remain playing the game even when things get a little tough with the Campaign. The single most important thing for the game is to continue to login and have a great time. High Command officers and Squad leaders are especially requested to keep logging in / stay strong as you are the core leadership component of the game.

We also want to encourage all of our squads to make a point to meet up more routinely and re-establish your squad nights. It is vital to rally routinely and go into the game as an organized force. Squads working with other squads to create operations is also really integral. Rally up!


Many of our current Steam users have never experienced what it means to be a "premium" subscriber. Therefore we'll be opening up all access for the first week of the Campaign to generate interest in the premium subscription and help boost in-game population.

  • All current free players will receive full access

    • This includes organic and Steam users

    • This includes veteran accounts who currently have a Rifleman only

  • Rank requirements will all be set to "1" during this time

  • Premium subscription is available for all users, and we hope you love it so much, you subscribe!


We'll be live streaming an event that is streamer versus streamer, and you'll be able to watch on our home page their perspectives.


We wanted to take a moment here to acknowledge and indicate movement is occurring on three priority items that the community has been mentioning:

  1. Lag death

    1. We are evaluating our auto-despawn mechanism and refining

      1. For lower end connections, if packet loss is too extreme they are despawned

      2. If you're experiencing auto-despawns...

        1. Check this support article for tips / solutions

        2. Several players have upgraded their bandwidth/personal ISP and have reported huge improvements

    2. We're communicating with our provider to check health of our ISP pipeline

    3. An internal investigation of network communications is in the planning

    4. Our internal packet management code is being audited and refined

    5. Code refactoring for CPU performance

  2. Bomb performance

    1. Bombs are still being worked on, and are not considered yet complete

    2. Production team is prioritizing completion

    3. Historical accuracy remains the focal point

  3. New town links causing issues

    1. Roye - hot fix prepared and standing by

    2. Collecting other .bug reports to verify anything else is showing up

The production team also wants to kindly remind everyone that the Bomb performance stuff is really important to get right and is not capable of being rushed without error. Your patience is appreciated what you have in-game at this time is not considered the final iteration.

We all plan to continue to communicate via official updates and in the forums. We know that these are some big changes that are highly requested, making the game and its ballistics / HE / damage models to be as accurate as possible. This means changes will occur and adjustments in your game play are bound to occur. CRS is equipped with extraordinarily accurate information that we're working to incorporate. Our guide post is historical accuracy, it is not favoring one side versus the other - we do not benefit from that, nor have we ever. CRS is unbiased and our goal is mission success for all participants of WWII Online. 

As we develop new terrain and introduce it to the game, there should be some anticipation that some unforeseen issues creep up. We're monitoring things closely and Merlin51 is knocking out issues and documenting them / incorporating improved work flows to avoid things going forward. Terrain is pretty finicky, some grace and understanding is requested here. Let's just be glad we're seeing terrain development again and hey, Paris is on the map!


We wanted to provide a kind reminder that supporting our developments and progress. We know this may seem obvious but we hope to encourage you to either step up to a Hero Builder if you've not yet done this, or to become a premium subscriber if you are not currently.

CRS has big goals to achieve this year and maximum backing is vital for us to see some of these development items through.

Become a subscriber at, click special offers and see what's available. Here's a quick tutorial on how to update your billing method.

Thanks for your tremendous support, let's drive this Roadmap to completion!