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World War II Online - News

News from the front line. WWII MMO FPS, Play For Free.

Author: XOOM-CRS

Contributor: hyoslvr2

WWIIOL: Battleground Europe Introduces New Community Zones

Posted by BEMotormouth Monday October 26 2009 at 12:10PM
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Written by Amy-lynn "MOTORMOUTH" Engelbrecht
Public and Community Relations Manager, Playnet Inc.


WWIIOL:Battleground Europe boasts thousands of players from all over the world, something we've always been proud of. Our Player Discussion Forums have devoted sections for many different languages: English, French, German, Spanish and many more. In our quest to keep players informed about developments and events, CRS is launching Foreign Language Community Zones. The primary goal of these new zones is to reach a wider range of potential players across Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim. Another goal is to support and stay connected with our non-english speaking players.

Our first two zones, German and Scandinavian, made their debut last week, with the help of two long-time WWIIOL players and past Public Relations assistants, Frank "GRENI" Tiedemann and Dennis "SMOKEEYE" Moe. As our first two Community Leaders and now official CRS staff members, GRENI and SMOKEEYE have helped us design their pages and work out some of the kinks.


Frank "GRENI" Tiedemann


Dennis "SMOKEEYE" Moe


The new sites feature translations of popular BE articles, dev and production notes, important news and much more. Our Leaders will write their own articles and news updates about their communities as well as hosting events and promotions and generating discussion in the forums. We're hopeful that by providing players from around the world with a landing page in their own region and language, we can grow our communities and bring more and more new players into the game.

Additional zones will be launched over the coming months, appearing under the "Community" menu on the official website.

New Capture Mechanics Introduced in WWIIOL:BE v1.31

Posted by BEMotormouth Monday October 12 2009 at 12:14PM
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Written by Al "RAFTER" Corey
Executive Producer, Cornered Rat Software

The basic capture mechanic in Battleground Europe has remained unchanged since 2001. While there have been additions and changes to rules surrounding captures such as timers and orders, the basic "table humping" action is the same since the game began. That will change with the 1.31 update currently in Beta testing.


Beginning with v1.31, the action which will trigger a capture event is the presence of enemy infantry inside a capturable building. This method of triggering the event eliminates the need to make physical contact with a capture object such as the crate/radio found in v1.30 but there are no changes to the rules which govern when a building is capturable. Radios will continue to exist in the game world as cultural objects, not capture objects.

A new HUD element has been added to the game which will provide more information about your location and status of any facility.

Within the new element there are icons which represent your location in the world;

Terrain: this icon indicates you are not in proximity of a CP
Flag: this icon indicates you are in proximity of a CP
Building: this icon indicates you are inside a building
Also displayed is information associated with different icons;

"No Towns Near" message
Name of CP
Ownership status display bar (indicates what percentage of the CP is owned by your side versus the enemy)
Name of facility associated with the building you are in
Ownership (ownership progress bar indicates the percentage towards ownership of the facility)
Capture status (eg: "capturable", "not capturable", "enemy capturing" messages)
The colors of the ownership/capture bar are the same as your friendly and enemy icon colors as modified on your Settings tab. The default is blue for friendly and red for enemy.

Example Scenario #1

You are inside a capturable building owned by your own forces. The new HUD element will indicate you are inside a building with the building icon. The ownership of the facility associated with the building will be indicated by seeing the bar filled completely with green. The capture status will indicate that the building is capturable as dictated by the game's rules.

An enemy infantry enters the building. Immediately, the ownership progress bar begins to fill with red. This indicates to you that the enemy has begun a capture of this building. The meter will increase the amount of red and decrease the amount of green as the capture continues. If the meter fills completely with red, a capture by the enemy is complete.

To stop the capture before it is complete, no enemy infantry can be alive in the building. Once all enemy infantry have been killed or forced out of the building, a reversal of the meter's capture progress begins until completely filled with green again.

Example Scenario #2

You enter an enemy capturable building. Your new HUD element indicates that your presence has begun a capture event by filling the red ownership progress bar with green. You take up a defensive position inside the building as the capture progresses. During the capture process, an enemy infantry shoots and kills you. The capture progress made during your time inside the building begins to degrade. A friendly infantry enters the building, and the capture event continues from the current capture progress. It does not start again from the beginning. If the capture event was 50% complete when you were killed but was degraded to 40% between the time you were killed and a friendly entered the building, the capture event would progress from the 40% point.

Capture progress is degraded when there are no capturing infantry present in the building. The rate at which the capture degrades in approximately twice as fast as the rate of capture but this may be modified in testing.

This new mechanic means that to ensure a capture continues without interruption, you must keep at least one friendly alive in the building. As a defender, clearing out and keep building clear of enemies will ensure the capture progress is degraded as soon as possible.

At this time, the number of infantry present will not act as a modifier to the capture or degrade rate. This is something that we may move towards in the future.

This feature is going to require significant play testing and possible adjustments before it is ready for campaign play. We ask for your feedback and questions.

New Capture Building

Full Gallery of Images Here

Capture FAQ

Q. Are there any changes to the capture rules?
A. No, the only adjustments that are being made with the new capture feature are the timers for how long a capture takes and how quickly it degrades when a capture event is interrupted.

Q. In the current capture mechanics, you aren't able to fire your weapon during a capture. Any change?
A. Yes. During a capture event you can fire your weapons as you can any other time.

Q. Will radio tables have any function?
A. The tables were replaced with a radio/crate object in 1.30. These will no longer be used for capture. Radios will continue to be placed in the world as cultural objects.

Q. Is the mini-map still going to display our LAT/LONG?
A. No, there are some changes coming to the mini-map. LAT/LONG is now displayed on the new HUD element as seen in the preview screenshots.


Leave a comment or join the discussion on the forums


WWIIOL: BE 1.31 Production Update 10-05-09

Posted by BEMotormouth Monday October 5 2009 at 12:18PM
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Geoff "DOC" EvansJust a quick note coming out of production this week ending Oct.2nd, about a couple of changes we have being added to the v1.31 beta. Now of course there are a lot of things happening here as everyone involved with v1.31 is busily working away on their task lists but I specifically wanted to highlight a couple of new features we have added late in the build.

One is work that Martini has done to improve tracers. Studying real world film footage of tracers, taken from the shooters perspective, we have modeled a new effect that removes the "star wars" laser look and models each tracer round more as a blob of light shooting away from you. It looks much more like a real tracer round than before. This also thins out the external 3rd person view to something less laser like.

We'll be adding these new tracers to LMG's during beta since that was a common historical reality for LMG's (to have tracer rounds) and adds more battlefield immersion to the game. Now a position defended by what amounts to an MG nest (the LMGs in the game) will show tracers zipping across the field of fire, which should be cool. You can comment on this if you like since we always read feedback.

The other new effect we just shoehorned into the beta was a new wake effect for the bow wave and the trailing wake of boats. This is a brand new one and I don't want to comment too much on it until we've had some time to play around with it, but it should be cool and better than the old effect we think.

Ok, well we still have a lot to do, so I'm going to sign off and we hope you all have a great week of killing each other in the game.

Geoff "DOC" Evans

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