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World War II Online - News

News from the front line. WWII MMO FPS, Play For Free.

Author: XOOM-CRS

Contributor: hyoslvr2


This week we'll discuss upcoming PPO (player placed object) changes to emphasize more building of fortifications, which is planned for our next game update ( We also want to give you an update on the Campaign state, and an upcoming High Command (AHC & GHC) combined summit to improve community planning. Finally we want share with you how your .Bugs and .Reports are an important component to our development lifecycle, and walk you through the process of what happens when we receive these.

PPO Adjustments in the works

When we set out to give players more opportunities to create their own game play environment, we wanted to make PPOs (player placed objects) accessible and easy to use. As a way to promote further building of the game environment, we'll be making adjustments to cool down timers and build timers. Take a look at the changes incoming as part of the next game update,

  • Ammo Cache: enemy facility distance reduced by 50% (200M)

    • This will give the trucks and NCOs better ability to supply friendlies on the front.

  • Sandbags: build time reduced by 25% (15 seconds)

    • Cool down timer reduced by 40% (45 seconds)

  • Gun emplacement: cool down timer reduced by 23% (210 seconds / 3.5 minutes)

    • Build timer reduced by 10 seconds

  • Foxhole

    • Cool down timer reduced 63% (45 seconds)

    • Lifetime value doubled (lasts longer) 30 minutes

    • Build time reduced 34% (10 seconds)

We hope to see you guys building bigger and better fortifications and zones of control so game play on the frontlines can last longer.


Campaign Status

Currently - Axis own 80% of the map and continues to push West. Allies have made several amazing defensive stands despite the odds. We have seen GREAT comebacks in the past... can the Allies rally their troops or does  the Axis machine have too much momentum? Log in NOW to seal the fate of Campaign 156!


HC Summit in the Works!

Axis and Allied High Command will be hosting a "Summit" to engage with squads and players alike. These summits are a great way to express ideas and concerns with your HC leaders. We will keep you informed as the date and time is solidified.


The .Bug and .Report

These are your direct lines to CRS in-game, and every report is reviewed by their respective teams.

.bug - This sends an email to the Quality Assurance Team for review. Your reported email is very detailed including mission and location coordinates as well, so make sure you stand near the object as you type the report (if it's a physical object you are reporting). Typical uses of .bug reports include:

  • Terrain issues - trees inside of buildings, floating objects, etc

  • Weapon functionality - no ammo upon spawning, black smoke (being worked on btw), weapon malfunctions, weapon penetration issues, etc

The QA Team then attempts to duplicate the report inside a mirrored game server then report their findings to the appropriate team. It is advised to describe your issue with as much detail as possible.

.report - These reports are sent to the Game Moderators (GM's) only. The GM's are hand picked players tasked with enforcing our Terms of Service (TOS) that you agree to as you log in. Typically used for reporting in-game issues like player harassment, exploits, racial slurs, etc. Click here to view the Terms of Service article.


Did you miss the Rat Chat?

There was a lot of information revealed in the live Rat Chat! Many topics were discussed included 64 bit progress, new equipment progress with images, "Hybrid Supply" (version 1.36) status update and walkthrough, new bunker walkthrough (pentagon and office bunkers), and so much more. You can view the recorded live stream here, or listen to an audio synopsis on Soundcloud here!


Rat Chat Notes (After Action Report) Article Here