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World War II Online - News

News from the front line. WWII MMO FPS, Play For Free.

Author: XOOM-CRS

Contributor: hyoslvr2

WWIIOL:Battleground Europe Preview of Huge 1.31 Update

Posted by BEMotormouth Tuesday September 1 2009 at 9:20AM
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We are excited to finally reveal the details of our latest upgrade to WWII Online: Battleground Europe which will leverage version 1.5 of our proprietary UNITY 3D game engine. Currently in closed Beta testing and expected to be available for public testing this fall, v1.31 will include many visual upgrades, hundreds of new objects and major new features such as variable weather, rag doll physics and a new capture mechanic.

Some of the features, upgrades and new content planned for v1.31 include;

• Game engine performance improvements with upgraded shaders, normals and specular mapping

• SpeedTree Upgrade
- 1,000,000+ trees updated with new models and colliders
- Normal mapping and self-shadowing

• New Capture Mechanics
- Removal of tables and radios with new timers and capture start/stop feature

• Upgraded infantry movement, animation & rag doll physics
- Updated animation blending for smoother third-person movement
- Rag doll physics applied to infantry death animations including force push from explosions
- New idle animations including combat-ready pose

• Upgraded special effects including variable weather
- Updated character and vehicle shadows
- New tree and object shadows
- Updated fire and explosions
- Updated muzzle flashes and effects such as blood splatter
- Updated hit effects on materials
- Dynamic clouds/fog/lighting settings
- Rain effects

• New clutter system
- New clutter system including persistent grass fields
- New radial clutter system with grass/scrub clutter

• New and updated objects
- Ground and object textures
- AA, AT, AP emplacements
- Buildings including urbans, barns, bunkers, docks, railroad stations, windmills and many more
- Tree/bush clumps/berms
- Updated vehicles; Char, Bf109 E4, Spitfire 1a and Spitfire Vb

Along with these features and updates, we are moving to Shader 3.0 support which will require some players to upgrade their video card/processor in order to run the game. We will also be publishing new recommended system requirements in order to give anyone with an older system time to plan an upgrade. Watch for a special article on our website which will feature a PC "budget build" for v1.31.

During the closed Beta process we will be posting new screenshots and publishing several articles on the many new features. These will contain more details and provide an opportunity for player review and feedback. Keep your eyes on the website or subscribe to our news feed.



Visit this link for a gallery of screenshot and movies on some of the new features:


Early feedback from past and present players is overwhelmingly positive. We're very excited and looking forward to getting 1.31 released.

"It looks like a brand new game! Amazing job guys.
Any chance of a Welcome back soldier event when you release this beauty?" - Bongo12

"That is so not the game I played almost 2 years ago now!!!
Holy mother of all that's holy this makes me triple my efforts to get a new computer than can run this!" - Figgy

"CRS, you have simply outdone yourselves. This is amazing, the effects, the new terrain, the sky, everything. This is a new game this is the WWIIONLINE we have all been dreaming of a waiting for." Kenney

"i will be resubing ONLY because of this update...i will also get my 10 friends who previously played to resub..thanks rats" - Ratklr


Thats what i dream for ww2 online, you made it, thanks cant wait !!!!!" - Tokkers

"In my opinion this is probably THE SINGLE MOST JAW-DROPPING, EYE-POPPING UPDATE TO THIS GAME'S VISUALS I have seen. Beautiful. I can confidently say after seven years that the quality of this game's visuals finally matches the depth of its gameplay." - Xanthus


Dedthom writes:

Sounds like the devs are trying to drag WWII online into the 21st century. I wonder what the new system requirements will be.

Tue Sep 01 2009 10:17AM Report
BEMotormouth writes:

We will be posting a comprehensive article about system requirements with recommendations of minimum upgrades and, hopefully, some pricing options for various budgets.

Tue Sep 01 2009 11:56AM Report
Mmos4life writes:

I thought the Rats were working on a complete graphic overhaul with a new engine? Or is this just considered an update.? Anyways if you guys have a trial for vets I'll defiently give it another try. I was a old alpha tester and use to love this game.

Tue Sep 01 2009 12:51PM Report
Euphoryk writes:

Looks great, I always said I'd come back and fight the good fight again if WWIIO got a graphics update. Pretty excited to see how everything shapes up.

Tue Sep 01 2009 1:21PM Report
Ripper writes:

Was a subscriber for 5+ straight years and might have to find the time to resub to see thse great new graphics

Tue Sep 01 2009 1:27PM Report
Ponico writes:

Keep it up guys, this has always been a great game.

Tue Sep 01 2009 2:50PM Report
Ragana writes:

You guys should definitely let the vets come back for a free trial and see how the game is.

Tue Sep 01 2009 4:22PM Report
Death1942 writes:

now that game looks awesome

Tue Sep 01 2009 9:40PM Report
Corto writes:

A much anticipated gfx update + performance improvement.  I hope it turns out well and theres a "welcome back soldier"-trial.  

Wed Sep 02 2009 6:46AM Report
Teran1987 writes:

I see myself returning to this game in the near future :D:D:D

Wed Sep 02 2009 11:33AM Report
Sirca writes:

Looking fwd. to see v1.31 in action, WW2online is one of the best MMO I have ever played, keeping me busy for over 8 years.

Hopefully v.131 will please me enough to re-sub.

Wed Sep 02 2009 1:26PM Report
Sres writes:

Vets need to understand the rules of the game have changed since the early days, lets hope that they don't come in with a preconception of the game being like it was in 1999.

Thu Sep 03 2009 3:21AM Report
Relampago writes:

The launch really turned me off to this game, however it is nice to see the rats stuck with it and improved it over the years, i thought this was a dead duck even though it was such a great idea at the time.

Thu Sep 03 2009 7:47AM Report
BEMotormouth writes:

CRS learned some very valuable lessons from the initial launch, have no fear of that! Speaking strictly as a year 1 player, I am so excited that I almost piddled. Early testing has me giggling like a maniac, and I can't hardly stand to wait until we get a mass of bodies in there and wreak havoc!

Thu Sep 03 2009 3:06PM Report
Trueth writes:

You're a fool, Sres. The game didn't release until 2001.

I'll be back to try out this unity II thing for sure.

Thu Sep 03 2009 3:08PM Report
Dalziel writes:

Looks amazing!

Tue Sep 15 2009 4:34PM Report writes:
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