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World War II Online - News

News from the front line. WWII MMO FPS, Play For Free.

Author: XOOM-CRS

Contributor: hyoslvr2

Friday Update Sept 1st DLC's available

Posted by hyoslvr2 Friday August 31 2018 at 5:58PM
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Campaign 155 - Allied Victory Eminent

After 28 days of intense battles, Allied forces have conquered 94% of the map (as of this report). Constant factory bombing hindered Axis equipment production for most of the campaign and has been a hot topic in the forums. Huge battles emerged, most notably in Essen, as Axis forces defenses were tested. Today we've also released our Downloadable Content Packs (on Steam only), and we're in the process of inviting our many veterans back to the game. Spread the word, things are busy around here! Keep reading for more news inside.


Intermission will be played out in the Antwerp and Brussels areas. The new “districts” in these huge towns will provide some intense close quarters battles! Intermission duration has been undetermined as CRS continues their work behind the scenes. Campaign 156 will be announced as it becomes available, we hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend (USA - Labor Day).

DLC Packs, Subscriptions, and You

Since the announcement of the DLC Packs, many questions have popped up in the forums and in game. Here is a brief synopsis that answers a few of the most common questions:

  • All DLC Packs are a one time purchase and will be yours as long as you have your account.

  • Packs are not transferable to any other account.

  • DLC’s will be available through Steam initially but will be available organically in the future.

  • These packs are were designed to enhance Reserve and Starter subscription players involvement with basic tier equipment.

  • Premium subscribers have access to all equipment except the Leadership Pack (NCO and Ammo Bearer) but will be available for purchase. Builder subscriptions receive the new infantry classes as an added “Builder Perk”.

Once again here is all of the product changes that have been occurring for WWII Online during August and into September 2018.

The Bearded Mitch

Prominent YouTube streamer “The Bearded Mitch” has joined the CRS ranks! WillyTee took it upon himself to initiate the usual hazing! Well played sir

Live Streams!

The Marketing Team is working on a special website page specifically for our resident streamers that will showcase the live battles! Soon you will be able to view the live feeds all in one location. Contact if you are interested in becoming a streaming partner!



Friday Update Aug 24th

Posted by hyoslvr2 Friday August 24 2018 at 2:28PM
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Subscriptions and One Time Purchases (DLC)

Next week's patch has a slew of bug fixes, adjustments, US Paratroopers, and the introduction of the DLC packages. Here's a brief overview of what will be

available, visit your account page or Steam for pricing.
Subscription levels - Organic and Steam
-Reserve (Free Organically and Steam as well)
The following DLC Packages will be offered through Steam only. They will be available organically down the road.
-Recruit Pack
-Leadership Pack (includes 2 new infantry classes)
-Paratrooper Pack
-Light AA Guns Pack
-Light ATG Guns Pack
-Light Armor Pack
-Medium Armor Pack
-Combat Fighter Pack
For a detailed list of each package click here. These packages are a "one-time" purchase for as long as you have your account. Our Packages were designed to complement the Reserve and Starter accounts with a variety of lower tier equipment, Premium accounts gain access to all equipment and packages (except the Leadership Pack). Builder subscribers receive all equipment as well as many perks/insights from CRS.

WillyTee Visits the Hanger

The myth, the legend, WyllyTee emerged from the Hanger with another comic! I think he nailed this one.

Campaign 155 Overview

-Allies continue to push the line East.
-Tier 3 equipment entered the battlefield yesterday.
-Factory bombing has played a huge role in this campaign. Allied bombing runs have kept the Axis factories near total destruction, hindering the resupply time of their equipment.

Campaign 155 is far from over, Every sortie - every kill matters!



Friday Update

Posted by hyoslvr2 Friday August 17 2018 at 7:54AM
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Community Report - Bug Fixes/Forum Hot Spots/US Paratrooper

Bug Fixes

While CRS continues their work on the massive 2018 Road Map, the teams have worked up a release that focuses on some known bug issues. SCKING and his team have been testing nonstop to ensure these bugs have been squashed. No date has been given for this release. We will keep you informed.

QA (Quality Assurance) Team has embraced a new team member, tr6al. Welcome!

My favorite quote from OLDZEKE, "Our job is to breaks things." I think he has a new QA team motto?



The WWII Online Forums lit up from topics like "Returning Vet Check-In" and "One time purchase DLC's coming to Steam!" are the hottest threads in the General Forums. For those with subscriptions, the Barracks and Hanger Forums have seen some heated discussions as well. From "RDP attacks on allied factories is impossible for Axis" to "Who are you?", there's always something going on. Jump in there and get in on the discussions! There's always Off Topic if you're bored... lol


Squad vs Squad Event

Many players and squads are soaking up the last bit of summer, so BLKHWK8 and HEAVY265 have decided to postpone the event. Keep your eyes pealed for a new date, or contact them for more information.


US Paratroopers!

It has been many years since the American class entered the WWII Online arena. Several new US Paratroopers will be introduced soon with a US Douglas C-47 Transport plane! Details to come...


Time to get back into the WAR soldier!

to all the returning veterans of WWII Online... take it easy on the newer crowd, some of them are still learning!


Some additional changes that are coming to WWII Online's product offerings

Posted by hyoslvr2 Friday August 10 2018 at 12:20PM
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As a follow up to our July 31st announcement, we have some additional changes that are coming to WWII Online's product offerings. CRS is focusing on improving the value of our existing and upcoming offerings and working to provide a base entry to the game that is mutual for both Organic and Steam users. Also, all past Premium users of WWII Online now have "Rifleman" access to the game and the open forums to stay actively participating as a member of our community. Full details within the article, this is an important one!

We've got some good changes to our first plan we wanted to share with you guys today in an effort to stay transparent and open about how we're evolving WWII Online to be more accessible and build value of existing and upcoming offerings. We hope you're looking forward to how we're evolving the game and providing users an entry to the game and an effective ladder to opening more doors for greater enjoyment / play-ability.

Please read the following carefully as there are some pretty big changes that are inbound.




We have some great news for all of our Premium users, past and present. We've set in motion that ALL players who have had a premium subscription at any point in the history of WWII Online will receive access to a RIFLEMAN only account that we'll be referring to as the "Reserve Account." 


  • $0.00 Cost

  • You may subscribe at any time

  • If you are currently inactive, you'll be able to:

    • Play in-game as a rifleman

    • Participate in the "open" section of our forums

    • Participate in server events (Campaign and Training)



The Reserve Account will be the FREE point of entry for both our organic and Steam customers. Anyone who currently has a free play account will also be effected. This will be a "Rifleman Only" account for users to participate as a member of our community and evaluate what we have to offer.

Access may be upgraded to a paid Starter or Premium subscription on the WWII Online account pages (here).


The Starter Account has received some new vehicles and weapons to bolster their value, price remains $7.99/mo (no change):

  • New Tanks

    • Panzer III F

    • Hotchkiss 39

    • A-13 Cruiser

  • New Infantry Units

    • Light Mortarman

    • Grenadier

    • Anti-Tank Rifleman

    • Airborne Sniper


  • Reserve Account (Free Entry)

    • Rifleman Only

    • Replaces current Free Play subscription

    • Removal of premium trial (any duration)

  • Starter Subscription

  • Premium Subscription


After the initial announcement of our product plan adjustments, we conducted some more analysis and agreed that we didn't want to go exactly back to free play as it was, but wanted to provide some point of entry for users on Steam to access the game. Thanks for the feedback of our players who helped guide this decision. We hope that our reception goes better this time and we'll be really trying to make clear that it's a demo / Rifleman only account just to hop in and evaluate what's going on versus a full blown free to play micro-transaction type game.


Here's a quick overview of the chart of how users will progress through access. The big change here is offering a "Reserve" Free Account as the basic point of entry. We want to give folks all the reason to show up and download the game and hop in and see what we're doing with WWII Online.



By purchasing DLCs users will retain access to its content indefinitely. Users may become a Premium or Starter subscriber at anytime, and continue to retain the DLC access that they've received.

  • Reserve Account: Free (Base Game)

    • Rifleman

    • Evaluation / Free Entry

  • Purchase a subscription for the game

    • Premium

      • $14.99/mo

      • $44.99/quarter

      • $129.99/year

    • Starter

      • $7.99/mo

  • Purchase a one time buy DLC

    • Recruit Pack: $7.99

      • Rifleman

      • Limited SMG

      • Trucks

      • Fairmile (River Boat)

      • 1 week trial access to all DLC packs

    • Leadership Pack: $9.99

      • NCO Class (New)

        • Tier 0 SMG (4 Magazines)

        • Pistol (2 Magazines)

        • Smoke Grenades (4)

        • Ammo re-supply can (1)

      • Ammo Bearer Class (New)

        • Bolt-Action Rifleman w/30 rounds

        • Ammo re-supply can (4)

      • Create and lead missions

      • Squad creation

      • Infantry binoculars

      • Build infantry fortifications

      • Take command of a brigade

    • Paratrooper Pack: $12.99

      • Transport Planes

        • Ju-52

        • C-47

      • Airborne Rifleman

      • Airborne Submachine Gun

      • Airborne Light Mortarman

    • Light AA Gun Pack: $9.99

      • Hotchkiss 25mm AA Gun

      • CA mle 38 25mm AA Gun

      • FlaK 30 20mm AA Gun

      • Haulers (Towing Vehicles)

    • Light AT Gun Pack: $9.99

      • QF 2 Pounder 40mm AT Gun

      • SA mle 34 25mm AT Gun

      • PaK 36 37mm AT Gun

      • Haulers (Towing Vehicles)

    • Light Armor Pack: $12.99

      • Renault R35

      • Vickers Mk VI

      • Panzer II C

    • Medium Armor Pack: $14.99

      • Hotchkiss 39

      • A-13 Cruiser

      • Panzer III F

    • Combat Fighter Pack: $17.99

      • Messerschmitt BF-109E/1

      • BF-110/C

      • Hurricane Mk I

      • Spitfire Mk Ia

      • Hawk 75

      • Dewotine 520


 In an effort to better support training of users coming into WWII Online we're sending out a call for players who are interested in formally training trainees / recruits in the following fields of expertise:

  1. Infantry / Airborne School

  2. Leadership School 

  3. Armor School

  4. Gunnery School (AT / AA)

  5. Top Gun School (Aerial Combat)

If you are interested in becoming an official trainer of WWII Online and are skilled in a component listed above, please e-mail: - Be sure to identify your call sign and preferred school to teach. 

Trainer Requirements Include:

  • Speak and write English fluently

  • Host training sessions on Discord

  • Provide at least two physical training sessions per month

  • Provide critical success information in forums

  • Answering questions / guiding users rapidly

  • Actively work component to improve

  • Prepare action notes for improvement for CRS

  • Provide weekly report to CRS Community Management


As mentioned before your feedback is welcome and appreciated. We're listening closely and making improvements where we can. Thanks everyone, Salute!



Special Event Coming up Aug 19th Suad VS Squad

Posted by hyoslvr2 Friday August 3 2018 at 2:09PM
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The Battle for "Notre Dame de Verdun"

Squad VS Squad Event Aug 19th 1:00 pm US Central time (13:00 server time)

Squads & Players Respond below if interested in joining, or contact HEAVY265

Click the above banner to visit the forum post!


This event will also be live streamed with a delay.  We reserve the right to change the details at any time.

 This will be a multi squad and player based event on the training server.  There will be a Ground group and a Para group.

 The event will run up to 1.5 hours.  Paras will be deployed once one side reaches 50% in supply or at the 45 minute mark.

 Trucks are allowed to place Fms for second wave inf only.  All of the 1st wave must be driven to the fight.

 During this event there will only be enough supply to support 40 units total, with 20 max for ground units and 20 max for para units.

 Victory conditions: when one side is completely eliminated and/or whichever side has the most players in the Abby at the end of the 1.5 hours.


Allied Squads

Allied objective is to take the Notre Dame Abby in Verdun and hold the hill.

Allied Starting Position: Consenvoye FB

Allied units British Brigade:


Ground units: 20 per wave

 3- Rifleman Enfield No4. Mk1

 3-Rifleman M1 Garand

 2-Smg Sten MK. 11

2-Smg Thompson 




2-Lmg Bren



Total Allied ground Equipment:  40 units

6-Rifleman Enfield No4. Mk1

6-Rifleman M1 Garand

4-Smg Sten  MK. 11

4-Smg Thompson




4-Lmg Bren

4-Bedford Truck


Allied Paras:  Same objective

Allied Para starting point: Montfaucon AF

20-Allied para units:



2-Lmg Bren Mk11

5-Smg Thompson



Axis Squads

 Axis objective to take the Notre Dame Abby in Verdun and hold the hill.

Axis starting position: Fresnes FB

Axis Units: Axis Brigade


Ground Units: 20 per wave:

3-Rifleman Karabiner 98k

3-Rifleman Gewehr 41(W)

2-Smg  40

2-Smg 34

2-Mortarman Granatwerfer 36

2-Engineer Karabiner 98k

2-Sniper Karabiner 98k

2-LMG MG 34

2-Opel Truck


Total Axis ground Equipment:  40 units  

6-Rifleman Karabiner 98k

6-Rifleman Gewehr 41(W)

4-Smg 40

4-Smg 34

4-Mortarman  Granatwerfer 36

4-Engineer Karabiner 98k

4-Sniper Karabiner 98k

4-LMG MG 34



Axis Paras: Same objective

Axis Paras starting point: Etain AF


20-Axis para units:

10-Rifleman Karabiner 98k



1-Lmg MG 34

5-SMG Mp 40

1-Ju  52


Overview Recon Map


Axis Recon Map


Allied Recon Map